Agents should be able to submit CSAT surveys too

Not planned


  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Hi, Lenka.  Thanks for sharing. 

    Is it free?  I appreciated Zendesk having an integrated solution.  I did not want to bring in a 3rd party app, if I could help it, but... 

    I honestly do not understand how this is not a straightforward programming request.  We use Zendesk for INTERNAL ONLY incident and request management for Finance, IT, and Records Processing.  So, in a small organization of 83 people, we have 22 agents.  Agents are customers many of the time, as well.  

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Zendesk!!

  • Lenka Brozmanova

    Hello Elizabeth, it is not free. I totally understand your point of view, and I also understand it would be better for you to have this as an integrated solution within Zendesk. If you decide to give a third-party app a try feel free to reach out to us at Nicereply anytime in the future. 

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hey Zendesk it's been 8 years now since this request has been posted but it looks like this is not being heard or reviewed at all. 

  • JP Gutierrez

    +1 to everyone's comment. We work in IT, and support both external end-users and our internal agents. Would love to get feedback for both.

  • Richard Bailey

    Just updating the thread with some new details. The need for feedback from some departments became so great we have had to deploy a separate survey program just so we can pull results from both agents and non agents. Would appreciate any updates if this is now on the roadmap for 2023? 

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Disappoints me that this is still showing as [Not Planned].  I honestly don't get it!

  • John Evans

    I reached out to a major competitor to get a reference. Not only were they more cost-effective overall, but they also allowed agents to provide feedback on fellow agents. So, I passed the rest of our "ZD Struggles" list over and was shocked at how good their offering was. I feel like I am on a sinking ship all of a sudden. Surprises me how many times ZD says we are listening but doesn't act.


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