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    Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback on this. We are currently looking to add some additional safeguards to prevent accidental ticket merges, and we will let you know when we have more information on an estimated release timeframe. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, we do understand the stress this situation can cause. I will post updates to this thread once we are closer to an EAP. 

  • Julie Horton

    Yes please; this feature is important to us. Mistakes happen!

  • Blake Wilson

    Created a support account just to upvote. 


    the fact that you cant unmerge is ridiculous.

    and the 'help' from the community managers on that thread is laughable. 


    mistakes happen, and it can cause massive security issues if you cannt verify that only the correct people have access to the ticket. tickets can hold a lot of information that shouldnt be shared like passwords or address's/. 

  • anon anon

    Hi Zendesk,

    At the very least, can you change the UI for merging tickets to reduce errors?  For example, currently when you Merge a ticket compared to when you Link a ticket, requires almost the exact same steps but in the reverse order ie: you Merge the ticket by copying the master ticket number and applying it to the slave ticket VS copying the slave ticket and applying it to the Master ticket. 

    Make a step by step process with a preview and confirmation to reduce merging errors. Change the language to make the process flawless. Give us options to skip or automate those steps for those you don't care about merging errors. 

  • Customer Support

    Dear Zendesk team!

    Roos Jager created this feature request around 4 months ago, and still nothing... Moreover, I can see this feature was mentioned around 2 years ago here, wow it's been a while... and it is surprising to realize after reading all that thread that you still haven't implemented it though there are a lot of requests. 

    Should we create a petition and gather 20000 signatures under this feature request to receive a proper reply? Please update us when exactly are you are planning to start implementing this? It is an important undo feature, and I am really shocked you haven't implemented it yet... 

    I hope to see any action here soon. 

  • Angelique Hart

    I have to chime in on this.  I understand if modifying the code to "unmerge" is too daunting but to have this issue out there for years now with no proposed compromise solution is kind of ridiculous.  My co-worker and I had this issue just today which led us to this post.  ZenDesk please pay attention to our requests here - this is a valid issue that needs a proper fix even if it can't be as simple as just unmerging.  

  • Anthony-Jon LeSage

    A feature request from months ago, related to a complaint thread from years ago, still unaddressed.  Very disappointing.  This is a simple fix that should have been taken care of a while ago.  I find it pretty ridiculous that a support platform of your size has no recourse to fix such a simple error as merging two tickets accidentally.  


    Please at least respond to this request.

  • Julie Horton

    Three years after the thread began on this topic is quite a long time for a popular request. Is there a valid reason against?

  • Itamar Moshayov

    How many people do you require to pay attention to this feature request? I even spent the time to create this. @... @... @...

  • Julie Horton

    LOLOL! The BEST! Bahaha

  • Alyssa Ortega

    This feature is more than overdue 

  • Melissa Lucore

    We also recently had an issue where a ticket was incorrectly merged. The end users kept replying to the original email so all of the information they sent was visible by the merged ticket's end user. This is a huge security issue. I second a previous comment that asks for a confirmation prompt at the very least, if un-merging isn't feasible.


  • Itamar Moshayov

    Hi @..., you are correct but apparently so many people asking the same thing is not a priority in Zendesk, even after submitting the product request for it.

    I think I switched 2 jobs from since it started.. Very unfortunate

  • Melissa Rush

    When will the ability to unmerge be available? This is a big issue in some cases and this tool requires a ton of manual input, the merging of 2 names can cause customer confidentiality issues. This should be a priority fix. I see comments from years ago and still not solution zendesk? 

  • Eckhard Doll

    The silence is deafening indeed! The GDPR is important to any company and accidentally merging tickets can cause all kinds of issues and legal implications.

  • Brettany Rhodes

    Please add the ability to unmerge tickets.

  • Jasmine

    The people have spoken: We need to be able to unmerge!

    ZD, your competitors have sophisticated features that this platform needs to address in order to stay relevant. Those competitors allow streamlining tickets from various channels (chat, email, phone call) into user-based filtering AND you can undo your booboo if you merge a new user's phone call into an existing user's chat session.

    Zendesk and its concept & culture were enchanting when I first used it in 2014. But in 2021, it's time to step it up and adopt ESSENTIAL modern features implemented on other platforms. Don't take advantage of brand loyalty simply because you're already bringing in the money. 

  • Drew Martinez
    Zendesk Luminary

    This is super necessary important since it's such a big security issue. We have a large customer support team and need to be able to unmerge tickets that have been merged by mistake. It's a nightmare trying to resolve issues at once. It also makes the ability to automatically close duplicates a waste since I wouldn't want to merge tickets without being able to unmerge if they incorrectly auto merged.

    ZenDesk, please start listening to your community. We're telling you what we need.

  • MeisterLabs Support

    My team member just merged two tickets, one of them containing log files for the past 6 months, by accident. WE NEED UNMERGE TO WORK! 

  • Karla

    Hello Zendesk team,

    It seems like there are many of us asking for this feature to be implemented. It would be extremely helpful to have this option. I see there are comments from recent months and last year. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take some action on this matter as soon as possible or at least give us an explanation on why you are not making this an option?

    Thank you

  • rajesh

    Is there a way to restrict/prevent a merge, for example when the email ID's are different?  The merge UI seems to lend itself to errors and CX personnel, no matter how good, are human.  

    There are GDPR privacy issues, security issues, and plain customer sanity issues that we are worried about.  

  • Steinbacher, Dale

    Adding my support for an unmerge option as well. Accidental merges are problematic and restricting access for ticket merging to the admin level is not a viable work-around with the volume we have.

  • Leticia Lubrigate

    Any News?

  • Jackson Roach

    Just getting started with Zendesk and I'm concerned the inability to unmerge tickets is really going to affect our team's flow. 

  • JJ Breen

    Came here to see if this had been addressed yet.  In addition to comments above, allowing an agent to merge two tickets from completely different organizations should raise a ton of red flags and at least slow the agent down, if not prevent the action completely.

    Unfortunately/ironically for us, the organization whose ticket was accidentally merged is one of a small handful of our clients who raise the most privacy/security concerns and have a contractual agreement for only two or three agents to be allowed to work on their tickets.

  • Nicole

    Almost a year since the ZD update that this was being looked into. This is very much needed. 


    Very curious about where this feature is on the roadmap. This is a critical issue and is now presenting a regulatory compliance hurdle to overcome. 



  • Marco van Bergeijk

    I am very curious when the unlink tickets will be released. This is really necessary in connection with legislation (GDPR).

  • Alex Ramirez

    Can we please get an update on this? This is ridiculous. 

  • Brettany Rhodes

    Any update on this feature request for unmerging tickets?


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