Ability to forward emails into an existing ticket


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    Benjamin Kirsch
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us in regards to forwarding emails into an existing ticket. We're definitely aware of this need and our team is planning on investigating this use case as well as the ability to manage secondary emails. Currently this work is in a pre-discovery phase and has not been prioritized, but please keep sharing your use cases with us to help prioritize this functionality in our future roadmap planning. We plan on updating this post once we have more information to share next year.

    All the best,


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    We have a different use case for needing to forward emails into an existing ticket so I found a comment on a string somewhere (sorry, I can't recall where, but it is probably a moderator who posted it) - And ended up creating a macro to pull out the Encoded ID. Here's our steps:

    1. Run the macro (we made ours a private comment)

    2. The ticket will render the Encoded ID before even having to press submit. So we copy and past the ID from the comment

    3. Open the email you want to forward into the ticket and paste the WHOLE thing including the [] brackets into the SUBJECT of the email (anywhere in the subject) 

    4. Send to a working support email attributed to your zendesk account.

    Et voila! The comment shows! 


    Depending how your instance is set up, your comment may end up as a private comment. Test it out!b To override this, use the #public command in the first line of the body of the email to make the content turn into a public comment.

    A note on the above test - test it as an agent and an end user. The results can vary based on settings your account has.

    I hope this is helpful! I wish it was more streamlined, this is the best solution we've found.

  • Kate Woollard

    We are trying to forward attachments to the zendesk ticket which have come through to our personal email so we can reply to the customer via zendesk. 

    Will try Heathers work around. We are also new customers and wouldn't have bother with zendesk if we'd known this function wasn't available before signing up

  • Travis Wolf

    Mind-boggling that this isn't out-of-the-box functionality in Zendesk.  In Salesforce it's as simple as pasting the ticket ID# anywhere in the new email chain before you reply (or forward it). That instantly merges the new email chain with the existing ticket / email chain. 

  • Brian Hensley

    This still doesn't exist?  I have never used a ticketing system that DOESN'T have this feature.  Odd, considering ZenDesk is one of the leaders in the space.  


    What I usually see is anything with a #ticketnumber in the subject auto attaches.

  • Deirdre Beach

    I am really disappointed that this isn't already a feature, it seems like a given requirement. It shouldn't matter if the email domain is being used as your Zendesk support. There needs to be a command that allows agents to easily forward email to existing tickets. Not having this is a major flaw in the system. It's causing a lot of frustration and wasted time for our agents.

  • Michael Hoyte

    This is also a problem for us, I have setup the macro which works but it is wasting agents time having to run the macro in Zendesk, copy the code, delete the code in Zendesk then paste it into the email. Surely there is an easier, less time consuming way?

  • Gregory Batty

    I wanted to bump this thread. The macro worked for me at first, but now I am having the same issue as was reported by Jeremy. Nothing has changed within my macro, and "Comment Mode" is set to "Private".

    Also, I second Michael Hoyt's comment. It would be nice to have this as a built-in feature.

  • Amanda Bohl

    Is there any current updates for this ticket?  Has ZenDesk added this functionality?  This is a huge deficit if not, I'm coming from using Axosoft as a product and that had a really nice feature to be able to match emails to existing tickets by using the ticket # in the subject line.

    I'm hoping someone can tell me this has been resolved and what the solution is in ZenDesk?



  • Alejandro Colon



    Please do not take this response as an accusatory or inflammatory, I am simply speaking from my experience with trying to make some changes to the community, product, and moderation.

    I also do not want my response to indicate that you should not post at all. It is actually quite the opposite, we need more people like yourself in this community who have strong feelings about the product and are willing to share your feedback with Zendesk. 


    While I agree with your sentiment/frustration, I am not sure with the way your comment is worded that it will bring any meaningful resolution or attention to this feature request.


