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    Dave Dyson

    Hi everyone, 

    So, there is a way to see all the tags you've used in Zendesk tickets, and then to remove ones you don't want, with the caveat that you can not remove tags from Closed tickets, because Closed tickets can't be modified in any way. Another caveat is that tags are used to connect tickets to the values of dropdown fields and (optionally) checkbox fields, so make sure you don't delete any tags that are going to mess those fields up.

    You'll use Explore to create a list of the tags, and then use an Automation to remove tags you don't want from non-Closed tickets:

    Build a report using Explore:

    1. In Explore, create a new Query using the Support (Tickets) dataset.
    2. Under Metrics, click Add > and select Tickets > Tickets.
    3. Next to Filters, click Add >, select Ticket > Ticket status, and exclude Closed tickets. (You can't change those tickets anyway, so there's no reason to clutter up your query results.)
    4. Under Rows, click Add > and select Ticket > Ticket tags.
    5. Go to Visualization type in the list of icons on the right side of your Explore query editor, and select Table.
    6. Give your query a name (where it says New query), and click Save so you don't have to remember how to build this query again next time.

    This should give you a table with two columns: a list of tags, and the number of tickets each tag was used in (for the tickets you haven't filtered out). I recommend exporting this (click the down-arrow by the Save button and select Export) to CSV, and import that file into your favorite spreadsheet program. Then you can flag the misspelled tags or whichever other tags you want to remove. Make a comma-separated list of the tags you want to remove.

    Then, you'll want to build an Automation to remove the tags:

    1. In Support, go to the admin settings and click Business Rules > Automations.
    2. Click Add Automation, and give your new automation a name, like "Remove old tags". (Best practices tip: you may want to add your name and the date to your automation name, in case someone else finds this automation later and wonders what it was for.)
    3. Under Conditions, select Ticket:Status less than Closed.
    4. Under Conditions, select Ticket:Tags contains at least one of the following, and paste your list of tags into the text field provided.
    5. Under Actions, select Ticket: Remove tags, and paste your list of tags into the text field provided here as well.
    6. Click Save.

    The tags fields in the automations editor will accept a large amount of text, but it's not unlimited. If you find it's telling your you've entered too much text, then split your list of tags into two or more chunks, and create an automation as I've specified above for each chunk of tags.

    The next time your automations run (roughly hourly), it will start removing the tags from tickets. If you have tens of thousands or more tickets that will be affected by this, the automation may not complete in the first hour – if that's the case, it will continue to run each hour and process more tickets until the task is complete. In fact, the automation will continue to run each hour, trying to find tickets with these tags and removing them, as long is you keep the automation active. But you can re-run the Explore query you created above and that should should that the tags you've selected should be removed, and then once those tags are gone, you can deactivate the automation by going back to Business Rules > Automations, clicking the checkbox next to your tag-removing automation(s), and clicking the Deactivate button that appears.

    I realize this isn't an easy one-stop "Remove Tags" shop, but hopefully it will give you what you need for now at least.

  • Michael DeMaria

    In admin console, go to Manage > People then select "tags" under the search bar.  This shows all tags ever used.  For me I have over 900 that I need to remove... bulk delete would be very helpful.

  • TicketMaestro

    We really need a way to replace tags from closed tickets, since deleting them is not an option. We are left with several typos and incorrectly named tags forever and they are a source of confusion for our agents.

    A suggested workaround: add the ability to remove tags from showing in the suggested list of tags.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    I've raised your feedback with the product team. They said they're interested in the idea and think it's a good one. They can't commit to implementing it just yet; it will have to be evaluated against the other features being considered for the next few sprints, but know that it is at a minimum being looked into. 

  • Renee Morgan

    We need the ability to delete tags.  We have erroneous tags that are preventing needed functionality  

  • Rick Crane

    This is exactly what I need. We can see them but just like you said, we need bulk.

    Placing them into a search bar like when you search for tags in the "views" .

    Then having a delete button.

    Would save a lot of hassle for my team. 

  • Nadav Ofir


    Since it's impossible to remove tags from Closed tickets we're stuck with false tags forever (or until Zendesk will support removing these tags from the system / removing tags from closed conversations)

  • TicketMaestro

    If not able to implement a way to erase tags, at least add a way to prevent tags from showing in the auto-fill option for the ticket field, like a blacklist.

