Zendesk data to Snowflake for Tableau



  • David Hall
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Bheemsen,

    If you wish to build your own solution our incremental export APIs are probably the best place to start.

    You might also like to consider using Amazon AppFlow, which facilitates regularly exporting batches of data from Zendesk into Snowflake.  You can read more about the setup here.

    If you're looking for updates in real-time, you could look at making use of our Events Connector for Amazon Eventbridge.

  • Stella Ming

    Do you need to load data into Snowflake first? If not, maybe you can try a tool called Acho Studio. I currently use it to export data from Zendesk to Tableau. It supports exporting at most 1 million rows (although I don't think Tableau is able to deal with 1 million rows...)

  • Khrystyna Shparyk

    Hi everyone,

    Did you already try seamless Tableau Zendesk integration by Alpha Serve where you can connect Zendesk to Tableau and build Zendesk reports in minutes? 


  • Michael Tomar

    Take a look at Skyvia - it allows you to replicate Zendesk data into a Snowflake. ​​​​​​​This is a no-code cloud service


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