Social Messaging - First Reply Time SLA (missing)


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    Dean Kenny

    Hi Unai,


    Thanks for the feedback!


    Can you tell me a bit more about why this is important for you and your team?


    Also, is it more important for your agents to see the SLA badge in tickets or for you as an admin to be able to report on the first reply time in Explore?



  • Unai Roiz

    Hi Dean,

    We need to use this SLA because is the way we use to prioritize our ticket in views. And the "Fist Reply time" is key in our Social Channels like WhatsApp.


  • Dean Kenny

    Thanks, Unai,


    We are planning reporting improvements in Explore, targeting H12021. This will include key metrics like First Reply Time, Comments etc.


    SLAs are on our mind for 2021, but we don't have any concrete timelines right now.


    I will add to this thread as things progress.


    Thanks for your feedback.


  • Mary Jane

    Gracias Dean, por la iniciativa del equipo!

    Con respecto al SAT  (encuestas de satisfacción) para la mensajería WhatsApp, ¿también lo incluirán?

  • barbara


    First reply time and Next reply SLAs are absolutely needed for social messaging channels, because customers' expectation is to get a near real-time response via these channels.

    Any update on when that will be available?

  • jaipal singh

    It's a must thing, how I can know wether my agent replied customer in very first sec. or not. 

    This will increase customer satisfaction. I don't know why zendesk provided this with email but not a will messaging platform as we are very well aware with technology, everything getting shifted to whatsapp and other communication platforms. 

    Please requesting to implement its ASAP. This is a key function for us and reason as well to join zendesk. 

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    SLA work is under discussion we still don't have a concrete timelines on the same, from feature perspective customers can now measure FRT for messaging conversation from explore. 

  • barbara

    Hi Arpan,

    Thank you for your response. Could you please guide me on how to achieve this within explore? When I set up a query using SLA dataset and choose "First reply time (min)", then all the Whatsapp tickets are showing only blanks. Please help. Thanks.

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Barbara, 

    The first response time feature is not GA yet and is currently gated under a flag, you can reach out to us via support and we can enable the fix and guide you on steps for you to build the FRT reports. 

  • Erkin Yaşar

    Dear Arpan Nagdeve,

    Could you please help us for FTR reports especially for WhatsApp. is there a native fix for that?


  • Erkin Yaşar

    Dear Arpan,


    Could you please guide us for the next steps after the fix to build FRT Reports.


    Thank you.


  • Budi Waskita

    Dear Zendesk,

    First reply time in Explore is an important metrics for us, as most of our customers come via Social Messaging channels (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram). We would like to know whether our agents are overloaded. Is there a a way to build this report on Explore?

  • Leanne Britton
    Hi Budi,

    The first response time feature for Social Messaging is not GA yet and is currently gated under a flag. I will create a ticket on your behalf so we can discuss your options if this has not been enabled on your account.

    If the Messaging First Response Time feature has been enabled in your account however, then you should be able to use the First Reply Time metric in the Support: Tickets Dataset to see the FRT of Messaging Channels (such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram DM).

    To specify the Messaging channel you're interested in seeing, select the Messaging Channel(s) from the Ticket Channels attribute or filter. In my example below, I've filtered on the Facebook Messaging channel:

    NOTE: The Messaging FRT enablement will only allow you to see FRT from Messaging channels from the time it was enabled onward and will NOT show historical data.
  • Mariana Bellino

    Hi team! I'm struggeling to calculate FRT for messaging channels in my Explore reports, If I select Whatsapp channel the metric First Reply time shows me blanks, there's any way to build a calculated field to get this information?


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