SLA time did not pause in pending and on-hold status



  • Lester

    Difficult to be 100% sure, but my guess is with the next reply time.  The next reply time is based on the oldest unanswered customer comment. So wondering if you have a comment from 6 months ago which you paused, and a comment from 2 months ago. If there is no public reply from an agent in between, the oldest date is used.  


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Thanks for hopping in to help, Lester!

  • Leandro Vasconcelos Sava


    A ticket was already created for you and it is currently under investigation!

    We appreciate your patience!


  • Umair Farhat Mobeen Khan

    Hello All,


    I have the same issue. i want my SLA should be paused when the ticket status in on hold but it is not.

  • Susan Obermeier

    We just went live with our Technology Group and they have some long-outstanding tickets that we migrated from Salesforce and put On Hold as they are all waiting on data flow requests.  Some of the newly submitted tickets show the SLA as paused and some do not.  Is there some documentation on what combination of things are necessary to achieve a "paused" state?

  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi Susan, 
    I believe depending on your settings, you should be able to Pause but only in Pending status. That's my experience speaking, but I haven't played with it in a long time.  It will depend on which SLAs you have set and not set, too.  One of my colleagues reminded me of this helpful diagram/info: Defining and using SLA policies 

    I am pretty sure putting things On Hold is still considered "Open" from the Requester point of view, so it doesn't put it in Pause.  Pending, however, by definition, is waiting for the Requester to respond and therefore we can't really help until we have that info (theoretically). So in that Pending status, the SLA pauses.



  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Susan, 

    It will depend on the SLA Metric you apply.  Agent Work Time allows a pause on On Hold while Requester Wait Time does not. You can see these by hovering over each metric on the SLA configuration screen while setting them up.

    Other things to consider would be if you achieve the SLA.  If you are using reply metrics there may be another metric that is expected to be met before the paused metric that is counting down.  Opening the ticket should show both metrics counting down (hovering over the timer will show both metrics as well if there are multiple SLA metrics in effect).

  • Jerry Pro

    I'm creating a First Reply Time SLA and it appears to be firing on applicable tickets in the view, but I set the time to be 10mins, and it is showing on the view as 2 days from now. I'm new to this, can anybody give me some insight as to what's going wrong?? Thanks! 

  • Chandra Robrock
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    Jerry Pro - SLA targets are always displayed within calendar hours within the UI so calling that out as this has definitely tripped me up in the past. This is a great help article that highlights this common confusion: Why do I see differences in SLA target hours 

    If that's not the case, would it be possible to share some screenshots so that I can get a better idea of what you're seeing within your Zendesk instance? Specifically, the event tab for that ticket which should shows the specific SLA target that was activated and, if possible, a screenshot of your actual SLA policy. I should be able to further assist with that information. 

    There's also an excellent article on troubleshooting SLAs here that I recall being extremely helpful when I was setting up an SLA policy of my own: How can I troubleshoot common SLA issues 

  • GS Admin

    Hi ,

    I just want to know if the periodic update SLA is stopped for pending tickets or not ?

    Cos i can see that there were a few tickets where periodic update was breached and not other SLA was breached even thought the ticket was in pending state .

    So please help!!

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Based on Defining and using SLA policies, Periodic update time is still active while on Pending Status. This measures the time when agent needs to update the ticket by leaving a public comment.



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