Adding Group as a followers / CC'S


  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    We need this, because the limiting factor (in our case) is that role permissions either allow only your own groups, or all tickets. This leads to the following:

    • More groups than necessary
    • Workaround where you have to add every individual agent to a workflow
    • Limits use of "group changed to" trigger conditions

    It would be nice to also have a middle ground in which a role could be tied to a ticket form type and not just an agent group. As a workaround though, adding an agent group as a follower to a ticket would meet the need.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    We have the problem where an Agent will start a side conversation with another group they aren't in. As such, any other agent that tries to work on that ticket can't update the Side Conversation as they are not the requester and not in the group. If we could add Groups as followers, then they would be able to do so


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