Reset Ticket Field Values for Follow-Up Tickets


  • Permanently deleted user

    As a design solution for this, there could be a checkbox within the Custom ticket field menu, such as the one for view/edit rights, identifying a field to either be kept or reset when brought into a follow-up ticket.

    This option could be something available only through a feature flag in the Admin>Tickets menu, or equivalent, so that newbie users wouldn't mess with the setting by mistake.

  • Martin Bornesjö

    Very much needed function. I have so many customers that replies to old tickets that have nothing to do with the original ticket.

  • Jun Qin

    We also have customers creating a follow-up ticket from a P1 (=Urgent, a custom field) ticket. The new ticket is also P1 automatically while it should not be. Is there a way to prevent pulling a specific ticket field from the old ticket when creating a follow-up ticket? 

    PS. I know Zendesk is not pulling the system field Priority. We cannot use the System field as we want to P1/P2/P3/P4 instead of Urgent/High/Normal/Low.

  • Sara Ledger

    Jun Qin - Since you can't blank out follow up tickets, we have a trigger to blank out follow-up tickets. 

    When it meets the below all conditions, we have a Remove Tags action to remove the tags associated with various fields. You could have the Remove Tags action remove your customer priority field tags. I have this setup for our custom priority field on our system (the low, medium, high, urgent tags) and it works great to blank out the fields. 


    This has been a great work around for our needs!

  • Martin Bornesjö

    I have the same solution with triggers. Sadly it doesn't work on TEXT fields so they still stay the same.

  • Marci Abraham

    Yes, having this feature would be a HUGE help to us. We have a lot of custom fields that are plain text, and these follow up tickets are very misleading.

    For example, we support teachers who often provide a list of students who have all have a similar issue. We need that list to be in a plain text format; it cannot be a dropdown. There are several similar fields in the ticket form that are also plain text of necessity.

    When the teacher creates a follow up via email, the new ticket has a whole list of students who do not really need help on this new ticket, as well as several other unrelated text fields. It is extremely confusing. 

    A couple of ideas....

    - A setting to simply NOT bring forward ANY fields in a follow up ticket. This should be per brand or per form.

    - A setting per ticket field as to whether that field should or should not carry forward into a follow up ticket.

  • Larry Click


    I have a numeric field I'd like to zero out on follow-up tickets and there is no way to do so. 


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