    I agree that it is frustrating that the Zendesk Team does not always give us insight into the status of feature requests. But, in their defense, they explicitly claim that they will not do so in the Product Feedback Guidelines

    That being said, I do believe that it is possible to change this overall Zendesk mandate by appealing to the Zendesk Team as users of their product. I have done so here. Feature Request: Public Zendesk Product Roadmap

    I would encourage you and all others that would like to see Zendesk change their policy on providing the status of feature requests and products to go there and show your support.  

    If you feel that my feature request does not adequately cover everything you would like them to change, feel free to create a Feature Request that does. I will be more than willing to show my support for it. 


    I say all of that to say, that you (and everyone else in this community) will be better off served by wording your responses in a way that is more in line with professional conduct. It is, as they say, "you get more bears with honey than with vinegar."

    The Community Team and the Product Team do read all of our posts. So, if I can make a suggestion, I would word your post in a way that shares your frustration and dissatisfaction but I suggest phrasing it in a way that is more clear as to the fact that it is your frustration that Zendesk is not meeting your personal opinion of what they should be doing. 


  • Roger Kirkman

    +1 for this functionality.

    At my last job, we had the ability to forward an email to the support email address, and if it included the formatted ticket tag in the subject or body of the email, it would be added to the ticket.

    So we could reply to the customer from our regular email, CC the support address, add the ticket tag, and the reply would go to the customer and add to the ticket thread.  If the customer does a Reply all, it goes into the support ticket.  If it only came to me, I just forward the email to the Support address and it gets added to the ticket.

    This is crucial for maintaining the paper trail of all conversations around the ticket.

    Example ticket tag:     [XJ370319]

    If you build this, it would also be great to be able to add another tag like [private] to make it an internal comment only, and that it would notify followers of the ticket, but not the customer.

  • Tom Browning

    A Gmail integration would not be useful for us.

  • David Bernheim

    Heather R's solution works for us. But this highlights Zendesk's stubborn resistance to giving this to users as an easy-to-use feature.

    If it is so easy to kludge a fix, can Zendesk not justify something similar, using the hundreds and thousands of dollars that we users collectively are paying. We pay for a good tool. Zendesk - when there is an easy fix - please give us this and justify our trust in you.

  • michelle swenson

    @Heather R: thank you very much for that macro!

    i was looking for such a feature in ZD, found this support thread, scrolled to your post, setup the macro, tested and failed a few times (because of a typo oops!) but then once i fixed the typo it worked BEAUTIFULLY!

    who cares if this isn't entirely baked into ZD? setup the macro, share with your team and get on with it already. couldn't be any easier. thanks again!

  • Eric Thirolle

    I just want to reiterate that the lack of this feature is a big miss by ZenDesk. MANY customer of ZenDesk will find this to be a very useful feature.

    For a point of reference/comparison, Cisco TAC's case management system has two email addresses to which you can forward an email: one for internal case notes, the other for public (customer-viewable) case notes. All you had to do was:

    • make sure the subject line included the TAC case number
    • forward the email to the appropriate email address (depending on whether you wanted to attach the email as internal or public note)

    This feature is VERY well-used in TAC for easily adding emails into the case notes. It also allowed us to add WebEx invites to the case notes very easily (by simply including the attach email address to the list of attendees).


  • Gregory Batty



    I found a setting that I believe was causing the issue (update via email going public).

    This is in Admin > Settings > Tickets > Settings > Comments > "Agent comments via email are public by default".

    Hope this helps!

  • Richard Hartley

    Can I just add that this is something we - as brand new users - would love to see added.  We thought it did it...until just now.

  • Alejandro Colon


    Can you share if it has been picked up?

    If it is planned?

    If we definitely won't see it in 2020?

    If we need to supply more use cases?

    If it needs more votes?



    Update 2020-06-10: @...

    I tried to reply to your very nice comment. But, my response is awaiting approval and I am not sure it is going to make it since I was just served a CoC violation by the Zendesk Community Team. Hopefully, it will make it through to you soon but I am not sure if it will. 

  • Shlomie Feldman

    I've been succefully doing it for a while. Just append either in the subject line or in the body the ticket encoded_id with the square brackets (like this: [ABC1DE-2F3G4]) and it will automatically be linked to the ticket.

