Ability to prohibit merging of tickets across organizations


  • Montie Steele

    Upvoted as well - For our use case, we request three features to assist with merging across different requesters/orgs, etc: 

    1. As is echoed in this thread, it should not be possible to merge tickets across brands, or at least there should be a warning. Brand integrity is critical to our business, just as org/requester integrity is critical to privacy. 
    2. If that is too complicated to build, can we at least be able to configure whether you want the requester to see the merge by default. It automatically checks the box to allow the requester to see the merge as a public comment, creating the notification. If this simple feature was configurable to not default to sending an email, then an erroneous merge would at least not alert the customer and the agent wouldn't have to make two clicks in order to merge.
  • Glen Lynden


    I would also request that inter-organisation merging is restricted, toggle if needed. This has caused a huge issue for us so would like to have this functionality ASAP.

    Customers are asking for this as a MUST HAVE not a 'nice to have'. It is critical for security purposes.


    Zendesk - please provide your comments to this post.

  • Carlo Manselli

    Added a +1

    I would agree this is definitely an issue that the Zendesk development Team needs to resolve as we have just had a problem with merging tickets which could have caused data sharing breach.

    It needs to be addressed with immediate urgency.


    tks, C

  • Wolf Hilbl

    Today it happened again... A Tech confidently clicked on Merge without realizing that it was cross customer.

    And now the cries to turn off the merge feature are becoming louder again. Combined with Zendesk Talk, this ist a great way to increase workload.

    Anything new on this 6 year old feature request for a function that should have been standard from year one?

  • Kenny Fulton

    As others have rightly outlined, this should be considered a security risk, rather than a feature request. There is no way to 'undo' a merge, and so leaves us wide open for our customers (who may be in competition with each other) to access the PII of another, should an agent accidentally merge 2 tickets from different accounts. 

  • Verbert Jérémy

    + 1 here

    Either we should be able to prevent the issue or to correct it, but it's not acceptable to be blocked either way...

  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jérémy,

    Thank you for providing the following feedback, until now we haven't received any updates from our products development team, unfortunately. That usually means that it's something they'd be open to considering in the future, but it's not within the scope of any of the work they have planned this year.

    Hopefully, a growing number of upvotes and requests from our customers will make a way for our team to consider this following feature.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!

    Kind regards,

    DJ Buenavista Jr. |
    Customer Advocacy Specialist

  • Panteleimon Zaikis

    This is a high priority incident that needs to be addressed immediately. Sharing client data with other organisations because of an accidental merge is a massive breach of privacy and security policies and in violation of GDPR guidelines.

    I can not think of a single good reason why tickets from different organizations should be allowed for merge and should not be possible, and the "Suggested Tickets" in the Merge dialog should not even display ticket ID's for different organisations.

  • Diogo Romero

    Zendesk team please address this issue ASAP. This is a massive flaw in your product and it is a breach of privacy and security policies (GDPR guidelines not being followed at all). 

  • derrickd5

    I cant see how difficult it could be  all we are asking to do is check that the organisation fields = the same company on each ticket before allowing a merge - that should be standard. Until such time we have had to ban it from use

  • David Rose

    This is a major problem and has just created a GDPR breach.
    Just yesterday a colleague of mine managed to merge several requests from different companies.

    This should be dealt with as an urgent security fix, not a minor "feature request"

  • John E

    +1 to this post

    Use-case:  We are a multi-brand organization.  Customer A submits a separate request to each brand from the same email with the same text.  The agent sees these requests and merges the tickets across brands.  

    Our goal is to prevent agents from having the ability to merge across brands.  If this is not a global setting, please consider adding this feature.  Thanks!  

  • Fredrik Wessberg

    Just adding to what others already have said. Not having this feature just created a GDPR breach for us and we think this is a major security concern.

  • Mirva J

    Upvoted as well!

    This is important and something should be done regarding this feature:

    • Preventing the merge of tickets from different organizations
    • Not displaying ticket IDs from different organizations in the "Suggested Tickets" dialog 
    • Giving warning when trying to merge tickets from different organizations


  • Frank Roberts

    Following. I need to prohibit the merging of tickets conditionally. Our Zendesk instance is connected to our phone system using numerous API calls and if there is no requester connection made, my email address becomes the default requester. Among my use cases, I want to prohibit the merging of tickets if my name is the requester. Also, I think after eight years (since the initial submission) and all of the increased privacy concerns brought upon us by GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and others, it's high time that Zendesk gets this functionality designed and included in the platform.

  • John E

    Any updates on this functionality? 

  • Wolf Hilbl

    Still needed and to be hones, im am not willing to call this a Feature Request,
    This is a bugfix!

    There should at lest be a warning before such a merge is possible.

  • Yossi Asayag

    + 1 here on all 3 feature that were written by Mirva J

    • Preventing the merge of tickets from different organizations
    • Not displaying ticket IDs from different organizations in the "Suggested Tickets" dialog 
    • Giving warning when trying to merge tickets from different organizations
  • Iris Edwards

    +1 from our company as well.


    • Prevent the merging of tickets from different organizations
    • Don't display ticket IDs from different organizations in the "Suggested Tickets" dialog 
    • Show a warning when trying to merge tickets from different organizations
  • sorin

    One effective way to avoid merging mistakes, is to put the ticket merging on auto-pilot. Apps like the Merge Zendesk Tickets can help with that.

    It is already listed on the app's markeplace here.

  • Matt Dineen

    I would also like to see this functionality - it would clearly be of business benefit if the Merge facility had a 2 new options associated with it:

    a) Warn - Warning pops up, but allows merge if organisation is different

    b) Prevent - Warning pop up and stops the merge is the organisation is different.

    I would use b) right now if it was an option (a support consultant incorrectly merged one ticket with a different client/org). The consequences of doing this on the 'wrong' ticket could potentially be serious.


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