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    Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you again for the feedback and I understand how frustrating it must be to keep waiting on this feature. We are working to get this in H1 of 2024 and some hopes to get it in earlier. This would be to allow the creation of a view with conditions on whether a certain user is CC'ed or Followed. We are also working on how/if we can bubble mentions into views as well. We understand Views is a place to see not just your workload but tickets that are relevant to you and this is critical functionality for that. In the meantime we hope you may be able to use the user profile page to see those tickets as a workaround until we have it in Views. Thank you all for your patience as we work on this.

  • Matteo Franceschini

    I think it's crazy that this is not available as default for everyone. This lack impairs the communication and it's a real damage to an otherwise good product. How long do we have to wait to have it implemented?!

  • Ryan M

    This really needs to become a feature in the View area. As a developer, I'm astonished that Zendesk hasn't developed this already. When you roll out a feature like CCs, you need to put the time and attention into adding all the details that make that workflow actually work.

    Do better, Zendesk.

  • James Lucas

    Yes 100%.

    We are also looking for this exact feature mentioned above, and this is stopping us from rolling out to our field support team, who need a view in the mobile app of tickets they follow, conditional on multiple factors (which we can define in the view).

  • Ryan Boyer

    Similar to the comments above, I would like the ability to have the Followers field be a selectable column for a View. Currently, there is no way to select that field (Followers) as a displayable field in a View. There are use cases where the Follower of a ticket is the actual "assignee" not the person in the Assignee field, so this field is important for us to see in a View.

  • Lorin Rivers

    Kind of surprising this isn’t part of the product. The workarounds proposed are lame.


  • Hadassah G

    Any update on this?

  • Bryan Brantley

    Hey Zendesk,

    It has been two years and no update to this functionality? This is a core function of your product. We should not being paying a third party service to get this metric when needed. What is the answer here? Salvador Vazquez Brett Bowser

  • Mitchell Cole

    I would also like to add my voice to this need. Either I am totally missing how to do it, or we cannot do many basic functions based off of the Followers field, including views and such. This needs to be added ASAP please. 

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I personally would love the flexibility to create a view that mirrors any of the other pre-built views that exist in Zendesk today.  This would include the CC and Follower views on a user profile and expand into suspended ticket views.

    I would love to be able to create these views using native tools vs just having these in product.

  • Suzanna Kaye

    Over a year of people requesting this and it still isn't even in the plans to add. For a customer service company, their customer service seems to be failing. (Since they have the view functions with the ability to choose the parameters this should be an extremely easy feature to quickly add.)

    Disappointing, ZenDesk......


  • Rob Fea

    This is a significant missing feature. Salvador Vazquez, can you please provide an updated on how far down in the backlog this is? This makes the following feature pointless in my mind.

  • Christina Yates

    Is there an updated ETA for this feature? The last update says it would be rolled out in 2021 and I'm still not seeing this as an option in 2023. Am I missing something?

  • Dave Yoha

    Your friends in the last mile delivery software business would also benefit greatly from better accessibility to followed tickets.



  • Craig Bailey

    I stumbled on this today. When onboarding new support folks I request to always be added as a follower on their tickets for a period of time. A view is a critical insight into into those tickets and ensure customer quality as I need to jump in quick if they are off track. As of now, I have to search around wasting a lot of time keeping up.

    Then there is the absence of Follower reporting in Explore...   

    Followers are a critical support feature for us.

  • Geran Smith

    That app looks like a nice step forward. It is sad that we have to pay for an app that should be base functionality in Zendesk...

    I'd love to get confirmation if this feature will actually be built this year before I spend an additional bit of money on apps.

  • Human-ISM Sysadmins

    Please also move CC's and Followers from the hard-coded notification in Ticket Settings (which cannot be disabled, edited, or modified), and move them over to Triggers (where all other notifications live and can be customized) when you do this!

    Or, failing that, at least add CC's and Followers to Trigger actions, and add a checkbox to disable the default hard-coded notification for CC's and Followers in Ticket Settings.

    See this FREQ thread for other people's requests for this feature:

  • John Westover

    Adding support to this as well. A necessary feature and super strange it isn't available out of the box.

  • Thomas (
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary


    Since the new Agent Home will contain native Followed and Cc'd views, we decided to make our Follower View app free on the Marketplace!



  • Nick Beagley

    We also see this as a rudimentary requirement for people to be able to see tickets they are followers for in a view. Crazy this isn't there already. Even more crazy that nobody from Zendesk feels it worthy of being on the roadmap, or maybe show the consideration of their customers to respond here?

  • Jeff See

    It is hard to maintain Customer Service as a priority when leads/managers are spending unnecessary time tracking down emails or hunting for follower information.  This feature is a MUST in our enterprise organization.  Views is the primary agent workspace, agents need to monitor follows to engage and rapidly respond to time sensitive issues. 

    Bump this up the priority pole!  I cannot think of any feature that is more important to deploy to your customers, which in turn provides better customer service.

  • Claire Machia

    Glad this thread has finally gotten some attention and an official response, but an ETA on when we can expect this feature to roll out would be appreciated. Since it IS possible to trigger notifications based on tickets you follow via the Zendesk mobile app, you'd think this wouldn't be so big of a lift to implement. 

  • Kyle Pinkley
    Zendesk Luminary

    I would love to see this functionality as well. I had an agent request this.


    I agree with all of the above comments.

    Time to wait a few months (years?), Has someone found a way to list these tracked tickets thanks to the API?



  • Thomas (
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hey @...

    It's available via API by using the following call:

    var id = {ID of the user you'd like to get tickets for}
    var path ='+id+'/tickets/followed.json?include=users';
    let options = {
    contentType: 'application/json',
    url: url,
    type: 'GET',
    cors: true

    The returned array contains all tickets where that user is a follower and all other related users to that ticket (the include=users parameter sideloads that)

    Or you ca see it working in this (recently updated!) app:

  • Patrick J Mims

    I wouldn't think this would be too difficult. Every email that is CC'd is associated with a User. I wanna know what Users are CC'd, specifically myself. If this can't be done, perhaps allow tickets to be assigned to multiple Agents. The lack of this feature makes my job significantly harder. Some tix I am a passive Follower, others I am active and precious time ticks away while I either overlook the ticket or am unable to promptly locate it.

    This is a major limitation. IBM would appreciate progress on this.

  • Rob Lees

    Any updates on this Salvador Vazquez?

    Shocked this functionality isn't a default setting, especially for Light Agents where they don't need to see tickets they aren't following or CC'd on!

  • Thomas Joussot

    +1 feature request

  • WhatsApp Connector

    Hello, please let us know if there is any update on this. Thanks

  • Bill Cao

    It's been almost 3 years since the first post dated October 2019. I am one out of so many customers crying for this feature.


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