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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! My team is responsible for the agents home page and we're currently re-thinking this experience at the moment.

    We don't have a timeline to share right now but we are actively reviewing your comments and use-cases on this thread.

    We understand the need to be able to customize the dashboard:  add your preferred column fields in the dashboard view, hide or minimize the view, remove certain fields from the dashboard and more.

    We are listening and will make sure to include your use cases when we start making progress on this. Thanks!

  • Ben Lucier

    Maxime: I'm sort of disappointed by your update. :) For us, this isn't really one of those 'nice to haves' where it's ok to be a bit wishy washy, and ask for people to 'vote up' a 'feature'.

    With the launch of the new interface, Zendesk has effectively told my staff to "Start Here"... and it's a place where I don't want them to be. (our primary views have different information displayed and are sorted by latest update, not oldest ticket).

    Have you considered letting us tell Zendesk what the default view should be. It's disappointing the way this is setup because I'm *constantly* asking my reps to ignore that View/Queue/Whatever and use the primary View we have setup for them instead.

    I'm a big fan of Zendesk, and I haven't said anything because I expected this to be 'fixed' by now. Please help.

  • Remco de Waard

    After reading Darla's message I have to stand up for Zendesk. Because I work at a software company also, I know what it is like to promise, inform, develop and deliver.

    When a certain feature is not present in the product, it doesn't mean that the complete product sucks. For instance, when a light in my car is broken it disturbs me at first. But after a couple of days I don't even see it any more. The most important thing is that the engine keeps on running.

    If somebody from Zendesk is kind enough to answer one of the questions in this thread, do not use his answer as a weapon against him. If he says that Zendesk is developing the requested feature, than this answer is a service to inform you. If you keep using these answers to fight Zendesk, then eventually Zendesk will stop offering this service. Because everything they say to keep the customers happy will come back as a boomerang in their faces.

    If you are in need of a certain feature, you can either develop it yourself as an app, or you can ask Zendesk to change anything in their product. If you choose for the last option, it means that sometimes you have to wait.

    And yes, that waiting sucks for the first few days, weeks or months.. But hey, as long as the engine keeps on running, right?

  • Owen Pragel


    Original Post Date: December 09, 2012 21:07


  • Dex Randall

    I agree. The dashboard show open tickets, but not whether the 'Updater' was agent/end user. This info is critical for me, as I use it to spot which tickets need attention. Currently the dashboard is useless to me and I always have to pick the 'All Unsolved Tickets' or 'My Unsolved Tickets' view, to which I have added the 'Updater' column. 


    I would welcome the chance to edit the dashboard 'view' even if only to change the columns.

  • Matt Picio

    +1 to Ben's remarks.  I reported this nearly 9 months ago, and it's been 2 months since we heard "we're thinking about it, but I'll keep this thread updated".  Now that we're actually on the new interface, this lack of customization is becoming a real problem.  At the VERY LEAST, we should be allowed to choose which view is displayed as the "default" screen.  Given the large variation in use cases among Zendesk's user base, including the Enterprise customers, we'd strongly suggest that it's a feature Zendesk should prioritize.

  • Ben Lucier

    I have almost 100 agents using this as their default view, and I'm constantly reinforcing them to ignore that default dashboard view. You guys are killing me over here. 

  • Tommy

    We agree! We are used to the "home" screen (forum area) being completely useless anyhow, so most of us have a bookmark to a view that works for us, but the dashboard feels like it should at least have a view that the admin can edit. or point to (select) a default view at least.

  • Matt Picio

    Is Zendesk looking at all at adding additional customizability to the dashboard?  It's been over 6 months since I originally posted, and we're looking at finally making the transition permanent, but we'd really like to be able to define an initial sort order and other changes.  It's great that Zendesk added the ticket number, but things like column widths still can't be changed.

  • Daniel Hall

    +1 to Ben, Matt and Erica.


    There is a problem when a large chunk of the userbase are totally ignoring the *dashboard* simply because they can't configure it.


    Any customization of this "home" screen, any at all, would be gratefully received.

