Ability to check User Tags in Triggers and Automations


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for posting, Ricardo. We'll be interested to hear more detailed use cases and see how many other customers are in need of this kind of functionality.

  • Unity Software Ltd

    Our use case is that we use user tags to set ticket tags. We can update user tags any time via an external integration (Rest API). When a ticket is created the user tags are propagadated automatically to the ticket. But if the ticket already exists when the user tags change, there is no way to check for those changes in the user tags, in order to update the ticket tags. Currently we can do this also as part of the external intergration, but we believe being able to check user tags in an automation (or trigger) is a basic operation.

  • Cenk Tukel

    I agree with Ricardo and would add few more use cases:
    -based on user tags pushed by 3rd party integrations we have, we like to automate certain messages and actions like telling the subscriber that they now have access to X, Y, Z knowledge base, or their support has increased from 2 day to 1 hour SLA.

    -Similarly, we like to trigger access right changes to users based on their subscription in our 3rd party apps. E.g. A user has stopped his/her subscription to our 3rd party app, this then removes his/ her tag and then we like to trigger automations to remove access and let the customers know.

    In simple terms, automations for user fields is a very important feature.

  • Stephanie McIntyre

    I am running in to some issues setting automatic Guide permissions for a specific use case.  Here is the situation:

    • I want to lock down Guide to only organizations (and their related users) that have an active support contract
    • Organizations will drift in and out of having an active support contract. 
    • Those organizations that have an active support contract are tagged as "Active".  Those that do not are tagged as "Do not support".  This tagging is automated, as we're integrating with an external CRM to synchronize account status weekly.
    • Right now, I have all organizations with an active support contract in a user segment that I had to manually place there.  This works okay, but the problem I have is with automatic management.  See below.

    My end goal is to automate this functionality.  I do not want to have to go in weekly to manage the user segment to add/remove organizations that do or do not have an active support contract.

    The difficulties I've encountered with this situation are:

    1. Organization tags do not filter down to the users under that organization.  This means granting permission to the user by 'tag' will not work.  There is no Automation or Trigger configuration that will tag users of the organization based on the existing tags in the organization. 
    2. There is no way to filter a user segment by organization tag.  The only tagging option available is by user, which won't work because of point 1.


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Stephanie, 

    Your comment has more to do with user segments than triggers and automations, which is the topic of conversation in this thread. 

    Would you be willing to start a new, separate thread about automating user segments for Guide permissions so that we can keep this thread focused on the OP and users can up-vote your idea? 

  • Carl Shepherd

    I also agree that it is missing basic functionality to not be able to use automations and triggers on User fields.

    We would like to inform users of events in their area based on their location, we could store their location in a custom field (or maybe a tag). Using automations we would be able to keep that location field updated using their IP Address info. We would like to provide custom messages in Zendesk Support tickets and in Zendesk Guide.  It would be even better if Zendesk simply built a system field for User similar to Language that gives location based on IP. It would be good if we could specify Country or State level (would be one or the other for all users) and also be able to specify how it's updated (unlike language, it's likely to change for some users) we could update location based on first ticket (and never change it automatically) or latest ticket, with the possibility to always override it manually and turn off automatic updating for a specific user. 

    Please implement Automations for user fields and also implement a location field to capture the value of IP information. 

  • Charlie

    The UI for creating a trigger allows me to set a user field change as a trigger, and then a ticket field as the action, so it implies this is possible (see screenshot). But it doesn't do anything when I actually change the user field, so I'm confused.

  • Aaron Schweitzer

    I'd like to use triggers to alternate surveys between CSAT and CES based surveys.   We can do this manually now by tagging the user after a ticket is solved. Triggers should be able to handle this easily....

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Ben,

    If the user has a tag associated with their profile then those tags should automatically be added to the ticket itself so you can use that tag in your trigger. Are you experiencing different results on your end?

    Let me know!

  • Adrian Bishop

    I've also just discovered this is not possible?

    I wanted to approve users for guide by my agents checking a box on a ticket form, since anyone can grant themselves access to guide, we need a basic approval process which tags the user as 'approved', I hoped I could create a trigger that if a box is checked on the ticket form (agent only), I could tag the requester automatically. I prefer this method rather than suggesting to agents they can mess around with tagging users.

    I would be keen to hear an alternative solution here but this seemed logical to me?

    Why can't we automate tagging of users?

  • Holly Jania

    Any update on this?


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