Make a ticket field link clickable


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi @..., you could create a new checkbox custom field and add it to your form.

    For example:

    Any URL submitted in the description will be clickable by your customers:

    You could place it at the beginning of the form, of course.

  • Sara Jensen

    Hi Pedro Rodrigues

    Thank you for you comment/help, but the challenge for us is, that the URL we want to show is very long, which does not present our ticket form very well at the homepage? :-( As far as I know, we cannot rename the URL when mentioned in a ticket field?


  • Thomas D'Hoe

    Hi Sara,

    Maybe you can use bitly ( to shorten your url?

  • Hi

    We are looking for something similar, and it is to have the links in a field in the widget.


  • Alberto Iaccarino

    We should be able to add clickable links. Zendesk please listen to the feedback in descriptions


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