  • Jeffrey Noles

    We have been consistently surprised at how difficult it is for a small company to use Zendesk despite it's claims to be "user friendly" and "intuitive".  For example, a company with 1 or 2 agents who spend 95% of their day doing non-Zendesk tasks just wants to see everything from the "home" view.  We don't have time to noodle around with "views" and look at everything in detail.  For a big company, this makes sense--you want the worker bees only looking at their own home screen.  But it's hard to imagine that small users can't even configure their own home screen--arguably the most important dashboard--when there are dozens of features already in place we'll never even use.

    It's equally surprising that Zendesk isn't listening to a community moderator (see Ben's note above).

  • Bob Novak

    Hi everyone - we do have a development task to make this feature available. I will check on our progress and see if we can get this taken care of soon. Thanks again for your patience.

  • Yoav Brog

    Zendesk team - it was mentioned in this thread on January 2015 that there's a development task for this. Any news?

    My main motivation for using the agent dashboard is having my agents see their relevant tickets along with the feed of changes. This is the winning combination for me. Is there a way to get the feed to show when using other views?


  • Matt Picio


    Many of the commenters on this thread also work at software companies. The rest are business owners and Zendesk admins. Respectfully, I think almost everyone on this thread is aware of the SaaS development lifecycle and resource constraints. I've seen very few comments in this thread saying that the product sucks. Zendesk is an industry leader, and the product is easier to use and has a fuller feature set than nearly every one of its competitors - and that's exactly why we hold them to a higher standard.

    I'm not sure how it's "holding it against them" to point out that the last update from Zendesk on these issues was more than a year ago, or that the underlying issues still remain unresolved after nearly 40 months, despite over 100 public comments asking for more flexibility. It's also fair to say that Zendesk has a history of letting these threads lapse without comment, and a failure to provide follow-up in the community channel.

    The main issues here are:

    1. This is basic functionality. There is no good reason why the default Zendesk view cannot be selectable. Customers shouldn't be forced into the default Zendesk dashboard view. And it's inconsistent - the dashboard view is the only view in Zendesk where the number of columns is fixed, where the columns are not selectable, where the default sort order and filtering cannot be set by the administrator. This is all basic functionality and basic requirements for a support desk - and the classic Zendesk interface supported it. The current interface (Project Lotus) does not, and in many respects was a step backwards since some of the functionality and flexibility inherent in the original platform was never incorporated into the new interface.

    2. This is Zendesk's front door. This is the main screen that everyone sees, and it's the public face of the product every time it's launched. The dashboard should have a larger feature set and MORE functionality than other views, not less. To extend the analogy, Zendesk for the last 3 years has been a fancy house with an pink-painted aluminum storm door in front. All the other doors can be made of wood, or steel, and different colors, but the front door of the house only comes in one color, one material, and you can't control who has the key. Sure, it's a door, it works - but why can all the other doors be configured while the front door cannot?

    I think that 100+ comments prove that this isn't just the griping of a handful of users. Your post appears to dismiss out of hand what are valid and legitimate criticisms of the product which remain to be addressed by the company.

    I strongly urge Zendesk to review how they're implementing the dashboard and whether it's adequately serving their entire user base.

  • Daragh Everett

    Wow another long ask hey.

    I agree with the person who originally suggested a customisable home page... back in Dec 2012.

    Zendesk - "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

    Me - "Still not on the Home Screen lol"

    Looking forward to seeing it customisable.



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    An update for you here, the product team that works on support has let us know that the agent interface is something that they're working on in 2019, and I have flagged this thread as a primary one for those product managers to review. 

    We are deeply aware that communication in the product feedback topics in the community has not always been good. The truth is that using the forums to collect feedback hasn't scaled well as the company and the size of our user base has grown, and the amount of feedback that we receive has significantly outpaced both what we can respond to as well as what we can actually address in our development cycles. 

    We are re-evaluating how we collect, use, and respond to feedback from our customers this year and will be changing this process so that it's a better experience for everyone involved, and doesn't leave community conversations languishing for years. Thank you for your participation in our community, and for your patience with us while we find a better way to process your feedback. 


