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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks, everyone for engaging on this post and providing feedback. Unfortunately, we are unable to prioritize this project at this point. We started doing some discovery last year to understand the problem statement and opportunities here and put some ideas on paper, but we do not have the resources to work on this at the moment.

    However, this is definitely on our radar and we hope to prioritize this in the future. Since we do not have an ETA and are not actively working on this project, we'll be closing this post for comments.

    We understand the frustration with not getting a feature being requested for so long, but please be patient as we actively work on resolving a few higher priority bugs and work on improving the performance of Agent Workspace and the UI experience overall. Thanks again and apologies for not bringing better news.

  • Patrick Breitenbach

    Unbelievable that Zendesk doesn't have browser/desktop notifications.

  • Castillo


    Desktop notifications is definitely helpful to us. For my case, email notifications is turned off for my agents to prevent flooding of email inbox and agents are often working on different screen and pages, there is a possibility that agents may miss out or late reply to the customers and this will increase our first reply time.

    Besides, every time an agents want to check the updates of tickets, he/she has to go to "Recently updated tickets", refresh and click to check the updated content of tickets. This is time consuming especially for tickets assigned to a group, agents have to click into the tickets to check the updated content. The desktop notification would help the agents to work more efficiently.

    For the design of the notification, a notification box can be pop out and last for say like 5 seconds when there's are new updated on old tickets, new tickets assigned to you/your group or you are mentioned in a tickets( sometimes we use @agent name to communicate through internal reply). The notification box can display the tickets id, requester name and excerpt of the content etc.

    When the agents click the notification box, it can direct him/her to the tickets. For scenario that the agents are off her desk( did not click the notification box within the 5 second) or there are accumulated notifications, the notification box can last for longer time to remind the agents for those unread notifications by displaying a few text like" You have 4 unread updates".

    Hope the above can be considered and looking forward to the desktop notification!!

  • Steve Klein

    1,611: Days since Julian Gomez started this thread

    51: Number of comments since then

    64: Number of upvotes received

    0: Action taken by zendesk.

    (With apologies to Harper's Index)

  • Aaron Schweitzer

    +1  This needs to be built-in to Zendesk.

  • Elizabeth Christensen

    We just started using Zendesk for our customer success organizations, which we are moving over from email. This feature (either an email notification OR a browser push notification) is the #1 most requested item across the 150 potential users. How can we get this prioritized?

  • Florian Lanz

    I agree wit Julian. I want it as a build in feature, too.



  • Gareth Bristow

    +1. Emails aren't a great solution and having to use another service like Slack isn't ideal.

  • Vincent


    I agree with all of the above.

    Having a pop-up notification when a new ticket is assigned to you or your group sounds to me as a very basic feature!

  • Aaron Schweitzer


    The use cases are pretty clear in this thread.   Organizations which have high volumes of tickets or email need a visual and/or auditory notification to allow them to identify relevant new tickets in the midst of a torrent of emails.  It's about easy of use in separating what's important from the noise of day to day work.

    Teams are often stretched and must balance multiple priorities within and outside of Zendesk.   Push notifications are a global UX trend in many businesses, websites and SaaS platforms for good reason. 

    Ideally, I would like to see some control over which notifications are pushed by group/agent/org..etc... perhaps with trigger rules.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    We’d love configurable popups to notify us. I say configurable because agents have different preferences. Some want to be notified only for a ticket was assigned to them. Some want to be notified if a ticket is assigned to their group - with the name of the group (we are usually part of several groups). Some want to be notified if a certain tag exists like “VIP” or “outage”
    The option to mute or unsubscribe would be awesome. As would being able to select sounds.
    Hope this helps!

  • Scott Molluso

    I agree with everyone above. As a product manager, its unimaginable that you don't have real time push notifications on your browser interface. Let alone it took you almost a year to read these requests and respond to them. At the very least by now your team could have implemented functionality that would automatically refresh the data/tickets every 10 or 30 seconds. The fact that I have to manually push the refresh button on your browser is insane. So inefficient. Please get your team to make these modifications, they aren't very challenging. 

