Ability to reference Followers within Triggers, Automations, Views, Macros, etc.


  • Thomas Joussot

    Thanks Abigal! +1!!!

    I totally approve all of these feature requests. There is clearly a lack of followers notification workflow. Hoping for a quick implementation.

  • Chris Exley


    I need the Ticket: Follower condition in Automations in particular.

  • Ryan Boyer

    I would also like to be able to select "Follower" to display as one of the columns in a View.

  • Borgny Hageberg

    We really need this!

    • A view of the tickets I follow (with customiced rows) (usecase: I work my tickets sortet by next sla)
    • A trigger where both owner and the tickets followers are alerted with an e-mail. (usecase: A 3.part is answering a side conversation)
  • Tim Johnson

    Would love to see this. Currently trying to find a way to remove a Follower from a ticket if that same person becomes the Assignee of the ticket. Otherwise, they'll start getting the email alerts that a new response is on the ticket when they're the one who sent it. 

    Being able to reference Followers specifically in Triggers/Automations would definitely help with this.


    I agree with all of the above comments.

    Time to wait a few months (years?), Has someone found a way to list these tracked tickets thanks to the API?



  • Human-ISM Sysadmins

    It's been 10 years since I originally asked for CCs to be moved into the Triggers/View, and instead they "revamped" CCs 2 years ago by just copying the code for that and adding a duplicate hard coded section for "Followers" within Ticket Settings, where the notification can't be disabled, edited, or customized, instead of moving them to Triggers (where *all* other notifications live and can be customized).

    FYI there is a related FREQ for showing CCs & Follows within Views, but doesn't mention if they are fixing the notifications too: 


  • Dave Dyson

    Our product team is hoping to add Followers as a parameter in Views later this year – see Salvador's comment here: Use Followers as VIEW parameter conditions


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