Ticket Owner should be standard field


  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Diane,
    Why is a custom solution not workable? If you create a custom field for the owner then create a view for their owned tickets perhaps?
    Or otherwise add a multi select box or drop down box for the other team members that need to work on the ticket, leave the assignee as the owner, and create a view for these other members to see what they need to work on.
    How would this work much differently even as a native option?
    Only asking these as I recognise the type of workflow you have and think it is a good one, but I'm not sure why I would not use custom fields and views to manage this workflow.
    If you need to create multiple tasks there are some apps to manage batches of tasks linked to an original ticket. in which case the original ticket can stay assigned to the original owner and the linked tickets can be assigned to your technical team or whatever. We used to use one that had aspects of change management. Requiring a specific owner/manager to approve the work.
    If you do not like need something that complex then firstly I would suggest trying a custom solution with a custom field and custom views and potentially see CCing the other agents.

  • Susan Maher


    There is a lengthy discussion in this thread https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/227164988 that may clarify your question.. 

    I explain in there how we are using custom fields.  However, I marvel at your question.  To be able to accomplish a semblance of a solution with custom fields requires not only defining fields, but triggers, maintenance when people come and go in more than one area of the product, ensuring that tags are not duplicate, the fact that custom fields are not smart and you are not able to do things like if owner is current user, or notify owner, etc. 

    Using the CCs is a shortsighted suggestion.  Even with the advent of followers and CCs you may be sending things to people who could care less.  I can go on all day. 

    Yes, I have a solution that works for us.  But it is not ideal, it is patchwork and prone to errors.  I have to monitor it constantly, use targets (and you know what Zendesk disclaimer is about targets), and fix errors. 

    When we set up Zendesk, we tried your suggestion of leaving the assignee constant and have a custom field for the actual assignee.  But, again, custom fields are not smart and therefore that did not work for us.  Our processes failed. 

    I suggest that there is another solution for Zendesk, smarten up the custom fields.  Let us use them in comparisons, send emails to them, if they contain the same data allow us to define the same field twice and use it with different data. 

    How about that? 


  • Francois Spinnael

    Should be standard Zendesk.

    This shows the lack of Service knowledge coming from Zendesk...


  • Francois Spinnael

    Still no update on this one ?

  • Brendan Crowley

    + 1 for having an owner and assignee field on tickets. 

    One agent may need other teams/individuals to work on the ticket they are ultimately responsible for solving. Changing the assignee removes the ticket from their ticket view, and since there's no view condition for adding tickets that you follow (besides going to your profile, which is really inefficient), they lose visibility to the ticket they ultimately own. 

    I'm surprised Zendesk hasn't made this a priority. Not only is this feature request 5 yrs old (see Susan's comment) with lots of asks, but this is a basic feature that Freshservice offers. 

    Where are we at with this one?


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