  • Erica Walker

    I agree as well.  We don't use the 'home' dashboard because we can't configure it.  When training an agent, it's unfortunate that we have to tell him/her to ignore the first screen because it doesn't show us what we need.  The beautiful part of Zendesk is that it is configurable, and it seems so odd for one of the most viewed screens for agents to not be configurable, making it no longer useful nor helpful.

  • Maxime

    Hey guys

    Thanks for all the feedback and excitement around that Feature request!

    We really are listening, as a matter of fact we are now looking at adding a "Dashboard" location in the Zendesk Apps framework. This would mean you could build your own private App or install a public App on the dashboard, meaning that most of the requests i've seen on this thread could be fulfilled through that option.

    I don't have a fixed timeframe just yet, just a lot of cool ideas from talking to some of you, please keep them coming. I'd love to hear about precise use cases, such as what type of information you'd like displayed on the Dashboard that isn't here today, are we talking about a message from an Admin to the agent? Or more granular reporting or satisfaction metrics? or maybe just internal information/news?

    As you know these things take time, and for obvious reasons I'm not in a position to give any dates on this thread. I'll however try to do a better job at keeping you guys posted over the next couple of weeks.


  • Jeffrey Noles

    Hi Maxime, thanks for your recent comment but it's hard not to think you're overshooting the mark.  For small companies--and I've been told by your colleagues that there are thousands of us (although I'm skeptical)--we just want control over the homepage.  We don't need all the fancy features you're discussing.  We just want to customize what we see.  I'm hoping you'll keep in mind smaller companies as you design the features.  Since we don't make as much money for Zendesk as bigger companies I'm not sure what else I can say.

  • Gaëlle Logeay

    @Maxime any update to share? The dashboard is still not very useful for us. It would be much better if we could instead select one of the view. :)

  • Anne Griepenburg

    Yes! I can't use the Dashboard because Pending cases are hidden and that is a large part of support is going through and following up with clients to confirm that issues are actually solved. I'm new to ZenDesk so don't have more feedback yet, but that is a glaring problem and I will recommend that new users not use the Dashboard until Pending tickets are able to be added as it is currently a misleading view.

  • Gareth

    Exposing this view for customisation along with the other views would probably solve most people\'s problems to be honest. Can I add my voice please. At the moment, the dashboard view is a waste of time for us. We need to be able to add / remove fields and change the sort order.

  • Koen

    +1 This is highly needed...

    Since we alrerady have different "views", why not just allow the user to select one of his/her views for the "main page" (you can use your current Dashboard view as default if you like, but please allow us to change it)?

    That would most probably solve this bug / feature request for over 90% of the people, and it looks like you have everything already in place to do it (views work fine).


  • Sjoerd Huisman

    +1  for having the possibility to get your own favorite view at the Dashboard

  • Larry Deckel

    If one can't customize this dashboard - then it would be nice for you to be able to choose a view you create yourself as the default page that opens when you log in and/or click the home button in the interface.  

    If the dashboard doesn't meet our purposes and needs - it would be nice to get it out of the way.  Thanks. 

  • Charlotte

    Being able to set the dashboard to a custom view on a group/user level would be extremely useful. Our dashboard has personally requested this change because it's feeling so neglected so please, do it for the dashboard!

  • Dirk Sanders


    I would like to be able group on organization in Dashboard view, same way this is possible in Views.

  • Owen Pragel

    This request is getting pretty close to its third birthday.

    Even though lacking this feature isn't a dealbreaker, really wish more attention was paid to the dashboard. Zendesk has great metrics, good view customization, and the dashboard is missing both. Would prefer something customizable that you could scope to groups just like views. 

    Searching tickets in Zendesk is massively improved now that the results are more like regular views. Even without other additions that would be a big stride.

    Please, take some development time to improve the dashboard! It's the first thing every agent sees on login, and having it in top form would add instant appeal to the product.

  • Dan Lauer

    +1 Hard to believe there is not, at least, a customizable view for the Dashboard.

  • Graham

    Please address this Zendesk team. As others have stated, a simple win would be to allow us to choose a custom view to display.

    The home page is pretty useless to us currently which is absurd for the first thing every user sees,


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