Change the order of the comments as an agent when viewing a ticket



  • Randall Warning

    My agents are all complaining and it hasn't even been turned on 3 hours yet.  Some are investigating other ticketing systems simply because of this change.

  • Nicolas Jepsen TEST

    How can you be that ignorant to your userbase. We have a whole department hating this. Preventing them in doing their jobs

  • Greg

    I've sent a complaint about it, and have not received any helpful answer - just few form texts saying how great new system is.

    And contacting Zendesk support is a mess - it feels like they are making it more complicated to stop people to contacting them. I hate "You can reach us in your messaging widget if you still need help"

    Looks like it's time to look around at another products

  • Patrick Kennedy

    +1 for this feature

  • Bruce Whittaker

    I have to agree with the consensus here. We have not switched to Agent workspace at this point, and this would be a big roadblock for us. 

    I don't even need to have the ability to sort.... just change back to have the latest comment at the top. It is more important to have better workflow for my team than for me to review older tickets on occasion.  


  • Ken Taylor

    @Bruce you say you have not switched to Agent workspace, how did you accomplish that?  ZD has force-switched us twice now, and I didn't know there was a way to stay in the old workspace?

  • Bruce Whittaker

    I should say we have not been switched yet, it isn't really up to me. My understanding is that it is a bit of a rolling deployment, it just hasn't reached me yet.

  • Patrick Stewart

    Please allow the reverse order of comments. My entire team would LOVE to adopt workspaces but we are dead set against moving unless we can put new comments at the top and old comments at the bottom. Why force us to scroll down every ticket? 

  • Tomer Ben Arye

    Please read the below like the Spartan: (and shout it out loud)
    This is Zendesk!


    My agents and end users are also complaining, as the order is now totally upside down respect to emails.

    When we receive an email, the last comment comes on top, and the last/original comment is at the bottom.

    When submitting an existing thread to Zendesk, then the comments coming from the email threads and from Zendesk are totally messed. Everything is upside down.

    This makes reviewing the last comments totally impractical, when tickets channel is the main ticket channel.

  • Andreas

    Im on Zendesk for Trial, this is really annoying that the old comments is first. One of our Agents just sent out a new parcel after they answered they received it since they did not notice the last comment. I dont understand why this not should be standard to re-sort the comments?

  • John Mooney

    I know speak for the staff of my entire department and I'd like to join the requests that correspondences be viewable and sorted with the oldest comments first.

    It is remarkably inconvenient to have to scroll up to read everything for full context. Please consider making the implementation of this feature a top priority! 

  • Henk Boons

    I justed switched to Workspace, and first was happy to see that nothing changed.

    Then i saw the reverse order when opening a ticket. :-( 

    This is disastrous for the performance of agents on tickets.  Newest entry on top , and the empty textbox for new entry above is the MOST efficient way of reading, its basic UI design.

    now there is a lot of useless information your eyes and brain have to process before getting to the important part of latest entry and entering new info. 

    - must be a system wide setting, to reverse this.





  • Jarad Garlesky

    This is sad that with all the complaints about the comments order and you will do nothing about it

  • Niloufar Lamei

    None of our agents like the new workspace and everyone was unhappy of the automatic switch. Specially, the main complain was about the order of the comments/notes. We all want the older descending order back (newest to oldest).  

    Is there a way to revert back to the old view?  Please advise.

  • Tomer Ben Arye

    Come on... We need to vote by our legs!
    Nothing changed since 2020...

  • Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone, 


    We have updated the official comment for this request, and want to thank everyone for the great feedback! Check out the comment that is pinned to the top of the discussion. 

  • Nick Lamb

    “Being considered for the future roadmap” is a disappointing update to this important item. We’ve already spoken to our rep and will be delaying the deployment of the new interface as long as we can while we wait for this feature. We really want to use the new interface and all that goes with it, but this change would have too much impact to justify it.

    Please listen to the community and figure this out.

  • Stephan Torcy

    We've just been forced into this new agent workspace and we hate it. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have new messages at the bottom needs to take a long hard look at their life. There is a very good reason new emails are sorted in top down order in your mail client which is that it doesn't make any sense to read from the bottom up. Zendesk is basically an email viewer. Why would you do this?

    If someone sends us a long email mid way in a support thread, we have to start searching for the top of their email then read back down. This makes literally no sense whatsoever. Why would you do this?

    Honestly looking at reviewing our support provider if this ridiculous change isn't reversed soon 🤬

  • AntonMi

    But isn't it a global trend? Here is default Gmail view

  • Timothy Beutler

    AntonMi just because it's a trend doesn't mean it's useful. Most of us who don't like this feature are coming from the previous ZD interface, where the newest reply was on top of the thread, saving on unnecessary scrolling. For long threads, scrolling all the way down can be a real PITA.

  • AntonMi


    I'm supportive that we should give agents the most convenient way to work with tickets.

    1. For emails, the top-down is the traditional and most suitable way to work, at least for me.
    2. Chats - the other way around. The latest message is at the bottom. 

    I think UI should be optimized both for real-time and email channels, and you can't have a solution that works both ways perfectly. It should be adaptive. 

  • Seneca Spurling

    By not allowing us to choose the sort order, Zendesk is making it clear that they prioritize/prefer customers whose primary channel to support their customers is chat/real-time, not email.

    Unfortunately for us, email is the right choice for our company's support.

    It's a pretty strange thing that this isn't configurable. Why not let us change it? 

  • Eric Rizzo

    It's very disappointing that the comment order was changed in Agent Workspace without providing an option to choose comment order ascending or descending. Please consider offering this in the future.

  • Paul

    Any updates on this or an ETA when we can sort messages on newest first?

  • Denis Schmidt

    There was an option to change the order of comments before. I wonder why Zendesk decided to remove it in the last update. Our support team need tis option back.

  • Jarad Garlesky

    Please provide us an update when we will be able to choose the order of comments.. you are stopping us from moving to the new platform and the new custom ticket status feature we have been wanting to use for the last year. 

  • Evgeny Plyukhin

    +1 we also need to change order of the comments under the issue description. Please, take it in process.

  • Sari Siekkinen

    Event this is so frustrating to roll down to found out the latest comment. Zendesk, please let us choose whether new comments are on the bottom or first.

  • Kenneth Rønningen

    Please make this work! This was the first question I got after we started using ZenDesk.


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