Out Of Office Notifications Recorded In Ticket


  • Allen Hancock

    Hi Micheal,


    Let me make sure I'm following.. you don't want to manually have to set an agent in/out via the Out of Office app. (Seems fine.. it it yet another step..)

    Instead, you're expecting the agent's OOO email to be recorded in the ticket?  Personally, I'd like those not to go to my end users, as it seems too much information. 

    Perhaps an SLA could help, letting someone managing the Zendesk look for any ticket with a reply from en end user (ie in Open state) but which hasn't been touched in X hours would prevent having to act on an OOO.


    Looking forward to hearing more of your use case!


  • Matt McLean
    Community Moderator


    Michael is suggesting that Zendesk "allow" ooo-replies from End Users to show up in the ticket, rather than showing up in the "Suspended Tickets" view.

    The mention of the Out of Office app was just that it is irrelevant to solving this issue.

    Having more options around "suspected spam"/vacation responses would be helpful, especially when customers are using their own email providers' spam filters already.

    I can see the logic in an automated / spammy NEW email being routed to the Suspended Tickets view, but if the email is a reply to an existing ticket, it would make a lot more sense for it to show up in that ticket. I understand Zendesk needs a way to prevent "mail loops" but unless both the Agent AND the End-user had auto-replies running, a loop wouldn't happen - End Users aren't normally notified of their own (email) replies. Additionally, even if both the agent and end-user had auto-replies enabled, many auto-reply systems, for example Gmail, don't re-send a vacation response if the same thread gets another reply within a certain amount of time.

    Proposed options for handling auto replies:

    [ ] Allow for Requesters

    [ ] Allow for Agents

    [ ] Allow for CCs

    Unchecking all the boxes would be the way things are currently - don't allow auto-replies; send them to Suspended Tickets View (though really it would make more sense for it to be Suspended Emails that can then be routed to an existing ticket OR a new ticket)

    Checking the first box is what Michael is asking for.
    Some ZD customers may want to check the middle box or both top boxes.
    I expect very few customers would want to check the bottom box, but it would be a nice option.


    In short, Zendesk, please give your customers more control and more options! Keep sensible defaults and hide the options behind multiple settings screens if you must, but give us the options!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thank you for the detailed feedback, Matt. We've passed it along to the appropriate product manager and they will follow up if they have any additional questions. 

  • Celine Ladoire

    I've got a connected query, which I'm hope it's okay to post there.

    It's never happened before, but when I submitted our weekly release notes on our help centre to which users are subscribed, I ended up in a short loop with an auto responder email.

    1. Published release note
    2. User received the email, but sent an OOF -> Ticket created
    3. OOF created a ticket, which sent a confirmation to the user
    4. User once again sent an OOF email. -> Created another ticket

    I've got 6 new tickets because of this. Unsure why it stopped (though I'm glad it did!). Any idea what happened and how to avoid this?

  • Noel Swasta

    Good morning. My team and I are curious about the OOO messages returning in the form of a ticket. After reading these threads, I'm seeing that these OOO tickets should be going to the Suspended Tickets view, but unfortunately I'm not seeing tickets in this view other than spam. What do you folks suggest I do to get OOO replies revealed in the Suspended Tickets view, but ideally into our standard tickets. Thanks in advance! 

  • Casey Moore

    I am looking for a way to get automatic [out of office] replies to go to the ticket, rather than the Suspended tickets as well.

    I contacted the advocacy team and apparently this is not an option.  I was advised to ask our customers to edit their automatic replies or set up notifications when a ticket goes to the suspended state.  Neither of these are viable options.  I can't possibly be expected to ask our customers to change their replies.  Notifications will only add more work to my agents' day.  

    The request aligns with most I've read from others on the subject: give us the option of what we want suspended, please.

  • Cassi, Shannon

    We also need this functionality, to not.receive it is causing  a customer service nightmare. The OOO from requester is not showing anywhere. It is not in suspended tickets or in the body of the email. We need this communication to be listed as part of the ticket. 

    Does anyone have an updates on how we can see these OOO reply's, to tickets created by agents on behalf of a requested or to ticket replies issued by agents? 


  • Meri Miettinen

    We also need to be able to receive Out of Office messages to tickets so we know when customer is on a leave. Another problem with this that we faced recently was that customer wrote the words Out-of-office to the header of the email, so the viable ticket got suspended (we are an IT service company, so we get help requests about things like that). We did not notice this until customer called us asking why we have not gotten back about it.

  • Anton Verhelst

    The post from Matt is about 2 years old.

    Is there any update on the issue?
    We would also like to receive requesters OOO emails so we don't spam them with automated reminders when they are gone.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Anton - 

    No updates on this request. We haven't seen significant interest in this functionality, so it's not something that the product teams have looked into. 

  • Carlo Gmail

    Nicole, please please give us this functionality, it's badly needed.




  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Carlo - 

    That decision is definitely not up to me; I manage this community but I don't get to make decisions about product development. If there seems to be a lot of interest in it from many users, then the apps team may take it under consideration for future development. 

  • Support Team

    Dear zendesk,


    instead of spamming my customers with status updates in their time off, it would be really beneficial to receive their automatic out-of-office replies immediately in the ticket. For sure the one from the requester itself.

    Thank you for considering this feedback in a next product upgrade.



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