Link user field with ticket field


  • Kate Rowe


    We have another use case for being able to update a user field from a ticket and that is for customer contact phone number. We often don't have a phone for our end users but would like to add a contact number field on the web form for our end users to enter a number in case we need to call them directly.

    I cannot see a way of automating an update to their user phone number from a field on the ticket.  Are there any workarounds for this ?

  • Charlie

    I've tried both the trigger approach and simply having both fields and values exist on both the user and the ticket, but I can't get the ticket field values to update after the ticket has been raised. The ticket value is set correctly at the point of creation, based on the user field value, but if I subsequently change the user field again, the ticket field does not update, even if I have manual triggers set up to do this. Should this work?

  • Sebastian

    It only is set automatically for new tickets. Manual trigger should be able to read a user setting and write it in a ticket field. :thinking:.

  • Kristal Offutt

    A ticket tag for every individual user ID is a mess. We need User IDs transcribed over to the ticket so when we push information from the ticket to ProductBoard for our development team it includes the UserID as that helps them diagnose/solve. 

  • Scott Whitaker

    I would like to link a custom ticket field "Account_ID" to a custom User field "Account_ID". This is a text field, not a dropdown or a tag. 

    +1 for this linking of ticket fields to user fields

  • CPM BCN Infrastructure

    I have the same problem with telephone numbers. As is not a drop down I can´t link both.

  • Илья Чудаков

    in another product, we already have this functional but i'm very sad for than we can't use in zendesk :(

  • Jessica Yurkanin

    I completely agree with this. However, we would like to be able to link things like Identifying numbers. Since everyone has a unique number we would not be able to use the trigger to edit a dropdown. 

  • Илья Чудаков

    I've talk about HelpDeskEddy - there is good tool to have multi-level lists

  • Ryan Gott

    I work in an environment where one user can have multiple products, denoted by a unique product ID. If we could allow users to enter an ID on the ticket level and trigger a new user field to populate with unique values entered on the ticket level it would help us better understand the products our users have with us.

  • Chris Tamucci

    Hello Brett and Nicole, thank you for the communication. Wanted to add and get your thoughts on our scenario.

    We have Shipping Address Fields on the User Record in ZD. We are trying to figure out how to display those fields on the Ticket Form we are using as we test with ZD.

    It appears you can only display Ticket Fields, on the Ticket Form. But our process requires that we grab shipping information on the ticket, that can then sync back to the customer record in our ERP system.

    Seems like we might be able to display these fields on a custom ticket we have a developer build. i do not think the tag/action scenario would work since shipping address fields are completely different for all users. unless im not connecting the dots in my mind properly.

    Please add my vote to include native functionality where we can display User Fields on the Online Ticket Form.


    Alex - Big Agnes Inc.

  • Larry Click

    I have the same need.  I have had a store location Ticket Field and now we have need to put that in the User record so we know their main store. We have 187 stores.  I don't want to have to add a new store (we're growing rapidly by acquisition) to two different field lists every time.  Is there an easier way?

    Can I set a text user field to update from the pulldown Ticket field via trigger?


  • Schartner, Tobias

    Hello togehter,

    our Company has the same need: we need to tansfer our customer-number from the user field into the ticket field. Unfortunately, the before discussed solution by transfering the numbers with the help of a dropdown field is because of the huge and fast growing amount of our customer-numbers not practicable.

    both fields are text-fields because of alphanumeric data.

    Furthermore, we need the Information of our customer-number within our reporting, in order to evaluate the number of Tickets per store.

    It would be very helpful to get a function of linking both Information fields, e.g. by trigger.

    Thanks and Regards


  • Permanently deleted user

    I just +1'd this thread. It's been 4 years with no development, but I've never understood why Zendesk doesn't have this capability in the first place. It seems like such an obvious thing -- if we want to know information on the ticket, we surely might want to connect that information with the user's account as well.

