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  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Cy Yeap,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We acknowledge the conflict and issue the current language options cause. We’re investigating the best way to address the feedback and will keep you posted in this thread with our findings. 

    Many thanks, Caroline

  • Marco Esposito

    hi, we are based in Denmark but with a Branch in Hong Kong. Currently we use Chinese Taiwan in Guide, and I have just noticed that Chinese Hong Kong is available now, but not under Dynamic Content. I can't add dynamic content for Chinese Hong Kong (which is Chinese Traditional) and was wondering if you can enable that or provide a workaround to make Chinese Traditional dynamic content work on Chinese Hong Kong too.

    I think it's worth to tackle the Chinese languages and cultures case, we are talking about the second largest economy in the world ; )


  • Daphne Chou

    Hi Cy Yeap and Macro,

    The Chinese (China) and Chinese (Taiwan) issue has been fixed for the Support agent's, Guide Admin's Language setting, and Help Center's end-user interfaces. You should be able to see Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese now.

    Support agent's user profile language setting

    Guide Admin's Language setting

    Help Center's language selector

    @Macro, regarding having Chinese (Hong Kong) to show up in Dynamic Content, please submit a ticket to our customer support. Zendesk will help you enable this locale under Account > Localization > Language. Once you're able to check Chinese (Hong Kong) under the Language setting, you will find the locale in Dynamic Content. I attached a screenshot for you as a reference.

    Please note there are still two agent-facing interfaces in Guide that need to be fixed; we're still finding the best way to address this.

    Thanks for your question. I hope this is helpful!

  • Alberto Iaccarino

    This is quite surprising here.

    I have spent hours in 2 chats to be pointed at this chat that really does not help me. Now I need to create another ticket to get this solved?

    I note that this problem was flagged at least 1 year ago? Why is this not fixed as yet?

    Not a great example of customer service here.

  • Alberto Iaccarino

    Still no answer from Zendesk here. Just got a call back from a number I rang (following one of the numbers in a support e-mails in the chat) last week. It is 22:00 here in the UK.... This is very frustrating.

  • Daphne Chou

    Hi Alberto, 

    This community post is about how Zendesk used to have Chinese (China) and Chinese (Taiwan) in the language dropdown display on the UI, which can cause political conflict and issues for customers. We’ve already resolved this issue by displaying Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified) on the UI. 

    As for your request via chat, our customer support team will help you out. 

    Many thanks for your patience. 



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