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    Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Everyone, 

    I am happy to let you know that Custom Ticket Statuses is now GA! Any customer on the Agent Workspace will have access to CTS and can use the feature in their Trial, Production, and Sandbox accounts.

    The Announcement & Documentation can be found here.

    Customers can now create new ticket statuses based on their business needs, use them in SLAs, Omnichannel routing, Automations, Triggers, Views, and report on them in Explore. 

    Post GA, we are focusing on adding more functionality such as deleting custom statuses, modifying status columns in views, and building support workflow specific statuses so processes such as Finance Review, Refund Requests, HR onboarding each can have a sub set of statuses unique to their workflow. All of these features will be delivered in 2023.

    Thank you for your patience and help in building this feature!

    Best Regards,

    Gaurav Parbat

  • thomas osowski

    I'd like to have a few 'place holder' status values that represent the progress of the ticket.  As we will likely integrate w/ a bug tracking system, it would be nice to have a In Progress and Pending Release.  These would react to customer actions by changing to Open as per existing Status.

    Additionally, I'd also like the ability to rename a Status, such as Pending to With Customer.  That said, this isn't a deal-breaker in our eval, but a nice to have.

  • Maykel Rodriguez

    This would be a great feature. Any plan to support this? For example, there are some tickets that don't require an immediate response or they depend of an action that will occur in the future or we just need to follow up with the client after several days to confirm the problem is fixed, having different status values for these situations would help us responding each ticket in an optimal way.

  • Ted Duffy


    Why? What's the argument for denying users the ability to create different 'buckets' to keep track of work in?

  • Kendall Chandler

    Is Zendesk's position still to not allow any customization of the ticket statuses? In particular, the customer-facing statuses?

    We are finding that are customers are frequently asking us for updates on Open tickets because other than adding a comment, there is no way to indicate to them that something is In Progress.

    We very much need an additional customer-facing status that would allow us to differentiate between things that are Open (because of a new updated from the customer) or In Progress (so open, but either in a dev queue or being actively worked on). Internally, we currently use the On-Hold status to indicate this, which is helpful for our own purposes, however to the end user this continues to display as Open so to them there appears to be no difference. 

    It would seem obvious to me that there should be some additional status of this type that can display for the end user. 

    Is there any chance you are developing additional statuses, or the much requested ability to customize statuses?

  • Dario Neugovsen

    I too would love to be able to customize the ticket statuses!

    I don't think I'll need to explain the reason, since there have been posted enough reasons in this (and many other) topic(s) as for why this would be needed, and they fit in seamlessly with why we would like this.

    Please look in to this!

  • Amie Brennan

    @... Are you able to please see if there's any update on when custom status' will be released?

  • Peter Sterkenburg

    I neeeeeed this. For our workflows and for reporting afterwards.

    I want to edit the Status field and add some new ones. Dividing up further. We have several other departments that hook into tickets and I want to make sure not everything just ends up on one big pile.

    To try to work around it I made a new dropdown list of statuses, but as I cannot disable the system one it is useless anyway.

  • Colin Piper

    It appears that I have not commented on this thread regarding the 14 status values I use. It is not too difficult to create your own custom status field however there are some drawbacks. Primarily that only the official status values will be displayed to the customer. Likewise, unless you use Cloudset, the submit button in the agent interface will continue to display the system status values. Cloudset have an app that actually addresses the agent interface item.

    I found that my customers were too confused by 14 possible statuses so mapping these back to the system status fields using triggers actually solved that. the custom status may be something like "Pending Release" but the value displayed to the customer is "Open" or "On Hold". This may not be true for you and your customers however.

    I just told me agents to set the custom field and click on the submit button without changing it and the status will update automatically. They were ok with that. 

    If you would like more details on what I set up then I will be happy to share more. 

  • Linda Larsson

    Zendesk is ITIL based you say, well, then get to work and fix the statuses, because we need them.

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  • Jeff Cary

    +1 for custom statuses!

  • Kendall Chandler

    Our use case is not even that we need custom statuses, only that we need a status that can display to the customer when we are working on something. Right now from the end-user view "On Hold" just displays as "Open" so to the end user there is no differentiation between something that is Open because no one has looked at it yet, or Open because we're working to fix it. There should be at last one status that can convey to the end user that their ticket is in our queues. I custom status would fulfill this, or the addition of a single new status type, or just making the On Hold status actually display to the end user (perhaps optionally so it doesn't break workflows for other Zendesk implementations that don't want it to be used this way).

    It's extremely important to us that we're able to convey to our customers that their issues are being addressed. Right now the only way to do this is through adding updates to the ticket which is more laborious for us to do, and for them to check. 


  • Suresh Kumar

    Hello Erin,

    Is there way we can upgrade and customize our status field. I know custom fields are available, but we would like to have a transparent status with our clients to reduce to confusion. We have at least 10 internal status linked to 4 major group that you have in Zendesk. 

    Please advise.



  • Melissa

    I'd like to create a custom ticket status field called "In Process" which would help agents and managers better sort and identify tickets that have moved from a "Pending" status once the customer responds. Currently these tickets are given an "Open" status, which is cumbersome for agents dealing with a high volume of open tickets. 

    Since ZD doesn't seem inclined to listen to our requests for custom status fields (something supported by the majority of their competitors), can anyone recommend a workaround? 

