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  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Magieda,

    I can't help you with all these questions, but have answers for a few.

    1. Why is the text box is a plain text not a Rich content one?
    We’re having Whatsapp as our main channel and we’re not being able to benefit from the options in the Rich content ones such as the emoji app.

    That's because the integration is working through the Channel framework. All of the integrations that works on that framework only allow for non-rich text. Did you know you could open up an emoji keypad anywhere? To open the emoji keypad on a Mac press CTRL + CMD + Space. On Windows use Windows + ; (semi-colon).

    4. Workaround for the 24 hours rule, what if we received a request at weekends? 

    I've seen customers simply explaining to their customers how the process works, and they can only use Whatsapp during business hours. It's not the prettiest solution, but it's highly effective they assured me. The response looks somewhat similar to this:

    We are available from Monday till Friday from [starttime] to [endtime] hrs. If you send us a message in the weekend, please resend your message on Monday morning and we will help you directly (due to WhatsApp business policies).

    - Kay

  • Florian W.


    I think it's a must (at least our Zendesk instance) to have the WhatsApp Phone Number and the Social Messaging User Info available as a placeholder in order to use it in triggers and automations.

    This can also help to create a workaround regarding the 24h rule.
    By having the Phone number available via placeholder I can automatically add the number as an internal comment after 24hrs and tell the agent to call the requester.

  • Florian W.

    I also agree with Magieda's topics, especially point 4.

    There must be a workaround for the 24h rule. I can understand that the rule is a must from WhatsApp point of view. Nevertheless it should be possible to send a automated message (e.g. via automation) to the requester in order to renew the time limit.




  • Raphaël Péguet

    Hi any plan or existing solution to call a Zendesk-integrated Whatsapp number and call from whatsapp in Zendesk?

    Except Whatcetra (which is grate but mostly a link/shortcut in Zendesk to Whatsapp business)


    Best regards,


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