How to sync assignee in Zendesk ticket to case owner in Salesforce?



  • Treez, Inc

    Following. Also having this issue. It seems like all Salesforce cases are getting assigned to me. 

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey folks! Our SFDC integration will always create the cases on behalf of/with the owner as the person who connected the integration. There is no setting or workaround on the Zendesk side for this.

    We have seen customers leverage workflow/apex-triggers within SFDC to change the case owner accordingly after the case is created, but that will involve custom code on the SFDC side and unfortunately outside of our general scope.

    As mentioned in the Standard field mappings section of our Setting up Ticket Sync from Zendesk to Salesforce article, the Zendesk Ticket Assignee does automatically sync to the SFDC Zendesk_Support_Ticket_Assignee_Name__c field (which is created when the ticket sync package is installed). This may be a field worth looking at if you do decide to setup custom code on the SFDC side to handle case assignment.


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