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  • sebastian

    Yes, that's not good. As well as the very limited amount of views possible that we have to counter with views only showing for certain groups.
    Zendesk promised changes for the amount of viewable views but I did not see a change yet.

  • Cherry Zablocki

    I want to agree with all that have posted here.  I do not understand the limitations. whether you add categories or greatly increase the number of views seen, this is a change that should occur

  • Stan Zukowski

    Voting in favor of unlimited group views, or some way to filter down through them. This is one of those fundamentals that should have been changed 2 years ago when this topic first came up. 

  • Amanda L

    Is there an update on this thread?

    This discussion started over two years ago and so far there has been no movement. The limit for the views should be customizable and if a max is indeed necessary, it should be AT LEAST 30!

    Right now I have two teams using zendesk, each one using at least 20 views each and toggling between pages is not working!

  • Grace Wu


    12 views are not enough for me, a Zendesk admin.

  • Glen Schneider

    Completely agree with this. We are using 'lovely's views' which costs extra to our business and also uses the API which I already have a problem with hitting. 

    I am not sure why the number 12 was chosen given the space available on the left-hand side when on the views panel. I'd rather have 20 shared views than personal views, to be honest. 

  • Irina Ball

    It's been 2 years, what's the update? Nobody here understands why there was a limitation to it in the first place 

  • Eckhard Doll

    This has been discussed many times before and I don't get it either. Fortunately, we only have to choose between some views and which to show but for other companies with more branches and different departments, this must be a real nightmare. It's annoying!

  • Angelweb SAS

    Clearly, it is essential to be able to display all the views. We are a multi-brand account, so we have a lot of views, and our team needs to see everything because we deal with all the brands. It doesn't make sense to be limited to 12 views.
    Having to go through a paid third-party app for something this simple, when we have the most comprehensive Zendesk subscription, doesn't make sense either.

  • Jan Urban

    That is great news. We are a company with support staff operating in 8 languages. This makes more than 12 views essential and we are very much looking forward to this.
    Great that you work on this and really appreciate updating us Salvador Vazquez
    Any ETA for this? 



  • Vladimir Shkuratov

    Hi Zendesk Team, 

    12 views it's clearly not enough for large teams and we use 3-rd party addons to compensate this limitation. Can someone  please confirm when this going to be changed?


  • Chris Hobbs

    This has been quite a frustrating limitation already dragging along for 4+ years, like with many other limitations in Zendesk, even when paying for an Enterprise Plan.

    It would be really great to know if Zendesk customers will have to wait another 2-4 years just to get flexibility with Views that should be available out of the box.

    Hope Product Management can actually influence the timeline and get something out soon!

  • Jason Favill

    Do we have any updates on this feature? From a coding perspective, I don't understand the lock on 12 when the UI has plenty of space for many more. 

    Our company has teams that prioritise work based on certain queues (views) these need to be unique hence the requirement for more. 

    The limit should be set by the user and not the creator. A "more" option should appear when the list is at a high capacity. 

  • Lolu

    In addition to this, can we also have the views visible when agents are working on the tickets? It's important that agents are able to keep an eye on the queue while solving tickets without having to navigate away to the views page.

  • Trudy Haley

    Chiming in here with my use case.

    I need to be able to have multiple views in order to better able folks on my team and on other teams. As upper-tier support, it's my responsibility not only to manage the tickets in our T3-specific queues (of which there are multiple), but to help with other lower-tier queues as well. My max has been hit. 

    I also like having "Your Views" that include opens for each individual member of my team as well as any folks who I know might be struggling; this allows me to at-a-glance determine which folks might need some additional help and provide them with immediate support rather than reaching out directly and asking if they need help. My max has been hit here as well and I'm not able to include every user I'd like to.

    I know that this is going to take extensive backend work, but if there was one feature I'd prioritize above all others, it'd be this one. 

  • sebastian

    There are apps that allow showing all views. It's not as comfortable as with the original though. If your (zendesk) concern is that too many requests will reach your server for updates then you could limit the updates per timeframe over all the views.

    We already restrict visibility of views with group visibilities but still it's very few places available.

    Also I don't think there needs to be those "standard" views that can't be removed. They take space that might be wanted to be used otherwise.

  • Victoria Dvornikova

    My Team Lead needs to see more Personal views for daily monitoring. I know that we can use Dashboard for this monitoring, but dashboard updates only once per hour but we need more frequent updates.

