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    Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager


    We have just release Omnichannel channel routing on beta, which could be used instead of guided or play mode. This routing engine directly assigns work to agents, and if agents try and reassign that work, that is reportable in Explore.

    More information on this release can be found here.....

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Hello Christoph Zwanzig,

    I've been working on an app that does that, but I'm waiting for a better API, before I can release it on the marketplace.

    You can see some screenshots of it in the P.S. of this post:

    Still upvoting your suggestion, as native functionality over apps at any time :)

    With kind regards,



  • Thomas Miller

    I'd like to contribute by saying the ability to report on skipped tickets should be considered a basic part of the Play Feature.  Kudus to implementing the play feature, but if we could just get a count of how many times an agent pressed the skipped button it would double the value of the feature.

  • Mary Langford

    Agree 100% - needs reporting.

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    just add simple tag thats it!!

  • Mary Langford

    Do you have the conditions for this?

  • Chris Tomkins
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Worth checking out the Skipper application from the Marketplace which gives you a better view of what is going on in relation to skipped tickets without having to build anything yourself.

  • Annelisa Brown
    Zendesk Luminary

    Definitely, something we would love to have.

  • Mike Dominguez

    Just here to agree that reporting on # of skipped tickets and comments is needed.


    Would it be possible to even add it to the reporting overview, so you can see all agents , their skip counts and their comments. Even if the report cannot be edited, it would be easier than having to open individual agent profiles each time 

  • Kim Lake

    Completely agree with the above comments - not much point being able to do something in the system if we're unable to report on how it's being used. Unfortunately, yet another feature we're probably unable to make use of because we can't control or audit its use properly.

    As an aside to this, was the functionality to report using Insights removed? I see it referenced in the blog comments 2 years ago, but nothing further to be found about it. 

  • John Doe

    Tymeshift (A WFM made exclusively for Zendesk) tracks and allows you to report on skipped tickets as well as skip rate

    Disclaimer: I work for Tymeshift & this is Shameless plug but I hope it helps some folks out. :) 

  • Julian Morsing

    We need this feature asap

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    hi Julian,

    We're unable to prioritize it ASAP but if you'd like to tell us more detail about your use-case that helps us build a case for prioritizing it in the future.

  • Julian Morsing

    Hi Nicole,


    We have 16 employees with Zendesk, at we have had problems with skipping mails. If the employee got a difficult mail, they would skip it.

    Therefore we wanted to make a report of skipped tickets, aswell as it being mandatory to enter a reason for skipping.

    If we could have a day by day report for every agent and their skipped ticket, and could create a dashboard, it would be great.


  • Paula Cooke

    Completely agree with Julian.

    During our peak we have over 100 agents  and the current method of manually looking at skipping results by agent takes a considerable amount of time.

    If we could get reporting on skipping and determine agent skipping rates it would help us focus on those with higher rates without having to go through over 100 agents individually.

  • Maja Zivkovic

    It's great that i can review what tickets an agent has skipped and any comments they left as to why in their profile from a QA perspective, but i also want to be able to see trends over time. I want to know if training and feedback from this has reduced the number of skipped tickets over a 6 month period without having to manually count tickets and create an excel sheet. I want to see if an agent is struggling and skipping more than they used to, and if agents are skipping tickets from a specific ticket category which i can target with training. I want to know if a specific ticket has been skipped more than 3 times and have a daily report sent to my email with these "hard tickets" to review in training. 

    Please just add an event in the ticket when it's skipped. 

  • Bob Ierland

    I totally agree with Maja, we see that the tickets that are being skipped that shouldn't are skipped due to difficulty. Having automations, triggers or a simple way to track these would allow us to quickly ID difficult tickets, provide necessary training, or upgrade our ticket routing to more experienced members for specific question types. As we don't work with a case-ownership approach it results in certain agents having to pick up more over time. 

    Even having the option to see in the events that a skip has happened would allow us to quickly ID pain points. 

  • We have ~150 agents. There is no way for our team leads to see how many tickets their team members have skipped today, last week, last month. That's an inexcusable miss by Zendesk.

    • Only Administrators can view skipped tickets, but we don't want to change all of our Team Leaders to Administrators.
    • We cannot see trends over time.
    • We cannot filter by Group.
  • Diana H.

    Another request for roles other than Admins to have the ability to view skipped tickets.

  • Susan Goodman

    Agreed. Being able to report on skipped tickets and the reasons and non-admins being able to see agent performance is a necessity with this feature for us. 

  • Liam Mcfarlane

    Hi Zendesk,

    Is their anyway you could add in some reporting on Skipped tickets as asked here, we've recently moved some of our agents and would like to move the other >350 agents over to this mode, but without a way to report on this, it has made the move unfeasible. 

    Ideally, we'd like to be able to report on this in Explore if this is going to be too difficult, then at least allow us to make the Play Only tab in the profile visible to Team Leaders. Making everyone an Admin is not an option.


  • Laurence Clarke

    This would be really beneficial to us as well and I agree with everyone else in this thread. Not much more else to add apart from wanting to see this functionality.

  • Kevin van de Riet (NL)

    For us this would also be beneficial. for both training as quality.

  • Nathan Purcell

    Bump for attention and voting. 

    4 years! 

  • TicketMaestro

    Adding my vote. This feature is needed.

  • Chris Stewart

    Hi Barry Neary - Where does this one stand currently?

    This is an incomplete and fairly unusable product feature without any sort of reporting attached to it. 5 years since this has been raised

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All,

    This is still on the roadmap, but our teams are fully focused on delivering omnichannel routing monitoring and reporting and so unfortunately I don't have any firm date for delivery

  • Rob Lajeunesse

    Adding my vote, we need this feature and it should be foundational.

  • Kai Schmitte

    From my point of view this should be part of Explore. 

    Agent behavior outside of tickets should be "reportable".

  • Hella

    Adding my vote to this as well. Thanks!


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