  • Tim

    Not necessarily interested in erasing tags permanently -- the historical data is important, of course. But would love to be able to clear out-of-date / irrelevant tags from the tag menu. We use a lot of tags with similar prefixes. Having the ability to clear old bug tags, for example, so they aren't mistakenly selected again, would be very useful. 

  • Mistyamber Reynolds

    Not having the ability to remove Tags is causing us to have bad data and greatly impacting reporting.  Old tags we no longer use, typo tags, and tags that Zendesk has created without our knowledge are impacting the accuracy of our reports.  We are unable to paint an accurate picture to our company.

    It is also VERY challenging to run any report on tags.  I have to keep a list of tags we use in excel so I can manually select the ones I want to show up in Explore reporting so I don't get a bunch of garbage data.  Please add this function ASAP.

  • Ryan Winkler
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Another solution to erasing tags with ease is to use an automation. To do so , go to

    ADMIN>>> Business Rules >>>Automations. See below for an example:

    Otherwise you could search for tickets by specific, and manually delete them.

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a way to delete tags because there were used X amount of times, or anything similar, but this may be a suitable option for some.

    If you want to take the API route, You can pull a list of what tags have been used, descending by popularity, then delete them as well, by name. Definitely worth a look. Check it out HERE. 

    You may also want to check out the app from our Zendesk labs, Tag locker. It may help with preventing typo's in the future, and lock your tags to a present amount, based on user roles.

    Hope that helps! I'll update this if I find any other workarounds, for the time being.

  • Marrit

    Hello Zendesk,

    Is this option considered to be implemented?

    We use tags also for current issues, but if the issue is resolved, I wish to delete it from the menu that shows up when I'm starting to write tags to attach them to a ticket.

    It should be possible to manage tags more efficiently, to avoid a jungle of tags which are not used anymore.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sunee Lewitzky

    I would like to vote on this request to be able to delete tags not used from showing as an option in the drop down when typing into the field. This is extremely confusing for agents in training, for instance, if the admin created a tag such as bump_1 and decided that the tag bump1 would be better (faster to type). New agents in training to use Zendesk and our processes get stuck and can't remember which one they are supposed to use. It would be great to offer admins a bit more room for error and the ability to remove old tags, unused tags from even showing as an option when agents begin typing a tag in the tag field. This is very basic logic and is available with other less advanced/robust CRM's that I've used in the past, such as A leader in CRM software such as Zendesk should be able to offer this as an option. Especially when their customers have been loudly requesting this feature for going on 5 years.  (This thread alone is over 4 years old and still no change and I confirmed with a Zendesk agent today that this is not in their product roadmap).

  • Matt Gill

    We'd like to delete old tags that aren't in use any longer too

  • Ricky Crane

    I made this post in 2014 and they have said the same thing for years. It's 2018 guys!

    Come on, get with the program!

    I cannot believe I am still receiving updates from this thread and nothing has been done.


    This is why we left your services behind as you do not listen to your user base for the things we want/need. 

  • Heike Larson

    Being able to delete an accidentally generated tag--wrong because of a typo--is an absolute must-have feature. It is very disappointing that I had to learn today from a support email exchange that this still isn't possible!!!

    This has severe implications for our ability to rely on ZenDesk to support our customers. We use tags to trigger for example following up with customers during our membership renewal cycle. We accidentally created a tag that is similar to the right tag; the only difference is that it has a - instead of a _ in the tag name. If someone accidentally uses the wrong tag, that customer's ticket won't resurface at the time we promised the customer a call-back, meaning we look as though we had broken a promise, and meaning that we may miss an opportunity to serve our customers. [I know, I know: we can do a work-around, and create a second trigger that has the wrong tag--but, really, that shouldn't be something we need to do. Just let us delete the tag!!!]

    That something as simple as deleting an unused, accidental tag isn't possible, after 3 years of customers requesting this feature, is seriously disappointing. You can do better than that, ZenDesk!

  • Devon Nobrega

    I would also like to have the ability to delete or blacklist certain tags.  We have a few typos in our suggested tags and have no way to manually remove them ourselves.  

    @Nicole, thank you for the workaround.  I'll spread the word to my team to avoid the typos so that they eventually erase after two months.

  • Cristina Navarro

    We have seen that you can erase tags, but just the most used ones, and it's not able to select a tag that maybe, has been only used just a few times, and erase it. You know how be can solve that?