    You can also add to the top of the email body #note to have the forwarded email be added as a private note.

  • Mark Szemple

    I contacted support to see if this feature is available yet and they directed me to this post to upvote and comment as for a use case.

    I see that this post was started in 2015 (8 years ago) and there are comments that development is working on it and would be released in a future update.

    I'm new to Zendesk coming from Goto Assist Service Desk which I have been using since 2010 and they have that feature.

    As for the use case, there are many times that a ticket is created and instead of the customer or others on the ticket replying to the ticket, they send another email.  I want the information from that email to be added to the ticket as it might be critical for a solution.

    With GotoAssist Service Desk, all I had to do was forward the ticket to my own company specific email address with the Ticket Number in the subject and the ticket would get updated.

    I work for a software company and this should be a relatively simple solution to do.  Do know why its taking 8 years and still no solution since so many people have asked for this.

  • Stephanie Bryne

    I would like this ability too. I think there is a way to do it but it gets tricky. I've seen emails get attached to the wrong ticket vs. creating new ones. This is because in the subject line of the email being forwarded in there is "#1234". 


    Zendesk - Can we utilize this when trying to forward an email to an existing ticket?

  • William Vasilakos

    I as well, am looking for a way to use this functionality for our ticketing in zendesk also.


    Hey Dev's, got an ETA?

  • Per Karseland

    +1. Zendesk - please prioritze this request. It is a must have for us! When can we expect a solution?

  • David Bernheim

    We too would find this very useful. At present all we can do is copy the text of the email received, add this to a new comment on the existing ticket and prefix lines with "> ". Though this does the minimum required of adding the note to the ticket, it is time-consuming, error-prone and looks amateur to the customer.

    I know Zendesk must have many competing enhancement requests, but this is one which would benefit many people and surely must be easy.

  • Scott Lumme

    I want this ability too.  We use to use Fogbugz and we would just put the ticket ID number in the subject line.  It would go directly to the ticket.  I've tested with zendesk using the modified email address support+id{ticket.id}@domain.zendesk.com and have had mixed results.  It worked once but on newly created ticket it wouldn't work.  Plus it's more of pain and less user friendly to have to modify the email.  

    Something like 

    Subject: FWD: blah blah  #4442


    Then zendesk would see # and read number after it, then forward it to the existing ticket.  Then this feature could be enabled or disabled in the administrator settings if they didn't like it.

  • Tony Lenox

    My organization has a need for this capability as well.  In fact, the lack of this is causing more problems for us than the suggested danger of 'cross talk' that may occur (other community thread; re danger of subject line with numbers causing link to wrong ticket).  I echo the comments made by others in this thread and other/related Zendesk community threads where users have requested the need for this capability.  Other systems allow this, and rather easily avoid the 'cross talk' problem the Zendesk has pointed out.

    To those of us who have used (several) other ticketing systems which successfully accommodate this functionality, this feels a lot like Zendesk telling their user community that they know what we need better than we do...   c'mon guys.

  • Nigel

    Chiming back in here, I think all that is really needed is for each ticket to have a dedicated email address (which it already does) and if an agent (who has access to that ticket) forwards an email then it gets included as a normal forward. This approach would work for any email client and/or device and "shouldn't" be to hard as 95% of the work is already working in Zendesk.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Doesn't the above tip help you out at all? I realize it would be better if it was built in but this is not a bad way for us 


  • Deirdre Beach

    We are able to make this "fix" work, but the fact that the email being forwarded is held in "suspended" tickets until myself or one of my team leaders moves it forward limits it's usefulness. The agent is normally forwarding the email so that they can respond to the end-user via the zendesk ticket. They can't forward the email, wait until someone checks and forwards Suspended tickets, then respond.

  • Eric Thirolle

    +1 for this feature.

    Seems like a big oversight that this is not already a feature of ZD, and that this thread as been open for two years asking for this (apparently simple) enhancement.




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