How do I set a trigger based on a requester who is not a Support team member?



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    You cannot identify end users in the same way as you do agents.

    But you can use a custom user field against your users or your organisations.

    For example, create a checkbox for 'Route to Agent X'. Now you can confirm the status of that check box and use an action to assign to Agent X.

    Although at first it seems easier to have customers listed in your trigger, it is useful if you have multiple customers that you need to route. You can not manage their user settings without having to change your triggers.

    Hope that helps.

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    If I'm understanding your goal:

    Add a tag to the user. Any new ticket created henceforth by that user will automatically have that tag. Use that tag as a condition in your trigger.

  • Kim Ethridge - ext. 2060

    Using the tag is perfect. Thank you!


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