SLA for tickets from chat



  • Steve Lacoss

    They have not been able to produce this yet. I have 2 different workarounds that I use.

    To determine the number of Message requests are serviced while the request spends 10 minutes waiting and showing in the conversations button.

    In Explore create a query using Support:Tickets

    Metrics:Dcount tickets.

    Channel: Messaging

    Pick your date range, 

    Create a standard calculated attribute using below. 


    For Result Manipulation choose:

    Now you can see how many are answered in 10 minutes (cannot yet track sooner though I think maybe try the filter - time ticket unassigned.)

    For tickets that become Missed (or the 10 minutes expires) You can set an SLA for first/next reply time. You can also set on for end user email responses using Update Via is Email with Message channel.

    Hope this helps.



  • Outdoor Ball Pro


    I'm creating a First Reply Time SLA and it appears to be firing on applicable tickets in the view, but I set the time to be 5mins, and it is showing on the view as 2 days from now. I'm new to this, can anybody give me some insight as to what's going wrong? Regards Pro


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