Need trigger condition to detect when email is received at multiple support addresses


  • Terry Ehrhard

    Hi Chad - Completely 100% agree. We are struggling with this considerably as we have customers who send to multiple "to" addresses which are mapped to zendesk. We also discovered the APIs also do not maintain the metadata of any/all system addresses, only the primary TO address selected remains. If any/all system addresses can be singled out by "Received at" = [your system address here], this would be significant. And even those non-"To" addresses in the original email could be referenced.


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  • Will Y

    I would like to add our own business case for this request. If there is more than 1 email listed under TO, we should be able to select which email should take precedence as the email listed under the "Received At" attribute. 

    We find that customers have used other email addresses in their past and therefore, when they email support, they include ALL of the email addresses they have in the "TO" field. It would be great to establish an order of importance for these email addresses.

  • Samantha O'Connor

    Agreed - at the very least I would like a trigger option so that if a request is received at X support address AND Y support address so that I can set up a trigger of what to do in that case.


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