• Dave Dyson

    Hi Jon,

    You'd want to set the "People" permission in your custom agent role to "Read only" – that way, your agents with that role will not be able to add or edit user profiles: Creating custom agent roles

  • Sara Ledger
    Zendesk Luminary

    @... - It sounds like Jonathan is asking for something different which is the same request I'm looking for. We don't want to limit the entire People permission to Read Only. We need to be able to limit specific User Fields to Read Only.

    Use Case: We are syncing data from another system into specific user fields. These user fields should never be changed by an agent since that could affect the sync and affect level of service if the customer is provided wrong information. We need to be able to create read only fields that agents cannot touch while still being able to edit other fields on the user profile they need to do their job.

  • Dave E

    We would like similar ability to set which Role can edit a custom user field.

    This would allow us to only have one team allowed to edit a certain field.
    Or in Sara's above use case you could simply select a Role with no users in it, making that one field read only to all users


  • Administration Account

    +1 to read only user custom fields

  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1, we also need to mark only specific User and Organization fields as "Read-Only".

    I don't want to prevent agents from editing everything in a user profile, but I do need to stop them from editing specific fields which are critical to our routing or synced from other systems; otherwise agents could inadvertently break things.

  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, PM here for roles and permissions. While this is not currently slated in our roadmap, we ARE working on a feature that may cover this in the future. So I can't commit to anything yet, but rest assured that this feature is not forgotten and in our realm of discovery/planning!


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