Automatic Merge Ticket Notifications


  • James Persson

    Agree I hate having to find the ticket ID's to merge them, I can't understand why I cant just checkbox two tickets from the view and whichever one is selected first is merged into the other ticket or vice versa. 

    Unique to Sara's situation above I don't want the requester to receive any email that their ticket was merged unless I tell the system to notify them.

    From a web agency perspective sometimes I merge error messages sent from websites with client communication so all the data for the problem is on the one ticket, but I don't need to email the client that I've merged this data 99% of the time.

    The biggest frustration is having to manually find the ticket ID which does not always show in the suggested list if it's from a different domain or email etc.

    I know there is paid merge addon, but Zendesk is already pretty expensive I think this should be a core feature of the support plan.

  • Elena

    The field for ticket id in the merge pop-up window can hardly be seen. Does this have to do with default fonts and colors? Can I adjust it to make it clearer?


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