Add repeat option on Schedule holidays


  • Hi Vu, this is actually a great idea. we just made life a little bit more easy with the current setup of Zendesk with our Holiday App. It lets you import holidays in just a click.

  • Pat

    Would be a good feature in deed. In addition, if you have, like us several brands with different schedules, but the same holidays, it would be highly beneficial to be able to add a holiday once and then simply choose the schedules it applies. 

  • Gerardo

    +1 vote, possible to edit multiple schedule at once with just selecting which schedule to change. Ideal would be to keep it automatically for each year, like for christmas. Maybe an option like repeat. 

    We also have different schedules based on Countries, but I do need to add these every year and manually.

  • Eckhard Doll

    Yes, please implement this, and also having the option to edit multiple schedules at once as Gerardo mentioned.

  • SOREX wireless Solutions

    Can't believe this hasn't been implemented out of the box. This is a BASIC function and a nobrainer. Who wants to enter the same holidays every year?!

  • Martin Bornesjö

    This would be a great function.

    With multiple markets and multiple calendars, it would save me time being able to mark a holiday as yearly or one-time.

  • HAC_RD Admin

    Essential function, please add!

  • HAC_RD Admin

    Waiting for updates on this matter as well, definitely consider it an essential function!

  • I want download options of national holidays set for each country


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