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    Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, we announced the ability to access suspended tickets regardless or role on enterprise accounts with custom roles last week. Check out the announcement here.


    P.S. it's a big technical challenge to enhance non-enterprise plans but we're currently looking into how we might do this. 

  • Watchman Monitoring

    When we are reviewing suspended tickets, we often need to see the raw eml message before we can determine to release a message or not.

    Zendesk's support team is always fast with a reply & a copy of the raw eml. It would be great, however, if we could get the raw message from the suspended ticket list, even without opening a ticket.

    PS The raw eml is available when suspended tickets are recovered automatically, but not if recovered manually.. good to have, but if the message was spam afterall, it's too late at this point.


    This is going to be much more important for anyone enabling Zendesk's DMARC


  • Dan Cooper

    If I remember correctly, we used to be able to see the raw email in the past, but that seems to have disappeared.  I would love to see that come back too and I've found myself contacting Zendesk support with questions that I feel like I should be able to answer on my own - but have no option to do so (the Suspended Tickets API isn't detailed enough either).

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    I upvoted this one as well. Seems like Suspended tickets and audit logs need some more beef IMO

  • David Woods

    Being able to search the Suspended Tickets view is a crazy important one for us. 

    Occasionally some emails get flagged and we're currently sifting through 1000s of tickets trying to find them

  • Catherine Bostwick

    There needs to be a way for agents to see suspended tickets received at their team's support address. If 'ALL', and only All, for the privilege "which tickets can this agent have access to", is enabled, I can see the suspended tickets view. If I flip that to any other option, the suspended ticket view goes away. I can't allow the agents in this position to see All Tickets because sometimes tickets have very sensitive material in them and I can't allow them the ability to search and find those. Specifically sensitive HR-related tickets. I understand why that privilege takes away the view but that is FAR too rigid - agents should be able to see spam received at their support address, recover spam, and mark spam. If it's received at the brand support address, why can't you allow agents to only see suspended tickets that came to their support address? That seems really logical to me. But if I instead flip this privilege to allow them to only see tickets in their group (which is what I want), the suspended tickets view goes away for them and that now means that I, the administrator, an IT project manager, has to go in and monitor that view constantly. This is a terrible situation for both me and the manager. I don't want to waste my time doing something so petty, I have a million other responsibilities to manage. I want the manager to be autonomous and do that on their own. There should be a stand-alone privilege for accessing the suspended tickets view for tickets received at each team's associated support address. Additionally, if I flip that form ALL to any other options, agents cannot mark tickets as spam themselves!! How ridiculous that they cannot at least mark a ticket as spam. I need this as a stand-alone privilege to view, recover, and market suspended tickets. 

  • Nathan Purcell

    Was anything done on this? I think there's yet more improvements that can be suggested - filtering by brand being an obvious one. 

  • bill cicchetti

    This becoming more and more of a headache as users are reporting incoming requests not being made into tickets. If the ticket happened to get flagged and placed into the Suspended folder and  someone deletes if from the Suspended folder there is no evidence of the request ever being submitted.  This causes frustration on the client side as they are waiting on an answer for a request support knows nothing about. 

    We try to stress to users to not delete any suspended tickets if they are sure if they are not a valid request but at times I suspect some "valid" entries are deleted but have no way of tracking down the culprit or even insure the ticket even made it to our ZD instance. With the amount of data captured in the suspended ticket entry one would think these entries could be flagged as deleted but still be reported on or be an audit log entry even if for a set period of time.


  • Pat

    I like the ideas brought up by the previous commenters, especially getting the souce email without the need to recover the ticket and filtering by brand. 

    My addition to the wish list: a way to add an email address or domain of a suspended ticket to the block or allow list directly from the suspended ticket view. 

    Hope you like that one too!

    Cheers, Patrizia

  • Alex M

    4 years since initial idea submission, is it possible to have an official response on this idea from ZenDesk.

  • Elizabeth Edison

    I second Alex. Could we get an update on this?

  • Oli


    I particularly agree with suggestions 1 and 3. Per Zendesk's own documentation, administrators should be "[reviewing their] queue of suspended tickets regularly", but there are few tools available for admins and agents to manage this easily, especially for enterprise organizations who may generally receive a lot of spam even with the blocklist.

    For the sake of feature parity, if these suspended emails are going to be placed in a view, and that view is accessed in the sidebar like all of the others, then we should be able to configure it and action it like a traditional view, including making changes via triggers. 

  • Jamie Noell
    Zendesk Luminary

    We had to buy Shredder because Zendesk does not provide any tools other than "one by one" review of tickets.  While Shredder has helped with creating rules to auto-recover or auto-delete tickets, we still need some additional functionality:

    1. I completely agree with Dan Cooper that the standard view needs the received @ email.

    2.  Moreover, we need to filter the Suspended view by Brand or by received @ email.  In this day of the increasing data privacy, to give people all ticket access is challenging.

    3.  Granting all ticket access to be able to see the Suspended view is nearly impossible now with private groups.  If we want HR in our Zendesk as a private group, then the people who will manage the Suspended queue will be able to see HR tickets.  This may mean we do not bring HR into Zendesk, OR we have to spinup a separate instance (which I'd prefer not to do).

  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Jamie Noell - for 3 (Granting all ticket access to be able to see the Suspended view is nearly impossible now with private groups), we're currently looking into solving this. I'm the PM for private groups and hear you loud and clear. Hoping we can pick this up next quarter Q2, 2023.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 and I echo Jamie Noell

  • Freya Lu

    we'd like to turn off the suspended ticket view so that every email can be  attributed to the correspondent view. Otherwise we have to recover them manually every day.


  • Alex M

    Alina Wright - any progress on Private groups and suspended tickets? very interested to see solutions as we have a very similar position to JN Lights 3rd bullet point.

  • Stewart

    From a compliance perspective, it is extremely important that we can see a log of any activity on any customer email/ticket.  Especially for tickets that have been deleted.  Could we get an update on item #2 of Dan Cooper's initial post for this post?

  • emin gulen


    It would be nice to see which tickets are coming from suspended list and who approved the ticket.
    Is there any roadmap plan to increase visibility or transparency on suspended tickets ? 



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