    Many things have been mentioned in this thread already: the user's phone number, product IDs, information the dev team needs to take action. The number of use cases must be infinite.

    The trigger idea only works if you want to update a ticket field, send a notification, or change the requester. We all want to update the user.

    In our case, we ask the requester if they are a student, parent, teacher, or admin. We also ask for their first and last name and the school they are from, and a few other things, like the email address they used to create their account (which is often different from the one they are using to submit their ticket).

    All of this information is needed to solve their ticket...and it's also needed for using other Zendesk features, like user segments. So it should all be associated with the USER when the request is submitted. Even something as mundane as their first and last name (different from Zendesk's built-in "Name" field...which is kludgy) has to be updated manually. We need to be able to fly through tickets, not spend time updating users manually as we go along.

    We are now trying to set up Guide to allow certain user segments to edit and publish articles in the Help Center, and view (or not view) certain parts of the help center. For this, we need to have the user's role (student, teacher, etc). We have been updating this user field manually for a while now, but the ones that got missed we have no way of finding.  It would be so nice if those user accounts had all been tagged when the user submitted their first ticket.

    I am going to investigate some developer options, but if I'm missing something obvious please do let me know. :)


  • Sebastian

    I use a trigger to update the user language based on a setting a user was chosing in the ticket. It can also be done the other way around.
    I misuse a HTTP target and the Zendesk API. I don't instantly see why this shouldn't work with custom user fields as well. For information like teacher, phone number and so on.

  • Permanently deleted user

    @... Can you please tell us more about how you used the HTTP target and the Zendesk API to accomplish this? I am VERY interested in your method!

  • Sebastian

    Hi Marci,

    Yes, here is how we ask the users for their preferred language and set it accordingly.

    Users fill in a form field in the contact form where they can chose their preferred language.

    It is defined like this:

    It has these values and keywords:

    When the ticket comes in a trigger starts. 

    I will show the chosen target later. That dynamic content field contains this:

    {% if ticket.ticket_field_360000267739 contains 'magyar' %}{% assign lang='hu' %}{% endif %}{% if ticket.ticket_field_360000267739 contains 'español' %}{% assign lang='es' %}{% endif %}{% if ticket.ticket_field_360000267739 contains 'français' %}{% assign lang='fr' %}{% endif %}{% if ticket.ticket_field_360000267739 contains 'türkçe' %}{% assign lang='tr' %}{% endif %}{% if ticket.ticket_field_360000267739 contains 'deutsch' %}{% assign lang='de' %}{% endif %}{% if ticket.ticket_field_360000267739 contains 'english' %}{% assign lang='en' %}{% endif %}{{lang}}

    So basically it sets the variable lang to the language we would prefer to serve the user out of the users choices. Then it prints the content stored in the variable so the json in the trigger contains a language code that zendesk can understand.

    The JSON is sent through a HTTP target you can set up under Settings -> Extensions, like this:

    The URL needs your companies zendesk subdomain. The target will send the JSON file to zendesk and zendesk changes the users profile data. The user setting is updated and the new setting stored before an agent is working on the ticket. That's all the magic already.

  • Permanently deleted user

    @... Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to write this up!!! I cannot wait to try it out!!!

  • Permanently deleted user

     @... I have got this set up best I can, according to your example. It took a few tries to get a successful "send" of the HTTP target (the problem was that I had /token at the end of the admin email address as you do, but that was apparently not working right in my setup). 

    However, I still haven't gotten a successful update to the user profile field. I have tried a dropdown field and a text field, but neither one is updating. I would also be pleased to have a tag added (that is really my ultimate goal here....) so I am going to mess around with that a bit.

    I have a Google doc that shows screenshots of all my settings, so if you have time to review it and see if you notice any issues I'd really appreciate it!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Aside: I see that my last comment is pending approval, probably because I edited it about 10 times. It would really help if the Zendesk interface made it more clear which Sebastian I am tagging! There are many, and for some reason, the one who is mentioned most recently in this thread is just mixed in with all the others, so I have no way to identify which Sebastian in the list is the correct one.