  • Andrew Russell

    We will probably be moving to another product as the limitied number of views is too restricitve

  • Stephen

    In relation to Victoria's comment - Personal Views are definitely something that needs to be visible to Zendesk Admins or individuals with permissions to view them.

    Personal Views for other agents, besides yourself can't even be viewed in the API.

    (On a semi-related topic - Macro's fall into the same camp...)

  • Jan Urban

    Hi all,

    I still follow this discussion here.

    We never went live because of this "special" views restriction.
    Now we moved to another product... 
    For our setup it just did not work. Having multiple support languages and different departments, it just not works out. Admin overview is a nightmare with Zendesk. You don't even see how many agents are logged in and live. Many more things missing. 
    Too bad.


    Jan Urban


  • Kai Schmitte

    From my point of view there are 3 main issues as mentioned by other users which should be addressed by Zendesk: 

    1. Limitation of views in the sidebar - this should be either unlimited or a reasonable high amount
    2. No way to the single user to put views into an order which reflects the personal needs -> This can be done by creating view favorites
    3. No simple view overview page which allows to see all views and open them directly. 
  • Robert Koenig

    BUMP!  Very frustrating.  Need the ability to have more views to be tracked by all agents as we scale.  Categorization would be nice to have, but the simple ability to have more views is crucial.  Why hasn't this been implemented already?  If a third party can do it why can't you?

  • Sam Donovan

    Hi Team,

    I'd like to share some feedback from my Managers who are using the "Views" page and experiencing this limit:

    “I would like to increase the number of items you can view in the "Your Views" section in the main the Views tab of ZenDesk.  Right now you can only see 8 of "Your views" and most of the views page in ZenDesk under “Views” are not necessary and unused.  This would greatly improve the way I manage my team and save a lot of time switching tabs or going through a Quickie view.”

    Our Views are currently setup so that the most relevant Global Views are at the top, and each highest-submission ticketing team receives 1-2 Global Views that are available here. This is unsustainable as we grow and more of our business units are onboarded to Zendesk.

    I think 20 would be a massive improvement. Even having a searchable system in this page would save a lot of time for my Managers.

    Thank you for listening,

  • Cathy_Guidi_Scherm

    As a new user, this is something that we now have to work around as we implement. I don't currently know how many we will want but my current system allowed me to break out incoming messages into about 40+ queues that I now have to compress. Good to look at things differently but then we want views to help manage and make up for things we didn't have but have a really hard limitation of just 12. Curious if there is any product roadmap following the statements I have read from April 2021 and October 2021 as to when this may be updated.

  • Is it possible to include an option to allow users with group view access to re order their views and add multiple groups to the views with out a need of having access to global views?

  • Sam Johnson

    Agree with Randy Little here, our team started using LovelyViews a couple years back, it's a super cheap app and does most everything the folks here have been asking for. Would love for Zendesk to be able to just do what LovelyViews does in the base tool.

  • Mandy Kellam

    Being able to organize and choose the order and which views show where would be great.  Also, if a user goes into manage views, when marking a view as 'Inactive' if a message would appear "This view will be removed for everyone in the group this view is assigned to"; this will help eliminate people trying to de-activate a view that is made for a group but they just don't want to see it anymore.  Or give users a 'Hide' feature for views they don't want to regularly see.

  • Kat Brooks

    Another option that could work would be to make views filterable.  In my case, at least, currently each of our project teams has at least 3 views to cover different ticket statuses.  So anyone associated with more than 3 or 4 teams can't see all of the views.  But if each team could have just one view, which could then be filtered to show the New, Open, and Closed tickets, we'd be ok with the current limitation probably.

  • Richard Gill

    Is there any progress on this update?? I would like to create a view for each individual project we have as we integrate with other services and can generate a lot of tickets. Being able to sort by project is the most elegant solution, but of course we have more than 20 projects and so not all projects can be seen in the view window.


    I understand limiting to 12 was to make it fast and simple, but couldn't we just have unlimited views and a scrollbar?

    Subviews are also a good alternative if going to limit the top level of views, but this should still allow unlimited number of views (with scrollbar if needed) under the top level.

  • Pete Kemp

    Another vote here - it's a bit of a problem where many views are needed but we can't access them!

    Hopefully we can get an ETA soon


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