Organization that have multiples brands



  • Jim
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi אוראל אמסלם!

    Currently, Zendesk don't have native functionality to have that nested-structure you have in mind.

    The closest thing that we could suggest would be, to have separate organizations for "parent" and "child" organization, and add the users to both; but the tickets belonging to the child organization would not "roll-up" to the parent.

    Which means that if I have the following organizations below:
    1. Company A - the "parent"
    2. Company A - west - child
    3. Company A - south - child

    The tickets for "Company A - south" would NOT belong to the parent organization as well. Tickets can only belong to a single organization, I'm afraid to say.


    Customer Advocacy Team

  • Yoram

    The closest you can get to this today is to use relationship fields on the organization level.

    Create a checkbox on the organization level and check if it is the parent.

    Create a relationship field on the organization level with the filter of this checkbox checked.

    In the relationship field, on the son level,  select the correct parent organization.

    Other than that, there is not much you can do.

    I wish Zendesk will address this matter.

    We also need it for integration with other systems such as SalesForce which supports this structure.





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