Formatting Descriptions on Ticket Forms


  • Test User External

    +1 here. We really need a way to line brake the description of certain fields. It doesn't make sens to be able to add a ton of text without any formatting....

  • Galen Rutledge

    +1 for all the great reasons already given.

  • Brian Emond

    +1 to this feature request.

  • Tatiana Celentano

    + 1 this would help our users to be able to decide which form to fill out

  • Anna Valdez

    Zendesk any update on the above?

  • Frederico Ferreira

    +1 for this request

  • Keelan Pannell

    Would be great to be able to add formatting and read-only fields for ticket forms in Support and on guide

  • Lydia Forsyth

    @Brett Bowser checking in to see if there is any update to this? 

  • Subodh Jumle

    Hey Brett Bowser

    Do we have any updates on this feature request?

    Custom statuses are already available, so could Zendesk allocate resources for this long-awaited feature?

    The Gather posts have formatting options, but ticket descriptions for end users do not, which is very limiting.

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Edward,
    At this time, we don't have a native option or a condition wherein we can set a minimum or limit the characters that an end-user can send to create a new ticket. However, this can be done via DOM manipulation (document object model). Elements rendered by the HTML to summarize, but this is custom code and cannot guide you on implementing this. The idea will be to set a "maxLength" attribute value to the Description field in your ticket form. I hope that helps. Thank you!
  • Hannah Lucid

    Hi! Is there a way to only change the text color on a string of text in the descriptor? We want to highlight/draw the eye on specific items in only one of our forms' end-user descriptions but I'm having trouble locating a way how. Currently, the .form-field p in the style.css code changes the text color for all forms. :)


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