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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback and your thoughts on the effect on agents of reading negative feedback. So far we don't have anything planned to address this in the roadmap but we regularly revisit and reassess based on your input. The next time we’ll look at this again would be the second half of this year.

  • Jose Gonzales

    This would be a welcomed addition to features! Often time it creates a lack of productivity with agents reading through and talking about negative satisfaction and a dip in moral when agents see negative reviews. Since agents can see these as well, there has been an occasion where the agent responded to the customers bad review in a less than ideal manner.

  • Ian harris

    I would also agree with this, negative feedback can effect the mental well-being of agents.

    Ideally there should be an option to hide both or either.

  • Ashley

    I also agree with this. We recently turned Satisfaction on (with the upgrade to Professional) and the reaction was immediate. I would really love for only admins and above to have access to the Satisfaction survey responses. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Ashley!

  • Paul Beard

    I would also like to see this. Because we use ZenDesk as an internal IT HelpDesk, ratings can affect interaction between employees in the office.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Paul. We do not have any improvements to CSAT planned in the near future, but are continuing to collect use-cases and votes on this thread for future consideration.

  • Adam Gerson

    I would also like to hide feedback from agents and just have it be viewable by their manager. 

  • Patrick Kennedy

    I think this is super important feature that is currently lacking. Our managers would like to the ability to screen the feedback and decide when/how to share this with the agents rather than have the agents see it in the ticket. We may need to turn off the survey because of it since any agent in a group can see the comments for any other agent in that group. Is this by design?

  • Matt

    One more voice in favor of this feature. Thanks!

  • Robert Hood

    I would like this ability as well.  I posted the same issue with  a GDPR twist here https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047686514-Ability-to-hide-CSAT-Banner-in-tickets prior to finding this one

  • Rafael-Work Saucedo

    Please turn this into a thing. As others have stated, agents become too preoccupied with the notion that they did "bad" which is bad for productivity and morale. Instead, the manager, an actual person should be the one responsible for interpreting and communicating feedback and outcomes to the agents, not some metric. Thanks!

  • Teresa Clark

    There are two years of history on this request to turn off comments on the CSAT survey.  It isn't productive for agents to see these comments. All of the positives that we gain as a team by using the survey are undone when everyone views the comments and spends way too much time making necessary adjustments. Please prioritize this change to CSAT functionality so that only the admin can access the metrics. Thanks! 

  • Jean Cesar Martínez

    I agree with Teresa. CSAT usually measures the customer experience for a particular support request that could have gone through different support agents. An agent could get scores (negative or positive) for something that could have been out of their control and therefore impact their productivity.

    We have three levels of support, but usually the 2nd level is the one that interacts with the customer. If a ticket gets to 3rd level and stays there 1 week causing the customer to have a bad experience... when the ticket gets back to level 2, the ticket is solved and the customer leaves a Bad score based on the 1 week wait time... It is the level 2 agent who will see the score. 

    Either way, it seems the community agrees that the ability to hide is the answer. Please allow us to choose if we want our agents to see that score or not.  

  • Annie Baker

    We would also like to be able to hide the ratings from agents. The sentiment is the same for our company as well. It impacts agents moral and just isn't something that they need to see on the ticket. 

  • Derek Smith

    Zendesk, please revisit this topic. This will help your product be a more viable solution for internal business support and not just external customers. This missing feature means that agents are subjected to scrutiny from people they will be seeing on a regular basis in the office without any workarounds. How are we expected to collect end-user feedback and improve our support model without putting our agents in the line of fire?

  • Danail Stefanov

    I would like to see my personal customer satisfaction feedback and my statistic for more than a week... for instance for a month or a year. Doesn't matter if there are one or more bad reviews.

    Hiding the reviews is not a good solution, because it creates distrust of the presented results in the agents and preconditions of manipulations. It would be great to allow for a more detailed review by customers of whatthey are not happy with, not to hide the results from the agents. In 100 percent of the cases, where my ticket have received a "bad rating" the reason is in the process, that was developed by the company, not in the service. The analysis of this more specific information woud be beneficial for the company and will contribute to improvements in the processes.

  • We don't want our agents to spoil their spirits and de-motivate themselves because of negative comments from clients, because it has a detrimental effect on the whole day.
    Make it possible for companies to choose whether to show the agent a rating or not, with the ability to choose the departments for which this option applies.

  • Lenka Brozmanova

    Hello everyone. This is Lenka from Nicereply. There are some survey apps available on the Zendesk Marketplace (Nicereply is one of them) that allow agents to gather customer feedback without them having access to the survey software. As a result, the agent is collecting feedback, but he/she will not have access to the results on a daily basis. Thanks to that feature agents are not affected by their customer feedback on a daily basis, they just go over the results with their manager once a month, week or so. You can also opt not to have the feedback pushed to the rated tickets. Since Zendesk is not planning to develop this in the coming months feel free to reach out if you have questions regarding other options available on the marketplace. 

  • Lee Burkhill

    This day and age, it should be a simple setting to implement (hiding sections on the agent workspace).


    Mental health for our colleagues is a big part of our workplace wellbeing program, and not being able to hide the Good/Bad satisfaction section has shown to have a negative impact on their mental health.

    Is this not an easy fix for the masses?

  • Nina Berti

    Any update? This is an absolutely necessary setting.

    Granting CSAT (viewing) access to certain groups only is a fairly easy and basic setting that's currently missing. 

  • Rosaria Esposito

    Hi everyone! 

    I too agree that this is an absolutely necessary setting. We also need to hide feedback from agents, leaving it to administrators alone.

    I sincerely hope for an update on this.

  • 심하연

    I deeply sympathize that our colleagues may be negatively affected by the results of the satisfaction survey results.

    I hope this feature will be implemented as soon as soon as possible.


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