New Follower and CC's problems - CC's getting removed by End-user unintentionally


  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    This is a really difficult design decision. Because the CC experience follows email conventions, if an end user uses reply over reply all, there is an assumption that the end user did not want the other CC users to share in the reply and the reply becomes an internal comment. So the end user replying is safe in responding knowing that their reply is not viewed by the other users by email or through the Zendesk Help Centre.

    Now, following the email convention, the CCs are removed just as if this is an email exchange.

    I would say that keeping the end user's reply internal is reasonable. But agree that there has to be a better way to restore or preserve the original CC users on the ticket.


  • John Collman

    @.... I agree it's a tricky design decision.  However, I do not understand your comment - End Users can never make an Internal Reply, so why would they expect privacy in their responses? Also, in some cases, the public ticket comments are put at the bottom of every ticket update, so a CC'd user would be able to see the whole public ticket history anyway, no matter when they were added. 

    I totally agree that the system as designed makes an assumption about the user intent, which is exactly my problem. The absence of an action is not the same as choosing the opposite action. In database parlance, it's the difference between 0 and NULL. The implications are very different depending on how it is applied. 

    I could see an argument that someone is choosing the Reply button instead of Reply All, but in the context of a multi-party ticketing system, there is additional meaning carried by one of those choices that the user isn't aware of, and it would be way too complicated to explain, much less get them to change their behavior. 

    For that reason (and others), I disagree that the CC email experience follows email conventions. Obviously these changes move it closer to that, but frankly, I think trying to move towards mimicking the email CC paradigm (while understandable) is flawed. Why not re-name the whole thing Followers for both agents and end-users?  There are ways that emailing with a ticketing system will never be able to fully replicate a native email expected functionality, so you're setting up some level of planned confusion. 


  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Thanks for that.

    The previous CC feature and the new CC\ Followers certainly have their merits and limitations. I am certainly not smart enough to have the answer. Hopefully, your post will stimulate more discussion or at least alert customers of the pitfalls.  

  • The Salvation Army

    I have users who are cc'd on tickets and have been since the ticket was submitted yet their email replies go Private. How do I fix this? I've also had Followers replies go Public when they are not CC'd. This is messy and I am considering disabling the Followers option. Anyone done this and if so is it smooth or did that cause issues?

  • Gábor Körtvélyessy

    In it's current form "Follower and CC" is completely unusable for us. Just like John mentioned - there are often people that MUST be CCed in certain cases, regardless of what the end user does. Anyways, why are followers and the new CC logic rolled into one feature? Why not simply split them into two features that can be activated independently from each other?

  • Louis Evangelista

    This is True.

  • Pedro Machado

    Zendesk -- has there been any additional thoughts or enhancements to this feature? I am constantly having to deal with this same problem - CC'd users reply and decide to remove people from our tickets. It is very cumbersome to go back and re-add everyone again when it happens. Originally we were under the impression that ONLY the agents and the person deemed to be the requestor of the ticket had this authority? Do we have something misconfigured?


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