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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

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  • Catherine Bostwick

    100% agree. It would be super helpful if we could use automation for ticket creation. aka every two weeks, I want the system to create a ticket with the exact same verbiage. Kina like a reoccurring task that needs to be completed. 

  • Pete Kemp

    I've been trying to find a way to do this myself, the amount of times I've seen people asking for the ability to do this is mad! Surely Zendesk can add a way for us to raise a ticket from a trigger 

  • Ruth Nogueron

    I would LOVE to see this feature! Apparently, it's possible via API (Creating new tickets automatically using triggers), but I just don't have the time or resources to become proficient in API right now.

  • Steve Lacoss

    Use to create tickets in Zendesk on a set periodic basis.  I have weekly task tickets to track and verify certain things get completed.  Hope this helps. 

  • Ruth Nogueron

    Thank you, @...; though, that is not what we are looking for (we already automate scheduled task tickets), we would like this so that we can save our Agents time in creating ad-hoc tickets, but they would be created based on certain triggers/events that happen within existing tickets (they are not pre-defined tasks on a set schedule).

  • Steve Lacoss

    I think that you could still use Zapier to create the ticket. It would take some experimentation but consider this. 

    1. The agent uses a macro to add a ticket tag. 

    2. A trigger is set to notify Zapier of the ticket tag. 

    3. Upon notification, Zapier will create a Zendesk ticket in whatever form, group, type, assignee, etc that you need.  

  • Ruth Nogueron

    Thanks! I'll look into that.

  • Spencer Hutton

    I worked around this with a Macro, Trigger and http:// target extension.  The idea is that a macro adds a tag to the ticket, then a trigger looks for tickets updated with the tag and pushes a message to the target, then removes the tag.  The message pushed to the target is in JSON form so any ticket field can be set.

    1. Create a target and call it something like "Create Ticket ......"

    For the URL, put

    Method = POST

    Content Type = JSON

    Basic Authentication, I used my admin email followed by "/token"

    Password - your API token


    2. Create a Trigger to push to the target.


    Ticket is - Updated

    Tags contains at least one of the following "zd_new_ticket"


    Remove Tags - "zd_new_ticket"

    Notify Target - (choose the target created in step 1)

    in the JSON body, you can put whatever you need and even use placeholders in the JSON text, i.e.:

    "ticket": {
    "group_id" : "1234567890",
    "comment": {
    "body": "The smoke is very colorful!  This ticket was created after ticket#{{}}" was updated,
    "public": false
    "subject": "New Ticket"


    3. Now with all that, you just need a Macro to call it.

    Make a new macro, and all it needs to do is Add Tags "zd_new_ticket" to a ticket.  Then when you update that ticket, it will fire the trigger which will notify the target and create a new ticket.


  • Gareth

    We would also very much welcome this. We have a use case whereby when people contact us for a specific reason there are a number of 'tasks' that needs to be completed by different teams. We would like to be able to create several tasks when someone contacts us based on a specific contact reasons and assign those tasks to the relevant groups/agents with due dates.

  • Kristina Johnston

    This would be our use case as well.

  • Spencer Hutton

    Hi Garetn and Kristina.  See my comment above.  You could workaround this by creating webhooks.  (previously "Targets").  For making different group ticket tasks, you could use different tags, macros and triggers... Though that can get messy with many different ones.

  • Mark Pinfold

    Spencer Hutton

    Can confirm to all with this requirement that this works a charm. I use it for all sorts of functions now as the IT Coordinator at my org. My personal thanks David.

  • Spencer Hutton

    Glad to hear it works for you!  And thanks for helping me see that my profile name (Spencer) is appearing as my company name.  Not sure how that happened.   Cheers y'all!

  • Nohely Serrano

    I think this is a topic that should be considered for implementation since it is something that many users have been asking for a long time... Zendesk Team, do you have any foresight on this topic?

  • Dennis Scholing

    I would love to see this feature! Can be very useful :) 

  • Leon Arnold

    I upvoted this idea. This should definitely be available out of the box, without relying on APIs.


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