Allow date to be cleared in triggers and automations


  • C.W. Holeman III

    People have been begging for a solution for this problem for five whole years. Half a decade! It is absolutely absurd that such a basic piece of functionality does not exist in the first place. Let alone after five years of people actively asking for it. The inability to clear a value from a field is so basic, but it should've been the first thing that was created when setting up fields. Set a value, remove the value. This is very basic. How is it possible that this is still not implemented? Zendesk is old enough to drink in Germany. And yet we still can't clear a date value?

  • Ariya

    Is it still no update??? it's 2023

    we still can't clear the "date type field" using a trigger


    BTW, this request is from 2018, why hasn't there been an update until now?


    btw, if you want to clear "field type text", you can use this text (in trigger action):


    Dan Ross Carlos Santos

  • Damon Timm

    +1 for this!  

    Our use case is a "snooze" function for on-hold tickets — not being able to clear the original date when the automation runs (or via a trigger) is kind of a shocker.  I thought I was doing something wrong until I found this thread.


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