Apply First Reply Time SLA to Tickets Created from Talk Voicemails


  • Steve Francis

    Having run into this same limitation of Zendesk - I've found a kludgy workaround:

    - create a new SLA policy that targets channel voicemail, and applies only if a specific tag (hasInitialResponse) is not present. This SLA measures Requester Wait Time (which does apply to tickets created from Talk voicemails.)

    - create a trigger that adds the hasInitialResponse tag to any ticket that has a public comment.

    Effectively this means that the voicemail SLA will track (and be in violation) if there is no comment before the SLA period. Once someone comments (which is effectively a First Reply), the voicemail SLA will not apply, and regular SLAs will, but they will work effectively now.

    I'm sure this will break reporting and other things, and its a bit of a fragile hack, so definitely still need Zendesk to fix this limitation.


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for posting this workaround, Steve!

  • Steve Francis


  • Miguel Colom

    This is amazing, thank you Steve! Our company is setting SLAs around missed VMs and this work around works just as you described. This is definitely a blind spot Zendesk should fix so we can include it in our reporting on Explore.  

  • Lauren G

    Hi Steve,

    This is something I'm trying to do for missed chats & missed calls. Do you have any screenshots of the trigger/SLA set up so I can see how it is set up? I have set up both a trigger and SLA and for some reason it doesn't seem to be working. Thank you!

  • Steve Francis


    And the trigger:

  • Steve Francis

    We have different (but similar) SLA policy for non-premium support voicemail.


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