  • Danial Schaffer

    I think that having some customization to the status' would be beneficial to our workflow. Has their been any plans in the works to add this feature?

  • Jon Corpany

    As has been mentioned by so many on this forum since 2011, additional custom statuses are needed.  I would expect Zendesk to post something on this thread as to the reasoning to not allow this type of customization. Not listening to customers needs is not a good way to run a successful business. I appreciate many of the features Zendesk offers and find it to be a reliable tool but I would appreciate more detail of what causes additional status additions to not be a reasonable and deployable request.

  • ErikPassoja

    Hi ZenDesk,

    It's a great product, and yet users in this thread have been asking for custom ticket statuses since December 21, 2010.  Six years later, we are at the same spot on the road.

    I just joined.  Also have need of custom ticket statuses.  It would be much easier for my team and clients to know exactly where we are with a task if, for example, something were labeled "in progress", or "clarify".

    So.  Pretty please?


  • Emma Wang

    Please I'd need to be able to customize the status values.  For example, I'd need to break "Pending" into "Pending Customer" vs. "Pending Internal".  This is so we'd know for our backlog tickets, how many of them are held up by waiting on customers vs. internal organization.

  • Maggie St.Clair

    We too would appreciate having custom statuses. At least, and very least, please make it so that customers do not see OPEN when we have a ticket ON HOLD. It is so misleading to our customers since it shows as OPEN and they probably assume we are just ignoring it. If nothing else, please fix the ON HOLD status. But really, after 8 years it would be great if you could allow us to determine the statuses and add/remove as needed. We all operate our business differently so a small handful of generic statuses just isn't going to cut it for all of your users.   

  • Len Smith

    I am evaluating a number of Support solutions and most all of them allow an administrator to change the allowable values in a status field.  This particular need has been banging around in this forum since 2010 and it's still not been resolved?  The ability to customize a status field isn't some esoteric need that isn't worth your time, it's a very basic and entirely foreseeable requirement.  The same issue exists with the Type field.

    I have been warned that while the ZenDesk may be pretty good, responsiveness of Zendesk to it's customer base is pretty poor.

  • Claire Flanagan

    We could not agree more with Agyeman Danso's request (above). It's extremely frustrating when our customers cannot see the same status we have designated for their ticket. We put "product feedback" tickets "On-Hold" until our product team has an answer or the feature ends up in the product. We need our customers to see the accurate status on their end. (I've run several tests with customers and they see our "on-hold" tickets as "open". If they submit a lot of product feedback tickets they have an extremely difficult time navigated their ticket status. 

    Additionally our customers want to see the "ticket types". If we have "support issue" or "product feedback" as ticket types our customers want to be able to see AND filter their views. It imperative for amazing customer support. 

  • Matt Picio

    Hi Erin,

    The form you linked is no longer accepting submissions.  What is the status of that feature?  Does Zendesk plan to implement it, or were the results of that beta unfavorable?

  • Janet Del Aguila

    Just checking in to see if anything has changed in allowing 'custom' values for the Status field. Has this request been retired? Thanks!


  • Gortemaker Coen

    Currently i'm also facing a process flow dilemma. Let me explain it.

    Currently the status a ticket can have is, open, pending, on-hold, solved, closed.

    Our interpretation is as following

    Open, the customer asks something and an agent need to respond

    Pending, we are waiting for a customer reaction.

    On-hold, it’s at a 3th party at the agents side.

    Solved / closed is self-explanatory.


    The only thing we are missing, maybe because we want to use the system differently than the process flow it was designed to.

    Because we use triggers based on when a ticket is pending a customer will get a email and needs to respond. And after 10 days the ticket will be set to solved.

    But when a customer needs to do something which is planned in 15 days the ticket will be closed or we will have it on “open” which is not something we want.

    So I would like to see something like “in progress” which means it’s planned to be done by the user. The end-user needs to be able to set this status himself.

    And we want to see the difference from the statuses in a glance in the views from the agent.

    The new status field will then look like:

    Open, the customer asks something and an agent need to respond .

    In Progress, a customer has something planned in. This is an action that needs to be done by the end-user, like scheduling work.

    Pending, we are waiting for a customer reaction.

    On-hold, it’s at a 3th party, a programmer or such at the agents side.

    Solved / closed is self-explanatory.


    So for our needs it's really important to have a bit more flexibility in the status field of Zendesk. 

  • Matthew Henry

    +1 on that feature.

  • Jon Corpany

    "Waiting for Client" is needed, not just "Pending" or "On Hold".  Some use statuses differently. At least we should have the option to decide what works best for us.

  • Brenden Prazner

    Custom ticket statuses are a must...

  • Mike Summerfield

    This is a required capability for ConcretePlatform. We use 'Pending' to let customers know we are awaiting information from them and this emails them to remind them. We use 'Open' to indicate that there is an outstanding action on us. We now need a further status to indicate we have shared the ticket with our engineering team on Jira and that it is with them. We run reports on tickets in the Open status and Pending keeps sending emails to the customers even though they don't need to do anything while we await a resolution.

  • Tara Astbury

    Agreed - I'm working with the trial trying to understand how to implement but the lack of customizing status's is making this difficult to match our processes.

    Especially considering we are going to be integrating ZD with Jira, we need to have the ability to track tickets at different durations when it comes to passing back to development vs waiting on customer vs waiting on technical analysts.

  • Sule Erozer

    +1 for this feature.


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