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  • Sebastian

    You can change the order of the views, for everyone only though. It might also make sense to consider having other agents not having all rights or even admin rights. That's a security risk that is not needed. There could be someone in charge that changes certain things.

  • Mandy Kellam

    It's more of individual users being able to dictate the order of their views.  Some agents are on multiple teams and have/need multiple views, it would be nice if they had the ability to dictate which ones were on top as different people care about different things more and have a different workflow.  We don't have that many admins but we do have teams that manage and have access to manage/create views.

  • Sebastian

    Yes, that's not good. As well as the very limited amount of views possible that we have to counter with views only showing for certain groups.
    Zendesk promised changes for the amount of viewable views but I did not see a change yet.

  • Cherry Zablocki

    I want to agree with all that have posted here.  I do not understand the limitations. whether you add categories or greatly increase the number of views seen, this is a change that should occur

  • Kat Brooks

    Another option that could work would be to make views filterable.  In my case, at least, currently each of our project teams has at least 3 views to cover different ticket statuses.  So anyone associated with more than 3 or 4 teams can't see all of the views.  But if each team could have just one view, which could then be filtered to show the New, Open, and Closed tickets, we'd be ok with the current limitation probably.

  • Stan Zukowski

    Voting in favor of unlimited group views, or some way to filter down through them. This is one of those fundamentals that should have been changed 2 years ago when this topic first came up. 

  • Richard Gill

    Is there any progress on this update?? I would like to create a view for each individual project we have as we integrate with other services and can generate a lot of tickets. Being able to sort by project is the most elegant solution, but of course we have more than 20 projects and so not all projects can be seen in the view window.


    I understand limiting to 12 was to make it fast and simple, but couldn't we just have unlimited views and a scrollbar?

    Subviews are also a good alternative if going to limit the top level of views, but this should still allow unlimited number of views (with scrollbar if needed) under the top level.

  • Pete Kemp

    Another vote here - it's a bit of a problem where many views are needed but we can't access them!

    Hopefully we can get an ETA soon

  • Richard Vanderlubbe

    Drag And Drop Sort Order By User/Login

    Our users are frustrated by the inability to create their own sort order for views.  I've seen a bit on the 12 limitations - agree - when one can scroll, I don't see the need to restrict this, other than perhaps, rendering time if there are many views.

    If the user could expose them all, then drag and drop for their favourite 12, and have an expand link (show more) or paging or something to all the views they have, it would help.  Also, a quick filter for all their eligible views.  Right now they have to click manage views, type the partial name - very awkward, especially for managers wanting to keep on top of certain views.

  • Sam

    Hi Salvador Vazquez! Is there any update on the Views functionality? It has been a while since the last one, and lots of us are very eager to hear news about what we might all see from Views!

  • Amanda L.

    Is there an update on this thread?

    This discussion started over two years ago and so far there has been no movement. The limit for the views should be customizable and if a max is indeed necessary, it should be AT LEAST 30!

    Right now I have two teams using zendesk, each one using at least 20 views each and toggling between pages is not working!

  • Chaimiao Wu


    12 views are not enough for me, a Zendesk admin.

  • Glen Schneider

    Completely agree with this. We are using 'lovely's views' which costs extra to our business and also uses the API which I already have a problem with hitting. 

    I am not sure why the number 12 was chosen given the space available on the left-hand side when on the views panel. I'd rather have 20 shared views than personal views, to be honest. 

  • Nathan Purcell

    Can we at least have an _blank added to the "Open" button when on "/admin/workspaces/agent-workspace/views" so they open in a new tab? (or better yet, stop ignoring the native browser cmd/ctrl+click function). 

    If you're forcing the views to overflow at least make it easier to open those we can't access directly. 

    Currently, if I want to open three views that aren't up front I need three tabs, go to admin, go to views, find view, click open.

  • Karl Maamets

    12 views really isn't enough for a growing company, a scrollables list would be better in my opinion.

    Hope there will be an update soon.

    Hopefully before 2023...

  • Marvin Gage

    The view limit is utter ridiculous and most likely next year we will move to another product due to all we ever hear is we are working on it.. Which they DEFINTELY ARE NOT or it would of been done a long time ago.  It's impossible to keep working like this Zendesk has so many limitations and they never update anything when it comes down to it.  

    Seems they just keep stringing clients along and will wait to they lose a lot of clients than say hey maybe we should be developing the product further.  All they seem to be working on in almost all the change log is add on features.  We need functionality features worked on not new features.  

  • CJ Johnson

    Over a year ago this was marked "Planned" but there's been no updates at all from Zendesk in this time in the thread. Is this still planned? It is incredibly frustrating to see that even requests with over 100 upvotes getting ignored by Zendesk with no responses or updates. It definitely doesn't make me feel like filing feature requests is a good use of my time. 

  • Irina Ball

    It's been 2 years, what's the update? Nobody here understands why there was a limitation to it in the first place 

  • CJ Johnson

    Zendesk is now saying "in the next year", so I'm definitely kicking all my plans that need this down the road indefinitely as once again, I have been told for over a full year that this would be released "next quarter" or "very soon", and then predictably no replies at all when all the promised dates were long past. This is just such a disappointing experience. 


  • Krista Zaloudek

    We'd also like to have the ability to have more views and the ability to rearrange views. It would be very helpful for admins to even be able to adjust the order and mix in personal views as well for their teams. This could be helpful to overcome limitations of the play mode (and not having tickets resurface to agents that they could not originally handle).

  • TESmart.01

    WE NEED MORE!!!!

  • Peter

    Unbelievable that this has never been addressed.

    Pretty pathetic.  Why can't have configure which Views each Group gets to see--as many or few as I want for each group?     

    Can't be that hard to code.

    Until then, Zendesk will not be a product that I recommend.

  • Paul

    Any release date? It's pretty limited now with the current use of views.

  • Kate (Admin)

    My guess it that ZD will never improve this feature. As long as the Quickie Plus app is around, anyway. Which is what we were forced to pay for, to get what we needed. It's likely they profit from this, so why would they enhance this feature when they are getting paid for an external app to do the job. 

  • Jeff Stephenson

    Any update on this? We have over 200 different brands and this filter limitation is not cutting it. 


  • Richard Vanderlubbe

    We recently upgraded to the enterprise version. It still had a limitation on the number of views on the left nav. Having said that, we were directed to an app in the store that we installed called Quick View or Quickie or something LOL. It's a little magnifying glass in the top right hand corner where you start typing and it short lists matching views. Huge difference in usability. We also did work with groups to limit views that were irrelevant to many support agents and it's all working much better.

  • John Burke

    Is there an update on this? 

  • Anna Valdez

    2 years and no update on this basic functionality?!

  • Luigi Petrolito

    I have views to monitor tickets and team members. I agree if the space is available, we should be able to add a view on that space.

    Has this been planned on an upcoming release?


  • Mark Brunton

    +1 Our team would also like to increase the Views shown in the sidebar. With the scroll bar functionality ideally there could be more displayed.


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