Evenly assign incoming tickets between 2 agents?



  • robert.wiesemborski

    Hi Marcos,

    I can think of two ways how to do this:

    1.) Use the Round Robin App

    The app allows you to distribute tickets in different ways. One way is to have a simple, even distribution among your agents.

    2.) Use an HTTP target with a JSON code

    While it is not recommended to use targets to distribute tickets because of race conditions, you can use it if set up properly. Once you have set up your target, you will need to create a JSON that distributes evenly among your agents. Let me know if you want me to go in more detail about that.

    In your case, I would try the Round Robin app and see if that solves your issue.

    #helpsome regards,
    Robert Wiesemborski
    Zendesk Consultant @ helphouse.io


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