Create a trigger based on the condition if a CC matches some emailaddress


  • Isaac Carlisle

    I too would like to be able to use this. My company uses a Zendesk as the main support line but the majority of my users email me directly instead of the support line regardless of what I request they do. It would be nice to have this feature so we can set a trigger that will allow me to set a CC on the email that auto assigns my tickets to me instead of dumping them in the queue. Otherwise, it is a pain for me to make sure I get all of my emails and I don't want them going to someone elses ticket count as it is part of our metrics system.

  • Julie Dunsmuir

    This is something we would very much like to be able to create, we send tickets to our group email and would like the cc'd person to be the trigger condition.

  • Paul Schneider

    We too would love this - it's a big problem for us based upon a new feature/product that we've acquired.

  • Barbara Brauner


    That feature would be very helpful!

  • Dan Jones

    This would be extremely useful to have. Zendesk do you have a response please?

  • Luke Tyhurst

    Zendesk, we have not had any updates on this feature request in 3 years. Can you please add this to your backlog? This is a very standard condition in other systems like FreshService, FreshDesk, and Zoho Desk.

  • Jason Paterson

    Agreed. I have two ingress emails for our helpdesk. One is for normal tickets, one is for urgent issues. Occasionally someone will email an urgent issue to the normal email and CC the urgent email. Currently there's no way to trigger on that. 

  • Sijthoff Media IT

    Agree! Would be great if Zendesk responds to this post.

  • mfg

    We frequently have this occur and the tickets end up unassigned. This impacts 5 - 15 tickets per day, resulting in delayed responses/assignments and requiring admin time to assign. In many of these cases as well, there isn't enough information to reassign and they need to be redirected back to the form (ie. the person got help and cc's the general support email they corresponded with).

  • Brandon Martus

    We would very much like to create triggers based on CC email addresses.


    Sometimes people are responding to a customer outside of Zendesk, but also CC'ing our main support email, which doesn't get picked up by our normal email routing (which is based on Received At).

  • James Clark

    Agreed - This would be very useful - is this in the product roadmap?

  • Seneca Spurling

    I need this, too. I've started using Zendesk for certain communication with customers with me directly (via a separate personal email alias that isn't my normal "work email"), not via our support address. For the most part, the customer doesn't see these communications a "tickets". They are not handled by our support team and they don't "look" like support tickets, they just look like normal email conversation. They do (because I haven't figured out a way to make this not happen, unfortunately) show up as tickets in the Help Center under "My Activities"). Anyway, I want to handle the case that someone later on that email thread adds support@ as a CC, thinking that that will open a support request. It will NOT, and our support team has requested that I NOT set up triggers that would automate creation of a support ticket in this case. So I thought instead I'd set up a trigger to at least send an autoresponse to the user, if it is outside my business hours, letting them know that if the issue is urgent and they need to contact support, they need to start a new separate thread with support@. But the only way I can see to make this work is to be able to have a trigger take action based on the presence of a specific CC.... and per this thread, I gather it's not possible. 

  • Erich

    I need to create a rule according to which a specific performer would be assigned to each ticket created from mail, in a copy of which specific email boxes would be specified.
    All emails that fall into ZenDesk from the addresses specified in the copy (CC) should be automatically transferred to the artist I selected from the list of performers of the Support group.

  • Kathrin Lemberg

    Upvoting this as well as we would need a trigger based on the ccéd recipient. 

  • Jerry Tirado

    I'd love this.. Zendesk hurry up

  • 慎二 神山

    I hope this function is working soon.

  • Ofenseite Admin

    Very basic condition not just in other ticketing systems but even in outlook (!).
    When can the realease be expected?

    Could an Zendesk employee please comment? 

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 Right now ZD doesn't support an email that is forwarded to an address that forwards to ZD. Nor does it support BCC. So tickets route randomly even if there is a CC consistent on the trigger as it cannot preserve the received at address.

    We can update our config to automatically CC an address but if ZD can't trigger off of CC's then it isn't a workaround we can utilize. If it was a feature, then we could save a lot of workarounds and heartache with our setup today


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