  • Sebastian

    Hi @...,

    You try to update a custom field in the user profile. Language is something more fundamental. It should still work. The syntax should be like this then. We use something like this to fill in user info into the zendesk user profile so the agents have more infos about the user:

    {"user": {"user_fields": {"field_name": "field_value"}}}

    Also you should try to create the json you build in a comment as an answer to a test ticket from a user. So you can see if the json or at least the value is generated properly. Most of the error solving time is somewhere in that area.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you so much, @.... You have been amazing to help me out with this and I really want to get it working so I'll give that a try. I am obviously not a programmer, but I am learning :)

    Meanwhile, I found another way, and I am totally shocked that it's not more well known. You can see my comment on this thread here...but long story short, I am simply using a trigger. 

    I feel like there is a huge disconnect somewhere...maybe I am just totally missing something. But everything I have been trying to do -- and being told in every thread that I cannot do it -- can be accomplished by simply having a ticket field that triggers an update to a user field.

    I don't understand how this is not the answer to every thread that asks "how can I update a user based on a ticket field" but for years, everyone is saying "you can't". But you can. 

    I'm sure there are cases where it won't work out exactly, and it's definitely not elegant....but for my purposes, it works great.

  • Permanently deleted user

    @... - somewhere there is another Sebastian who keeps getting tagged by my posts! But I am not editing that last one again, for fear of having it blocked lol

    I just wanted to also say how COOL it is that you can test JSON in a ticket reply! I had no idea. Thank you for that!!

  • Jessica Yurkanin

    Any updates on this to be used with things such as numbers and unique identifiers? 

  • Sebolka, Adam

    2016 This was open, how is it not a thing. 

  • MarketSpark

    Is there any updates on this request? Using the tags is not an option for us as the lists are just too long and as mentioned by many including Zendesk, it is a very cumbersome way to do it. I have been a Zendesk customer for a very long time with different companies and I have to say it is things like this that start to make it harder and harder to recommend Zendesk as the system of choice. These seem like they should be easy "low hanging fruit" solutions that would go a long way to help admins support customers and internal staff.

    Please make this a priority to update. Your community wants it.

  • Brady Hautman

    I was linked to this forum from Zendesk support.  I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet.  What I am looking for is when a client fills out a ticket on our website, I need their name and phone number to auto populate to the user fields so I can text them.  Currently I have a field, on the service ticket, that asks if the client would like to communicate via text or email with us.  Which ever one they choose will create a tag of either text or email.  I created a trigger to send a text if the text tag is present but without the clients phone number getting auto generated, they don't receive our "welcome" email in the form of text because there isn't a number present until I manually copy and paste it in.  To not be able to do this automatically but being able to create triggers off tags is wild to me.  I really wish this would get implemented to give our clients a better end user experience and save time on our service side not having to copy and paste clients phone numbers for every ticket.

  • Hannes

    Here I am more than 3 years later, building a CX ecosystem from scratch for an entirely new organization, still waiting for this same crucial data feature to be implemented in order to make our lives manageable.

    I'm still happy to work with Zendesk's PM teams to scope this out! PLEASE DO THIS!

  • Milena Rusanova

    Hi there, In my use case we have a list of system numbers (1-20), each end-user can have a different combination of this numbers stored in a custom user field (we can use data sync from our systems to update the values in this user field daily) - Example: User 1 will have System Numbers: 1,2,5; User 2 will have System Numbers: 2,6,20.

    We have a custom ticket drop down field with all options 1-20 and the agents need to select a value in this drop-down in order to solve the ticket.

    I would like a way to connect the custom user field and the custom ticket field, in order to see in the ticket drop down field for User 1 only the options 1,2,5 available for selection and in the ticket drop down field for User 2 only the options 2,6,20 available for selection?


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