Zendesk autopopulates major domains such as outlook.com in the New organization creation screen


  • Amy Zuckerman

    This does not happen for us.  I can create new organizations and leave the email domains blank.  I wonder if it's a setting that can be toggled somewhere?


  • Tony Vardiman

    Hi Amy, thanks for your reponse.

    We can also leave the domain blank, that is not the problem.

    The problem is that Zendesk *intermittently* auto-populates domains into the New Organization creation screen (as shown in the screenshot) and we are forced to remove it prior to clicking Save.

    This may not sound like an issue at first, but if anybody forgets to remove a domain such as "gmail" or "outlook" before clicking Save, it will combine all customers with that email domain into the same organization, which is obviously a huge issue.

    My stance is that Zendesk should not auto-populate those large domains (such as gmail, Outlook, msn, etc.) which would prevent the merging of these users into a single organization.

    Does that make sense?

  • Colin Piper

    I have this same problem. To be fair the global list of common domain names is huge and probably updates frequently. However I suspect it could be updated.

  • Tony Vardiman

    Thanks Colin, I agree it changes frequently but we could at least remove the heavy hitters like gmail, outlook, msn, hotmail, yahoo, etc.  Think of it in terms of "top 20" and/or the 80/20 rule.  

  • Tony Vardiman

    And it just happened again to me, yet another chance of adding all outlook.com customers to the new organization that I was creating.

  • Mathieu Lapointe

    God please do something about that. We kept losing the Org. of 590 user due to this function !  Can we disable it ? 

  • Lila Kingsley


    Due to the way we built our API to create tickets/users for our IVR calls, agents who have org permissions are  IGNORING the popup and just saving (it is populated with a default domain we use for unrecognized callers)  This causes our sales app to fail, and substantial data issues.  Agents should never create orgs (only modify them in special circumstances), but, this problem continues to occur all the time even after uptraining.  PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ZENDESK!!

  • Patrick W

    +1. This is really annoying. Our confusion is that Zendesk shows the wrong organization to our agents when other users opens a ticket because earlier organizations are registered based on gmail, outlook etc..

  • Pat

    following, we have the same issue, it's really a problem to us, Zendesk please help!

  • Jeans-Sébastien CATIER

    I agree. I'd love a "blacklist" of domains that should not be possible to add to an organization for user mapping.

  • Sally

    I agree. We have an issue where the domains have been linked incorrectly to hundreds of users. 

    After contacting support, we realised the easiest way to rectify this is to delete the outlook.com organisation. However, this means you have to manually change the org on all of the users which were incorrectly added after you action that. Not ideal. 

  • Dev Purdon

    This is a pain for us as well. Following in hope!

  • Anne-Flore Caire


    We have the same problem.
    And we can't control automaticaly this field!

    A user mistakenly validated the domain "gmail.com" on an organization and all tickets sent from email addresses from that domain all started to be linked to that organization. Huge problem that we had to deal with manually, ticket by ticket to release them from the organization!

    I wanted to at least set up a trigger that sends a notification to admins to warn them if there is a bad value but we cannot select the "Domains" field in the trigger conditions.

    So while waiting to be able to create a system to exclude certain domains or prevent the validation of certain domains, could we have a monitoring and / or alert solution?


  • Mattias Levin

    It's disappointing to find that an issue we are suffering from has been reported for six years without a fix or even a comment from Zendesk.

    There should be a (user configurable) list of domains that are never accepted as organisation domain.

    @... this is a feature that is needed NOW! 




  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    We're having the same issue. If Zendesk can't find a service to check for ISP domains, they should implement a tool for users to crowd-source this data themselves. They've gotten better about major domains like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., but I still frequently see the org creation screen offering to add personal domains to company profiles, like this one just today:



    Zendesk, please consider adding a button to this screen that allows users to flag auto-filled domains as an ISP/personal email domain. You could leverage this user-submitted data to create a more robust suppression list. It won't be perfect, but it would be a heck of a lot better than what we have today.

    As it stands, due to the extremely high risk (read: guarantee) of user error, ALL Organization creation has to flow through me. This can sometimes take up to 2 hours of my day, depending on the volume of requests. It's not sustainable, but I have no other choice. Otherwise, we have agents adding thousands of incorrect users to an org with one wrong click. 

  • Jennie Grudi


    When I select to call a member back it auto populates my email to the keypad and this pop-up happens.  Please advise...




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