Feedback on Side Conversations for Slack


  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Overall, I'm really impressed with what I'm seeing so far in my testing.  The one area where I'm a little concerned is when someone continues a thread after marking the side conversation as done.  I wasn't seeing a way to be notified that the conversation had continued easily.  Some of the teams I can see collaborating with using this would likely not know that the conversation had ended.  Would it make sense to call out that the conversation has been closed on the Zendesk side as a thread post in Slack.  This way the person replying knows that no one is monitoring the conversation closely or at all anymore?

  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Dan, good point! One idea we had was to use reactjis on the first message in the thread with something like a ✅ icon to indicate that the thread was considered "done". We could potentially also edit the first message to add a "status" line to it or something like that. Does your team have any sort of convention for indicating that a Slack thread is "done" and no longer requires any further replies?

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I don't know that a reactji is explicit enough to indicate that the next comment in the thread may go to no one.  Since you can't stop someone from replying to the thread, I'd put a system generated message with something like This conversation has been marked complete in Zendesk. A reactji on the thread can be a great secondary indicator that the thread is complete. 

    I see this being used for communicating with internal teams that don't necessarily use Zendesk or care that we do.  I don't want them to have to think about if they should reply or not.  It should be clear that replying may not be a good idea at a certain point.

    I haven't seen much consistency in how Slack threads are used.  Many users don't thread at all, some use reactji to confirm completion, but this seems rare. In the scenario where users don't thread at all, it might be worth specifically calling out that replying to the thread will update the ticket. 

  • Maura Kean

    I would really like to be able to tag slack users via side conversations. It feels inefficient and somewhat defeats the purpose to use side conversations and then have to go back into slack and add the tag of the individual or team you need's attention.

  • Michael Penland

    Agree on @ mention tags for Slack in side conversations.  It technically kind of works if you have a simple call-out name but there isn't an auto populated picker.  For example @penland works in our organization.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    I was just going to create a new thread, but since this exists, I'll just add my $0.02

    Assignee creates a slack side conversation from their ticket using a macro so we can set the right channel and prompt for the right information

    The assignee HAS TO CLICK SUBMIT even through the side convo is started in order for my macro tag to apply and in order for any fields to be set. Yuck! If they don't, reports and views don't work well.

    The assignee has to MANUALLY OPEN the ticket and side convo to see if there are any replies. We want notifications in zendesk that a new comment has been added to a side convo on my ticket.

    In fact, I want to be able to give them views like "tickets with replies on my side convos" but it's a struggle because if the agent switches to Slack and makes comments there (so that they can be alerted on future comments in the string which is the missing feature in zendesk) then any trigger I add will falsely add a tag because zendesk doesn't know their comment in slack is the same user as the assignee.

    So basically we want:

    Custom tags on tickets where side conversations are started without making an Agent click submit since the side convo is started without clicking submit... 

    Notifications when my side convo is updated. In Zendesk. And if I miss the notification because it disappears, give me a place to go see all my notifications and x them out when I'm done reading up on them. This way I don't have to switch from zendesk to slack and back all the time

    A way to @ mention users. I know this is hard, but can we store the Slack user name on the agent profile and zendesk then has a way to connect the two systems/users?

    Views for Slack side conversations, conditions to view just new ones with no replies, or a new comment was added that I haven't replied to

    Thanks for listening!! Toby Sterrett


  • Brian Klein

    We would love if it was possible to change the hyperlink text for slack <> ticket conversations.  Currently the hyperlink in slack is the ticket number, but for our use case it would be more useful if we could have the hyperlink text be the ticket title, or some other field of our choosing.  That way it would be easy for others in the org to see what the ticket is about, without needing to go into Zendesk to look at the ticket itself.


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