"Requester can see this comment" default setting


  • Quinn Souther

    Signal boosting this, Pedro. Our team would love to skip the part of the Zendesk training process where we tell people to make sure to uncheck both boxes when merging. 

  • Melanie Gapany

    I have tried disabling both "Agent comments via email are public by default" and "Make email comments from CCed end users public (not recommended)" in my admin panel and I am still prompted to uncheck the box upon merge. Even tried signing in and out, clearing cache, doing a hard reload. 

    I even looked to see if it is possible to update the ticket trigger for this, but nope, it's an all-or-nothing situation. One of these things need to become an option. Preferably just give us a setting to uncheck this box by default. It is RIDICULOUS to depend on agents to do this, it slows down their workflow, leads to human error, and confuses our customers. 

    7 years and counting. FIX THIS

  • Lu Miller

    We're in the same boat here at Pinterest. We'd love to see this addressed.

  • Arjun Mahadeva

    Hi Nicole,

    This occurs everyday. Due to the "reply all" duplicates issue I linked above, we regularly have to merge tickets. End-users may get confused and may assume we are closing their ticket without a resolution if we merge with public replies. The option to default the merges as private notes would help avoid human error as the original poster suggested, and of course save time. 

    Thanks for your help!

  • Dan Bowman

    Bump from Humble Bundle too. Every company I've worked for has had this as a pain point.

    Would love to have this unchecked by default.

    Probably the best solution would be to have a setting for it that gives the option "When merging tickets, set the default comment to (dropdown options) 1. Public 2. Private.

  • Joe Fedric

    +1 from Topaz Labs.  I concur with @Dan's suggestion to give us the option.  

  • Karlo de Leon

    Hey Zendesk, here's a question..

    According to your data.. do most customers prefer to have this checked or unchecked? Coz we very much want this unchecked, and I dont see a reason why you would want to have a merged case seen by customers.

    You may think it's unimportant. Yes it seems insignificant, but it's one less thing to think about. Process wise, it's just a nuisance to have to make sure that's not checked. I hope you reconsider.

  • Casper Wagenaar

    We merge 20 to 80 tickets daily. This would be very welcome for us as well.

  • Andrew S

    Upvoted on the original post, but for context, we merge maybe 100 tickets per day across the organization, and we've even got snarky emails back from customers saying "well if you closed it, then my request is fulfilled, right?"

  • CJ Johnson

    @... Thanks! I had the setting off, not on. On does do what is described, but I think there's some confusion because the nature of this setting changed pretty drastically over the course of this comment thread. Originally, this setting appears to have only impacted the default public/private status of messaging tickets, not every ticket that comes in, which is what it does now. As a result, I don't really think that this setting delivers at what this feature is asking for, because it impacts tickets pretty heavily in ways unrelated to this request. 

    I don't want to make all my agents have to manually flip the messaging box to "public comment" every time they reply to a ticket, and I also don't want the checkboxes for merging to be pre-checked. With this setting as it is now, it seems like you can have one or the other, but not both. It's not really desirable for every ticket to pushed into internal mode by default constantly, just for a trade off of merging requiring two less clicks. Either way we set it, we're stuck doing a lot of busy work of un-doing pre-set settings. 

  • xPetri Onnela

    This help us also.

  • Jamie Cormack

    Some of our team are also looking for this option.

  • Michael Conaghan

    Wow... not going to hold my breathe! 

    Need this as well - because when merging - if accidentally don't untick, or my team don't - it sends a link with hyperlink to the ticket in the help centre. 

    We only have internal docs at the moment - so it guides customers to login, and can see all that! Terrible. 

  • Christo de Klerk

    I would very much like to have this feature. It would improve performance data, because right now my agents use this very differently. One will merge tickets from a customer and the other will just close both as separate tickets to avoid the hassle of merging.

  • Magnaflux

    Not sure why we have to ask for a simple setting to be added over the course of 3+ years...I can't imagine the programming for this would take all that long.  Please consider as this would make the solution more customizable and flexible for anyone's use case.