    And something else that i feel should be implementing, would some kind of dynamic functionality in your Slack Messages, such as the ability for a ticket to be assigned and completed by a user directly in the Slack message.

    Frontapp (one of your competitors) has already implemented both of these features. However, we will stick it out with ZenDesk because it is geared towards ticket requests and fulfillment which is what we are using it for. Thank you. 

  • Julian Gomez

    Dear ZenDesk, 

    I posted the original feature request over 4 years ago! And although I'm a very happy ZenDesk customer overall...I must say that I'm quite disappointed in the lack of attention and follow through that has been given to this thread/request. 

    It seems to be a popular request based on the amount of comments accumulated since posting. And per Matt's recent comment..."+1 to the sea of comments", you can see that it is not a one off request. 

    Some feedback or update would be greatly appreciated. 




  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    We use slack for select tickets but it's not the same as a small popup...


  • Matteo Dell'Aquila

    I think it is a necessary improvement if you want to allow the agent to work on something else too. Push notifications would be great!

  • David Raboy

    +1.  desktop notification was almost the first question from my users. 

  • Theresa Ilijevich

    +1 desktop notifications for agents when a new ticket is created.  Trigger email is flooding inbox and not necessary since the team is working directly in the Support dashboard.  Help! 

  • Melissa Greene

    I would absolutely love to see this feature enabled, too. We have a small team that is responsible for acknowledging tickets when they come in. Right now, they are constantly checking the queues in between activities, but it would be even better for efficiency if they could be notified with a pop-up notification (similar to chat) directly from their screen. That way, they are aware when a new ticket is created without needing to rely on their inboxes (since we receive so many emails already) and won't need to navigate away from the ticket they are currently working on just to check the queue.

  • Matt Harding

    Adding another +1 to the sea of comments:


    This feature is very important for our startup.  We would love to have desktop notifications from Zendesk.

  • Mahany Ortiz

    Desktop notifications directly from Zendesk are desperately needed. Thank you.

  • Stijn van Esveld

    @..., with all due respect, this was originally raised in January 2015. I don't think that "but they haven't been able to put it ahead of other items on the priority list." cuts it anymore. What is needed to get this on the priority list of your teams?

  • michi knop

    I need this also... I cannot find it anymore :-(

  • Rohit Babbar


    I also want this to be created asap since it will definitely a super option for all of us to reply the customer tickets on a real time basis.


    Kindly create the functionality on priority.



  • Eitan Blumin

    I agree with all that was said above.

    I must disagree with Nicole, though, about sharing this feedback in a "Slack-related thread" because this feature request is NOT Slack related, as I see it.

    Partly, the point of this feature request is so that we WON'T need to use Slack for notifications.

    Like already been said above: It should be easy enough to implement.

    Simply refresh the currently open view every 10-30 seconds or so, and when something changes, create a browser notification.

    This has been an open issue since as far back as 2013 at least.

  • Ronald Devine

    +1 Desktop notifications is a must for Zendesk.

    We really need this function built in to Zendesk and this is not for a 3rd party to do like Slack.

    I agree with everyone above and for the same use cases.


  • Jan Stoltzenberg

    An app could be great, but for security and policy reasons we can install and use only those made my Zendesk themselves.

    An alternative I have used, is to be logged in to the mobile version. The mobile app then makes alert sounds on received new tickets/updates.

  • Артем Глузд

    +1 for this feature

  • Cloudbooking

    We have been using Zendesk for 3 months and i've been searching on how to activate this, to find out that it is not available as standard and that its still not developed after 6 years of requests is baffling. What other priorities have Zendesk had that have super-seeded such a basic function of a servicedesk system. The email notification is not a suitable alternative.. we are already spammed with updates, new notifications will get lost.. Please Zendesk. An update on when not if, this will be available.

  • Caleb

    +1 Desktop notifications is a must for Zendesk.

  • Sharlene

    Really need a simple solution for sound notifications. 


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