How to create a view of my solved tickets in the last 24 hours?


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi @...,

    I've never used the time thing before. I wonder if you change it from "greater than On Hold" to Status is Solved you might get more accurate results? I'm wondering if the system is getting confused with Solved and Closed. That would be odd, I admit, but just in case...

    An alternative is to sort your view by Latest Update, Descending on the bottom right. This way it just sorts them latest to oldest in the solved status.

    See if one of those work for you?

  • Max Grossman

    Hey @...,

    I've actually done what you've suggested as well without luck. When changing it to "Solved" it shows me 1 less ticket in comparison. 

    I do have another view where I can see all of my tickets (solved and closed) and having the sorting newest to oldest. That's how I've seen how many tickets I've actually done in a day compared to that new view I've created.

    But my goal would be to have a view that can provide me that information of how many I've solved in just the last 24 hours. Would you happen to have any other suggestions? 

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Max,

    In your View conditions I would try as suggested by Heather "Ticket Is Solved" To rule out any other ticket status's, in addition to that "Hours Since Solved is Less than 25". That will filter in all tickets solved within that 24 period. keep in mind that will be a rolling number of tickets as each hour tickets may exceed the 24 hours or new tickets that were recently solved will appear.

    I hope that helps!

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |

  • Max Grossman

    Hi all,

    So, I've updated the view as follows:

    After re-looking through my other view to see the total number of tickets solved & closed, I see that I misunderstood. Some were just updated due to an automation but solved/closed more than 24 hours ago.

    But I do see now that the current view is accurate for what's been solved & closed within the last 24 hours by myself.

    Thanks for the assistance!


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