  • Richard Colwill

    Bizarrely as I have been hunting this function down, I haven't found any mention of the really well hidden "Remove tag XXX from all topics and open tickets." option in any Zendesk articles

    so here it is

    If you go to the tag cloud and then click through to the listed tickets and scroll to the bottom of the page... nestling in an almost dead part of the screen where the eye isn't going to see it is...Ta-dah!


    OK so it's not what we are asking for here as it's only dealing with "Open" tickets (and I'm therefore assuming that infers it's not dealing with anything that is "on Hold" or "Pending" as it's not "NOT Closed"!)

    But it's at least a start to begin filtering out some of the longterm abuses from the AutoTagging feature.

    Quite why any UX designer has felt the need to obfuscate this option to such a large degree.....

  • Chope Group


    I would like to bump up on Sunee Lewitzky and Perla's request. Any updates on this? It would really good if I can delete tags and only display tags for a particular user/group.

  • Sunee Lewitzky

    Nicole, while I too, would love to see the ability to erase tags, I praise you for your well poised "prioritizing" response above and am totally stealing it to use with some of our own customers. Very well said and really good points on prioritizing customer product feature asks.

  • Conor Murphy

    There is one use case where I think this completely breaks significant features for you. (Or at least that's what your documentation says.)

    Turning on automatic tagging means that "Zendesk Support scans new incoming ticket descriptions looking for words longer than two characters and then compares those words to tags that have already been used". This indicates it includes tags on closed tickets. 

    If, like us, someone accidentally years ago added "and" and many other useless words to tagging they now completely clutter everything, stop things being tagged correctly, and is now impossible to delete or clean up. This makes the analysis of tags pretty redundant.

    Am I wrong here or is this feature now broken because we can't delete old tags on closed tickets.

  • Emily Harris

    I would also up vote this feature. We do a lot of reporting based on tags and have had it skewed by typos. Really frustrating.

  • Emily Harris

    Is that ^^ true? It doesn't appear to working like that for me, and if it is, that means I've got a management problem because agents are using non-approved tags. I still have old misspelled tags being suggested.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    @Heike - longevity is not a data point we use to prioritize features. Just because it was asked for a long time ago doesn't make it the most important on our list of things to build. We receive hundreds of requests every week but can only prioritize a few every quarter, which means there are a lot of things that are good ideas that we just haven't been able to get to. I know that's frustrating to hear, but it's the reality of a rapidly expanding product set. 

    The product team has read this request and it's simply remained lower priority than other things on the list, but they're still open to doing it at some point if and when we have the bandwidth to do it. 

    @Tim and Emily, it actually doesn't have to do with closed tickets, but rather if a tag hasn't been used in 60 days, it will get dropped from your Zendesk Support account's indexing. You can read more about this here: why aren't my tags auto-filling anymore?

    This is actually a workaround for everyone here - if you have a tag you don't want used any more, be proactive about telling your teams not to use it and it'll erase itself after 2 months. Not quite as easy/direct as being able to manually remove undesired tags, but it is at least a way to get them to go away until a time when the product team can pick this up. 

  • System

    +1 for requesting this feature. Only a month into the product and typo tags are killing me :(

  • Al Hopper

    I just started looking at our tags (new role) and found we have 600+ with the vast majority of them being typo-type tags or personal tags that shouldn't have been created but are now being brought forward. As an example I have many that were used 1x in the last 30 days by 1 agent because they created a macro we didn't know about. Anytime I want to share a tag report for a period I spend more time filtering out those virtually unused tags than nearly any other part of the report generating process. 

    Another example is when using tags to track a sale or event. I'm currently QC'ing the tags daily just to make sure I can delete the misused tags before the ticket closes and gets stuck in the report.

    Being able to delete the older tags in general would be great, but just as important is the ability to delete tags after a ticket has closed.

  • Ilaria

    Upvoting this, as me and my team also have a bunch of typos or tags that we want to get rid of because it's nearly impossible to create reports that only reflect recent tickets. We want to be able to delete also old tags that we don't use anymore.

  • Al Hopper

    Thanks Graeme. We limited the ability to create new ones to certain profile levels so that should help a little, as did using macros to set/add tags for the agents.

    Let's get a delete function going! ;)

  • Jon Rothman

    Feels like this is going nowhere - but I think it's crazy ya'll haven't implemented this yet. 


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