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  • Same here!  Please make it easier to lessen the # of satisfaction surveys that are sent.

    We have one end-user who submits 50+ tickets each month and receives a survey for each ticket. It's crazy.  We're considering using the "check box" suggestion, but that seems so manual.

    The feedback thread has been open for some time now... has anything changed?

  • John Miller

    I just found this thread and have been wishing this was a feature since we went live in Oct. 2014.  We have customers complaining regularly about how many satisfaction surveys they receive, and a way to limit them to a % per organization or user is far more useful than turning it off completely.  Please make this a priority feature - this request started 4 years ago.  I feel that customer satisfaction could be impacted negatively if a customer feels "pestered" by our surveys every time they contact us for a quick answer.

  • Jim Stalder

    Fellow Zendesk Admins:

    I've developed an easy way to send a satisfaction survey to any given Requester every 5th ticket, although you can tweak the logic below to make it whatever number you want.   

    Here is the summary:

    • Create a custom numeric USER FIELD called CSAT Counter
    • Create 5 triggers (see attached screenshots) which increments this counter upon ticket solve.  The trick is to add a tag after the first positive hit, so other triggers won't fire - that is the csat_cycle_stop tag in the examples below.
    • Create 1 Automation to look for a specific tag applied when the CSAT Counter is 5 and send the survey.



  • Terry Knox

    Yup! +1 here. We have specific types of ticket where I'd love to send a satisfaction survey every 10 or so tickets, but sending for every single one is too much for some customers. Using tags is one way to do it, but it seems like an unnecessary level of faff and manual intervention.  

  • Steve Jones

    +1 here. For the customers that have complained about the frequency of the survey, I have created an exception.  But instead of getting to a place where a customer doesn't want any survey requests, I would prefer an option to randomly select tickets to survey, or even an option to send survey's on only every fourth ticket that the same customer opens, or something like that.

  • Grace Gibbons

    I agree.. having a random or a percentage throttle would be ideal.

  • Monica Aten

    Hi Everyone,

    I would love to see this feature too. It will be ideal if we can set an automation that would pick random tickets and from random dates. For example: pick 30 solved tickets every Tuesday and Thursday. 

  • John Miller

    This request has been running for 5 years!  C'mon Zendesk, this is a clearly needed feature.

    I've set up the "all or nothing" checkbox in the user profile, but that only helps when they are upset enough that they demand to stop receiving surveys.  Plenty of other customers gripe and mention their annoyance with the amount of surveys they get, but we try to avoid shutting them down completely because we're proud of our otherwise high satisfaction rates.  Shutting down survey's for customers becomes a problem if they are a repeat customer the following year and we don't turn it back on for them, which is impossible to stay on top of with thousands of users.  We'd still like to provide the customer an opportunity to give us feedback if they use our software again in the future.

    Please add this feature!

  • Shipping Manager

    Please....we beg of you to add this feature sooner than later. I can't understand how this is a complicated addition for your engineers. Why tarnish the user experience over something that could easily be configured. 

    "Send out satisfaction one time ONLY to an email address / customer. As we have many repeat customers, it's frustrating for them to get a satisfaction ticket every time they email. Would like it configured to send after only the first communication with us. "

  • Name

    How is this not a feature yet?  Seems like a logical thing that would add value to any business.  I know we want it where we are.  Make it happen!

  • Allegretti, David M

    People have been asking about this for five years and Zendesk does not evem respond. What is the point of this forum if Zendesk does not even respond to a critical feature request for 5 years?

  • Jim Stalder

    Here is the automation:


  • Casey Dover

    I agree completely I do not want to bombard my customer with a survey after every transaction. I would love the ability to send random or as the above said " every___ticket

  • Andrea Saez

    Hey guys,

    I'm sure they're working on it - that being said, there is a way to somewhat manually control it. We all get repeat customers, and I totally get that it can be annoying to send them the same customer satisfaction email over and over again, sometimes the same day, AMIRITE?

    You can always set a trigger (or anti-trigger?) to prevent from it shooting out. For us it's based on a checkbox that appears in the ticket itself called "Do not send satisfaction survey" - if checked, the survey will just not trigger. It's super handy.

  • James Rago

    I would love to have an update on this as well. I feel like this is such an important feature.

  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    If you are sending Satisfaction surveys through an automation, you can reduce the interruptions to customers by adjusting the conditions.

    For example, you can tag big ticket users or organisations to be excluded from the automation. Change the automation's condition to check for the tag not being present before offering the satisfaction survey.

    To ensure that the big ticket users can still participate in satisfaction feedback, use a trigger to offer the satisfaction rating for these customers. They can then rate tickets via the web interface where they feel the need. Because they are big ticket users, they are likely to be aware of the satisfaction feature, so you should not miss out on feedback.

    Hope that helps.

  • Ellen James

    This is a much needed feature!  I want to control the number of surveys being sent to our customers, and who receives them to prevent survey fatigue.  For example, I'd like to be able to send a survey to random groups each week rather than after every ticket, or perhaps, only send a survey if the customer has not already been sent one in the last month. Our response rate is low, even among customer groups who raise a lot of tickets and therefore have lots of opportunities to respond.

    Tweaking automations and triggers to include or exclude certain organisations or other conditions simply isn't an option, it's too time consuming and allows the survey audience to be manipulated - rather than randomised, which is the ethos behind this request.

    Come on Zendesk - start listening to your customers!

  • John Meyer

    Thank you so much for responding.  I think their are multiple specific examples on this thread, but I also think I can concisely represent the common complaint here...

    Every single closed ticket generates an additional email with a survey request. Virtually all end-users see this as spam and dislike receiving them because they are sent on EVERY ticket.  Note some previous comments where the functionality has been completely disabled due to customer complaints.  Having them randomly or intermittently sent (every 10th ticket, 10% of the time, etc) would allow us to send surveys while not annoying our employees/customers.


  • Nicole Clarke

    +1 on this as well. Nicole Reylea, in September you mentioned you were going to follow up with the Product team on this request, just curious if you heard anything back?

  • Seleeka Harris

    i would LOVE if they could make this available.  we want folks to fill out the survey but they're less likely to if they get 5 a week...

  • Leon Parkinson

    This is a need of our business too.


    We use Zendesk to deal with multiple emails across 50 accounts.


    Some contacts may email us 50 times per week and as a result have requested us to turn off this feature completely.

  • Gabriel Flores


  • Jason Jovanis


  • Annie Donegan

    We would like the option to send satisfaction surveys manually or per user rather than per ticket opened. 

  • Chris Reed

    +1 here too. Need this.

  • Julie Neogy

    @ Graeme, can you please be a bit more specific with your tagging suggestion? Are we supposed to create a tag for all frequent users?

  • Elisa

    Hey Graeme,

    the issue would be then that agents would be able to manually insert that tag which would imply that they can use the tag to not send surveys to less happy customers.

    Is there any other work around?


  • Austin Amador

    If inflexibility in the frequency of Satisfaction Surveys results in annoying our clients then why should we offer them at all?
    Is Zendesk at least considering an Add-On App to address this?

  • Thomas D'Hoe


  • John Meyer

    I would like this as well, but an alternative would be to put the code for the satisfaction buttons in the trigger that notifies the user/customer that the ticket has been solved:


    This way you never send anyone a satisfaction email to annoy them, but they all get the links anyhow.


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