  • Arjun Mahadeva

    I agree that this should be a configurable option, as Dan Bowman suggested.

    David's suggestion is great, but most of our replies are public, yet all of our merges are private (due to the "reply all" duplicates issue - similar to https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115007483628--Reply-All-Duplicate-Tickets). 

  • Jamie Cormack

    The impact on our support and IT teams is not too bad but our sales guys use Zendesk as a conversation tool and they very rarely want the customer informed when they merge tickets so it happens daily that they have to untick.

  • Pedro dos Santos

    Hi Nicole,

    It's a daily occurrence for us at ActiveCampaign, I don't have specifics on the amount of merges that occur per day, but easily over 30+ times per day.

    There's pretty much no scenario for us where it's needed for the requester to see the comment about the merge, what we do is:

    1 - Select the merge option
    2 - Untick "request can see this comment" option
    3 - Merge the tickets
    4 - Continue to address the issue in the ticket that the now closed ticket(s) was(were) merged into

  • Lu Miller

    Following up, we are currently testing a third-party app (https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/quick-merge/) that has improved the merge process end-to-end, including defaulting to *not* notifying the user when merging tickets. Working with the developer, Cedric F. Jacob, has been smooth as well. The one downside is it doesn't allow you to merge tickets in any other state than Open (we sometimes like to merge tickets that are anything but Closed).

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    I’m checking in with the product team to verify, but I do not believe that this has been prioritized above other requests at this point in time.

    While we certainly recognize everything that has been mentioned in this conversation and both appreciate and understand everyone’s feedback, we receive hundreds of requests per week and can only prioritize a few dozen for development each quarter.

    When weighing these priorities, we look at what will have the most significant business impact for the greatest number of users. We determine this by looking at the number of votes and comments in the community, as well as feedback that we receive on support calls, through Success representatives and account executives, and more. Longevity of a request in the community is not a primary data point, however. Just because something was asked for a while back doesn’t mean it’s highly valuable to many customers.

    We’ll continue to collect comments and votes on this request to see if a significant need emerges, but for the time being the Quick Merge app that Lu mentioned above is the best option for dealing with some of these challenges.

  • Samson Brock


  • Michael Southwell

    We would also find the ability to set this default setting incredible useful! Especially to mitigate the damage caused by an accidental merge of two calls from different clients, seeing as it appears it is unlikely that ZenDesk are going to implement any "undo" merge function.

  • Josh Kelly

    Echoing all previous posts, Prodigy would love this setting - I can't think of a reason this would be on by default, why would a customer care if their issue has been merged together?

    As it stands, the setting being on by default just confuses end users when it is not unchecked, and just adds 2 extra clicks for every ticket which consistently doubles the time it takes to slim out duplicate tickets. We run into this between 50-100 times every day.

    I would love to see any efficacy report that shows having this setting enabled is the preferred state for most businesses.

  • Mindy B

    This would be a huge benefit to us as well we merge probably 50 tickets a day and this is a pain.

    The suggested workaround on another thread to default agent comments to internal is not a valid workaround and would likely create more issues than resolve any.  

  • Chris Iacofano

    Our team would find this extremely helpful, as we likely merge 50+ tickets on an average day without sending comments to the requestor. My former colleague was the first comment in this thread 5 years ago, and the need for this feature has only increased in our case. 

  • Fintan Maher

    5 years on, this is still something every single company would want. Please disable the public comment by default for merging tickets. 

  • LVB

    I cannot believe this is not possible. After FIVE YEARS!?

  • Nick Ryan

    Hi Zendesk team.  Agent Workspace is also enabled for my company but we also can't see the setting you reference.  Would you please provide a solution in this thread for all to view?  It would be extremely helpful for my company to have this setting so we can disable it.


    We merge many tickets each day. The current settings make no sense for us.

    We would like to set it so that by default, the checkboxes are unchecked and the customer does not receive the notification.

  • Amon Wong

    I just switched to agent workspace as well and this is also a problem for my agents. Can Zendesk please do something about this? Dave Dyson


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