Forwarding Emails to an external email


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Jean - 

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    We do pay great attention to our customers' comments, receiving 200+ feature requests every week. Of course, it's impossible to act on every one immediately, so product development roadmaps require a huge amount of research, validation, and planning. We take into account how many customers need something, and try to understand all of the different use-cases so that we can come up with a solution to the problem that will suit the greatest number of users. 

    It would be most helpful if you could tell us about your use-case, i.e. why in your business you need to be able to do this, how frequently it comes up, and what the scope of the impact is on your company. 

    Thanks for participating in the Zendesk Community!

  • Alex Conroy

    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure he's looking for a simple feature that forwards the whole ticket to an external email (non zendesk account)

  • Angela McMorrow

    1. Why in your business you need to be able to do this:

    Customer support is the main method of receiving feedback on technology, services and marketing materials put out by out company. If a technical aspect of our product is not working we need to be able to forward this issue to our tech team. If we receive a marketing proposal from an external company reaches us we need to be able to forward this to our acquisitions department. If we receive a request from outside of our company that needs to be filtered towards a non-support staff member then we need to be able to do this via Zendesk. 


    2. How frequently it comes up:

    This is a daily occurrence.


    3. What the scope of the impact is on your company:

    It slows down ticket resolution times and inhibits us from creating a better escalation process. Time is wasted trying to do workarounds that could have been used on more pressing issues.


    I think email forwarding is a very basic feature for a helpdesk software to have. I recognise that product development roadmaps take a huge amount of time to finalise but I wonder is there anywhere for us customers to keep up to date with what is currently being worked on and what is being finalised? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, Angela. 

    We do not publicly share our roadmap, though we are working on ways to improve visibility into what is or isn't being worked on at any given point in time. For the moment, we use the status flags on feedback threads, marking those that are in or close to development as "planned" and those that have not been prioritized as "not planned." 

    I'm checking in with the Product Manager to see if I can get some better explanation of why email forwarding functions the way it does; I'll be back with more info soon. 

  • Angela McMorrow

    Thanks Nicole, I look forward to hearing it! :) 

  • Thomas Murphy

    Similar requirement would be really useful for us.

    We are using the ticketing system for clients request access to a construction site. We need to confirm that this person has the approval of their superior and so we want an email to be routed to the email provided in the "text" field.

    n.b. would be great to have an "email" field with controls rather than just using a text field!

    The email going to the superior is extremely important so if that person wants to reject the access they can.



  • Daniel Stefan

    This is a basic feature that should be present in any ticketing system. 

  • Kyle Zheng

    We need to be able to forward emails. Salesforce ( has this feature built in, and it is frustrating that Zendesk does not. 

  • Amanda

    Is there any update on this? This should be a standard feature that is lacking in zendesk. On a daily basis, we have the need to simply forward an email ticket to another person or contractor on our team that is not an agent without having to change the requester or setting up a trigger. Even had this simple feature. Thanks!

  • Catherine Bostwick

    I agree, we also need this simple functionality. I have read many articles over this exact same issue and I have not found a solid reliable solution. Where is this on Zendesk's roadmap?

  • Yaakov Simon

    Without this basic functionality, it is very difficult to use Gather in our organization.

    What is the ETA to provide this feature?

  • Michael Penland

    Agree. Nice to have feature that supported 10 years ago.

  • Sam Edwards IV

    I agree - forwarding an email to a non-zendesk staff member would be a big help for us. Sometimes we get customers who are looking to contact our wholesale department.

    Since our Zendesk Support team is dedicated to our retail customers, it's frustrating that we have to have agents copy the text, open up G Suite, and then send the content to the wholesale department, and then contact the requester that their information has been passed along. 

    Hoping this feature can be added soon.


  • Ryan Foley

    Has anything happened with the ability for Zendesk to email outside users and link the outside user to a ticket? I share the sentiment that this is a basic function of any ticket tracking system and should be available. 

    At the very least, for our needs, we would like to be able to set a trigger that email the ticket out to a group of non-agent email addresses. 

  • Service

    Forwarding emails from Zendesk is essential. It's strange that this isn't a feature. Opening up my personal inbox and copying and pasting the email is annoying. It would make life easier if you could just forward things on.

  • denis.menard



    Some updates on this subject?



  • heyitsbryanm

    +1 for this feature.

    Our sales team does not use Zendesk. They're agents anyways so they can get historical data whenever they need, but otherwise, they want to use email to communicate with sales leads and not Zendesk Support.

    This makes support🤝sales handoffs difficult since there's every sales lead requires manual handling to correctly pass it to the sales team.

  • Krista Zaloudek

    +1 on this for our company as well. It would be ideal for the entire thread to be forwarded and for the support agent to select multiple portions of an email chain that could be forwarded all at once to an external email.

  • Matthew

    hi folks,

    as above

    we are the same. we have sales orders and PO's within tickets which we have to jeep archived for 6 years (audit purposes) - ideally we would like the option to Automate any closed ticket to a in house email. mitigating the risk of loosing the PO attached and reduce the necessity of having to print and keep. a nice little option in the trigger and automation for "Forward contents to" would be ideal. 


  • Riah Lao

    Hi, any update to this?

  • Arhan Peek

    and now we wait

  • Maky

    Hi @...

    I know that using a workaround is not pretty, but I use this trigger using side conversation as a solution and works for me:

    At the moment that the person (not Agent) answer the email, this answer is inserted in the ticket:

    Maybe can help someone!

    Of course, is necessary to have side conversation activated.

    Best regards.


  • Julian

    This is really urgent to be integrated. I worked with Freshdesk before and that is a standard tool to be able to send email to external users. Maybe better to swap to Freshdesk instead? When will you integrate it.

    Side Conversations are just working in higher plans, so not an option.

  • Julian

    When can this be added finally?

  • Joshua G

    +1 SO needed for passing customers to our Sales teams. Cross-pollination between departments is a REAL thing and especially painful when we're in different tools.

  • Jerik

    Any update on this?

  • Mo Shujaat

    This is a feature we would be very interested in as well. Our use case is to take an order email that is sent to us from a customer or vendor and then forward that email to another 3rd party while retaining formatting. Are there any updates on this feature?

  • Nicola

    Still no update? It's a basic thing we need in working with email. 

  • Service

    An update would be great. As our team grows, support agents need to be able to forward mail from zendesk to other team members that do not require it.

    Does anyone know of any helpdesk software that easily forwards on emails that is similar to zendesk?

  • Emmanuel Buamah

    It is 2023 and this request was made back in 2018 yet no update. My team needed this feature badly. This feature works on freshdesk very well.


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