Feature request: Status DELETE in triggers


  • Nina Olding

    Hi @..., thanks for sharing your thoughts. I work on Triggers and I'm curious to understand what actions you'd like to be available upon ticket delete. How would you ideally want admins to be able to monitor when agents delete tickets? Again, appreciate the feedback.

  • Rudolph Beaton
    Zendesk Luminary

    Agreed that some sort of notification to admins when a ticket is deleted would be beneficial, especially since the ability to delete a ticket is required for an agent to use the redaction tool. In a perfect world, agents could redact information without having the ability to delete, as well.

  • Michael Serences

    Thanks, @..., for getting back to me so quickly. It's fairly simple. I am looking for a notification email sent out by trigger once someone from my agents deletes a message in a particular Group. 

  • Tony

    I definitely need this feature too!

  • Adam Jakab

    Use case: We use a third part tool for triggering notifications to on-duty personal over the weekend. ZD and this tool communicate via API (triggers+webhooks). If we can not trigger an action on a deleted ticket the alerts will stay and people get notified until they manually remove them. The other day we had to delete 1k+ SPAM tickets and because of the missing status option for deleted tickets, we had to repeat the operation in the external tool manually matching the titles of the tickets.


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